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  1. Campaign 72 Videos: qDFqFY6SGj0 Quick version y9cb4QKuHHI This campaign was the first in awhile where I have some gaps in the data collection. I also thought for awhile that my backup computer which usual duty is as an HTPC, bought the farm last week during the heat. It crapped out for awhile, and eventually recovered when it cooled off. The primary computer is a PIII sitting in the cool basement chugging along. I'm waiting for it to die. It keeps hinting that its going to keel over but it recovers (still using the original hard drives from when I bought it).
  2. Campaign 71 Wow that was quick. No need for a short version. 1HQSPTwIFbE
  3. Campaign 70 ydf5Irf_w_s oSRCPjN6D_I
  4. Campaign 69 qoLolrtyA_c Quick Version SJQzo19-rTU
  5. Campaign 68 Quick Video - 30 minute samples uXe-ALx-Nog Full video - 5 minute Samples hEU3qCz6AQA
  6. Campaign 65 ztP0YeEZT44
  7. Campaign 64 cfbid9H9ipU
  8. Campaign 63.wmv 6zafTuCA7fE Campaign 63 - The Bulge.wmv zkTSPUcGU0E youtube is still processing the full "Campaign 63" video.' rel="external nofollow">
  9. Campaign 62: po_6aaHNq0k Campaign 62 (direct download) The data collection is not centered at the end of the campaign, when the Axis were pinned to the Northeastern corner of the map.
  10. Yes, continuously recording.
  11. Campaign 61 on YouTube. OPwIl3tsShk 8dTEBgIcCY8
  12. Campaign 61 Videos: Campaign 61 Campaign 61 (England Invasion)
  13. xsg19uARX6A Campaign 48 q_jPCx1ruWI Campaign 48 Full (6 fps) 6wlMoyLgfs0 Campaign 48 - Day 1 ----------------- 1rFswYzJUqY Campaign 49
  14. I'll be uploading these videos to Youtube now that I've noticed that they are displayed in a higher resolution than they were when I first attempted to upload them. o-SAKtdGkOQ Campaign 47 First data capture attempts. There were a number of gaps in the data collection during the initial campaign captures. 2r6QqMSaZW0 Campaign 47-The Road to Koln The end of Campaign 47 at 6fps instead of 24.
  15. Campaign 60 is available.