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  1. I hope the campaign will start soon!
  2. Great job!
  3. R,I.P.
  4. kgarner was on tonight!
  5. We should change the word "stats" to "matamor" LOL!!!
  6. Awesome and congrats!
  7. I think I kind of like what you are saying, but a good sniper round or rifle head shot and the ai should be dead, or if you get behind them and shoot a round in the back it should be dead, I like the idea of being able to use gun again with a new crew, unless of course the gun is destroyed by nades, tanks or bombs from aircraft. Hmmm, maybe the ai could guard bunkers and cps
  8. Actually I dont like the ai and imo they should be gone, and if you shoot them they should be down, using nades or shooting 200 rounds with lmg is silly.
  9. Awesome job!