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  1. If I run the current WHQL drivers (November release) or any subsequent beta, the game locks up when it's about to enter 3D mode on Vista x64. Telltale signs are missing letters in the screen on my system. Even does this with the new 174.x beta drivers for the 9x series cards. I can only play this using the 163.75 WHQL drivers. I'd try that and see what happens. It's an annoyance because the new drivers fix problems with other titles and newer games, especialy DX10 titles. Cheers, Zip
  2. Running Vista 64 here - no problems with SP1 or without. Odd.
  3. The December (or subsequent beta) drivers give me font issues on my 8800/Vista64 at the loader screen (missing letters) followed by a lockup when the UI is about to show. Reverted back to the older driver. I can only gather that there's a difference between the drivers for XP, for Vista, and 32/64 bit probably plays a role too. That happened years ago with the missing characters in the font thing. Not sure what the fix was.
  4. Just a note that the Nvidia 168.25 WHQL and 168.28 (beta) cause BE 1.28 to lockup when the UI is initialized on Vista 64 on my system. Driver version 162.x does not have this issue. Specs are Nvidia 8800 ultra, QX9650. It also causes BE 1.27 to lockup at the same spot (same problem) and is not related to offline/online modes. The symptoms are missing characters in the text strings (example, the "I" in "Cornered Rat, Inc" in the bottom right of the screen is missing, and there are other corrupt strings with spaces instead of letters displayed on the load screen (progress bar). The lockup occurs when it switches to the UI after the load bar indicates 100% complete. This happened a long time ago (read, years ago) and it was OpenGL support related. I don't remember, however, if the fix was a game patch or a video driver. Knowing how many bugs the drivers have had lately, I would not be that surprised, but what gets me is that this is with the latest certified driver (indicating MS certified them with their lab tests) as well as the latest two driver betas that have come out after that. I've reverted back to the old 162.x WHQL driver in the mean time - the older set has worked flawlessly for me. The catch is that the drivers have fixes for other software I use. I can probably get around this via hardware profiles, so I have a workaround. Yes, I know Vista is not officially supported until SP1, and I hope this won't be an issue when SP1 is officially out. I haven't tried the SP1 release candidate. To rule out other system issues, I'm wondering if anyone else with Vista 32 or 64 has tried this and can report back here before I bug the Rats with it. Cheers,
  5. Vista 32 or 64?
  6. I had one CTHL last night on despawn, kicked me immediately to desktop after I got killed and clicked on the button to despawn. It did not happen again in almost three hours (and believe me, I died many times). Vista 64, 4Gb memory. I thought it was a glitch due to server load on a fresh release, and didn't think to check the log file.
  7. Problems with widescreen were solved with 1.27. You can simply select the native resolution of your monitor (if your video card/cpu will handle it) since that will give you the best visuals. On LCDs, non native resolutions always get interpolated which is never as crisp as the native resolution. Cheers,
  8. Have no issue with 1.27.255 with SSE2 and Netcode 2 enabled on Vista 64, except that the latest Nvidia WHQL driver (169.25) causes the loader to freeze. Reverting to the 163.75 fixes that. Not sure if this is a video issue or a game issue, I'll venture video based on other problems this "certified" driver causes. Cheers,
  9. Well, the latest NVidia driver causes a freeze in 127.1.255 on my system (Vista 64) near "initializing objects", right before the main UI starts. Symptoms are missing letters in the fonts (for example, the "I" is missing from "Inc" in "Cornered Rat, Inc" in bottom right of the loading screen before the fatal freeze. This happened a while back (years back?), and was a bad omen then I also tried prior beta drivers issued after 163.75 (WHQL) and had a similar freeze, I was hoping that the certification process would fix this. It didn't. So, in case anyone out there is itching to install the latest certified drivers, think again. That's a shame because the drivers increase FPS quite a bit in Microsoft FSX... Argh. At least, they appear to uninstall well Cheers,
  10. Running on Vista 64 with no problems. I think the position is that if you have a problem with Vista and WWIIOL (BE), you can't run to CRS for support yet. As my colleague Caber mentions, drivers are the #1 issue in Vista, in particular, video, sound and HID (input devices). Since the original release of Vista, many of the initial bugs with drivers released by hardware manufacturers have been solved. Before you update, make sure solid drivers are available for your hardware (video, cpu, motherboard chipset, soundcard, input device, hdd controller). Another suggestion is to dual boot until you're confident all works well. You do need to have upper tier hardware to run vista well. The driver chaos and feature "value" is a sensitive topic for many, and I personally see history repeating itself: when we went from windows 3.11 to windows 95, 95 to 98, from windows 98/ME to windows XP, and now from XP to Vista. My recommendation is to go straight to 4gb and the 64 bit version, if your hardware can handle it. Zip
  11. In case this is helpful to anyone, I was able to install BE 127.1 last night on 64 bit Vista Ultimate with no issues with SSE2 enabled on a 3GHz core 2 quad. What I did was install Vista on a fresh partition, ensure all the vista patches were in (200Mb of them - my "new" vista DVD was stamped march 2007). Also had all the drivers loaded before doing anything else. The software installs in the Program Files (x86) folder, along with playgate. I didn't have to do anything to set compatibility mode. Looks stable, but I need to spend some more time with it to be sure. I was also able to get my CH Products controllers to work and re-use my old profile for Windows XP that I had backed up. With my cfmls restored from a backup, worked the first time (woot). Teamspeak RC2 also works well, although I had to play with my microphone boost levels. Looks promising so far, I'll update here if anything goes south. Cheers,
  12. 1920x1200 is very close to HD and the 16x9 aspect ratio - you will have a hard time finding a 4x3 monitor that supports that resolution these days. WWIIOL (BE) does support 1920x1200 - that's what I run. Older versions you had to manually edit the configuration file, I don't know if that's a choice now in the setup program. The latest version also positions the items where they are visible in the UI in that aspect ratio. As far as running at that resolution, the hurdle you will have is your CPU more so than your GPU as the game, which is OpenGL based, tends to do more on the CPU than on the GPU (ie, your CPU is the bottleneck). Hope this helps,
  13. Here's what I get with my dual 7900GTXs SLI, I run mine with FSAA setup on the second video card, since that seems to give me the best results. I typically bottom out at 15FPS in very heavy battles all the way to a leisurly 80FPS at the empty FB. I'm probably in the 35s-60s most of the time. As far as I can tell, running my AMD FX-60 at the stock 2.6GHz CPU speed vs my 3GHz OC speed makes all the difference in the FPS keeping the GPUs clocked the same. It seems that it doesn't really matter how high end your GPUs are, much of the computations still seem to happen in the CPU/memory bottleneck area - likely a limitation of the 3D rendering engine used in the game.
  14. I have a dual core and WWIIOL runs fine on both with no change. I haven't tried reducing affinity to a single core as you should only do this if you have a perf problem. At the FPS you're seeing, you do not have appear to have a FPS issue. If you would like to see if there are any benefits, you can set your affinity to one of the two cores when you're running the game, ctrl-alt-delete, click on task manager, locate the ww2...exe process, go to properties, set the affinity. You can also modify the exe header using some tools and set the affinity there but for the time being the task manager route should work. I like to let the O/S scheduler figure out what thread to run things on as I typically get the better results. Reducing the number of total threads in the system so your program gets maximum CPU time is probably a good idea as well, such as turning off your A/V program during the time the game is running. Hope this helps,