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  1. It also happens when driving a rather slow vehicle, such as a Church III - clutter can suddenly pop off (vanish in an instant) then gradually rebuild. The fact it disappears at once, then rebuilds over time is just odd. I like the idea of the game anticipating where the player bubble will be based on current travel direction/speed and view perspective and pre-load the clutter in a rolling manner. The current behavior seems out of whack with how the other objects are predicted (eg, trees). The clutter behaving differently from the rest of the terrain cause it to stand out, which is a shame because the 1.31 game looks terrific with clutter. Last thing, I'm not seeing much FPS hit on my machine with clutter at max range, perhaps extending the max range may help to alleviate this popping effect.
  2. I think the clutter is very much improved over the prior version and it really adds to the atmosphere. It still has a feel of the rolling "instant" sprout effect that seems to be tied to zones around the player, it doesn't seem as pronounced as in the production version. I'd double the radial clutter range for me so that no matter where I look, there is the clutter and it won't suddenly appear - that sudden appearance does take away from the immersion.
  3. The ragdoll effect was hit or miss during the infantry focus. Some kills had the effect, some did not. It may have to do with the position (up/prone/crouched or whatever the middle position is called). I'd say that ragdoll only worked when the target was standing up normally, and not when lying prone or crouched. I also had two kills inside builldings on the second floor and no ragdoll effects there. When all infantry started going at a 45 degree slant or half disappearing into the ground, there was no ragdoll effect at all. They would just stay frozen.
  4. I used the CH rudder, throttle, flight stick and flight yoke with no issues. I just copied the CFML config files for wwiiol/be from production to beta and left my CH profile unchanged. Windows 7 x64, CH control manager 4.51
  5. Same on allied side. Looks like the infantry is being towed. ATGs ok though.
  6. Same here. I'll also add that the slant also caused most of the folks to appear half underground. On the ground, only torso visible, less if going through berms. Clipping through walls especially at corners. In buildings with >1 floors, legs and feet stick out underneath from ceiling, and upper torso and arms show above ground above the floor. All at a 45 degree slant.
  7. See my updated post on ATI drivers 10.1, HUGE jump in performance over 9.12, +29%. See post for pic and driver link. * Card Number 5870 * Driver Version 10.1 * Operating System W7 x64 * What is the nature of your issue? (ie poor performance or missing trees) - missing leaves on trees * Is the driver set to default settings? - yes, straight install, all defaults, 1920x1200 * Does Setting the driver to default settings affect the issue? - yes, played with various settings, no changes in leaves.
  8. Update now that the 10.1 Catalyst drivers are coming out. Note a rather significant bump in FPS, went from 76 in 9.12 to 98 in 10.1., or +29%, same settings. Link to drivers 10.1 courtesy of MSI if you need them: Still no leaves, but what a difference drivers make! Cheers,
  9. BRANKO: My CPU is watercooled using a Swiftech high flow system, and I'm running 1GHz above stock at ~1.4 volts, keeps it around 62C under torture tests, about 40-50C in normal use, no more than 28C idle. Confirm the 70 FPS with max shadows but everything pretty much off at 1920x1200 on this 1.31 beta. Getting 136 on 1.30 with everything maxed out on the same card. Zip
  10. No problems here either with joystick mappings - copied my CFML files from the production version - no changes needed.
  11. While the known bug list includes "some videocards don't draw speedtrees", I'm not sure if this is relevant or not. None of my trees have leaves on my new ATI 5870, Catalyst 9.12 drivers. The trunks and branches are ok, just no green foliage. Happens at any graphic setting I tried (low to high), and using all defaults on the Catalyst driver. Specs: Intel QX9650 @4.0GHz 4Gb memory Windows 7 x64 ATI 5870 1Gb - Catalyst 9.12 drivers, 1920x1200 Image in the beta: Image in the production version: Is this normal? Zip
  12. I just received my ATI 5870 video card, and getting dismal FPS as well (and no leaves on the trees, just the branches, that appears to be an ATI issue because my NVidia 8800 had no such problem). Specs: Intel QX 9650 @4GHz (333x12) 4Gb memory Windows 7 x64 Saphire HD 5870 1Gb (core clocks), 9.12 catalyst drivers, 1920x1200 Best performance: .benchremagen 53 .benchvehicles 26 .benchantwerp 29 Best quality (everything maxed out): .benchremagen 29 .benchvehicles 16 .benchantwerp 19
  13. Wanted to give an update: I reverted to the NVidia 178.24 driver and had no issues this evening. Will report back if problem appears again. For the time being, the 180.48 drivers appear to be a no-go. Zip
  14. The game crashes after some time, not usually immediately. The error reported in Vista is this: The program WW2_sse2.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Problem Reports and Solutions control panel. Process ID: f80 Start Time: 01c9510e40dc4118 Termination Time: 30 This could be the Nvidia 180 drivers just released, as I upgraded those just prior to patching to 1.29. I will try with prior driver to see if the problem continues. Was rock solid until either patch. Reporting here in case this rings a bell with anyone. Vista 64, patched to date as of 11/27/08, DirectX November update, Nvidia 8800 ultra / Nvidia 180.48 drivers, QX9650, 4Gb memory.