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  1. For HTPC all you need is integrated graphics.
  2. No. This will affect your loading times (maybe) on initial boot up. Game performance will be reflected by higher clocked Ram and CPU, not HDD. Trust me, I upgraded from a 7200rpm HDD to a 15000rpm HDD, saw nothing. Upgraded to an SSD, saw nothing
  3. and actully, if you want to spend even less money the i5-650 outperforms it as well.
  4. Why would you buy this... You can buy an Intel Core i5-750 for $100 less and get better performance.
  5. This fix worked for me too, btw.
  6. So, since you guys program this game you should have somewhat of an understanding about how different hardware performs. A couple of my friends are looking at upgrading their comps, don't want to spend too much money. I am just wondering: At this site: http://anandtech.com/bench/default.aspx?b=2 What is the most applicable benchmark for the CPU in regards to WWIIOL? What should we look at closest in order to make the purchasing decision. -Kamiman
  7. S! Viga I believe a lot of info is on 1775rdf.com/forums. I can give you a brief here though as well as what I put on the other thread a sec ago. Squad nights are currently Wednesday and Saturday (when fsjr02 logs on). Also sundays are a big day. Other than those nights when we have 25+ people playing or more other nights we have 15+ sometimes peak 20 and have squad nights then too, we always have an OIC (directs the squad, tells them what to spawn for the mission, etc). For instance last night in St. Vith we set up an attack. 3 players spawned 88's, 2 players pak 40, one player HT (later came in 4g after towing) 2 players opels (set up on one mission, created another mission and got 2 more up) , 2 players pak 38, 4 players were inf on opels, and 2 players provided air support. That is the kind of teamwork you can expect with us and we do not tolerate lone wolfing when someone takes OIC (if there is no OIC anyone can step up and assume the role, we all know the drill, you will find out pretty quick if you are sucessful) and if there is lonewolfing when OIC present asking for you (and you dont respond within a reasonable time) its a 2 or 3 strike your out policy. We understand that everyone likes to lonewolf and not role with the squad every once in a while. Entry qualifications are that you play axis, only axis... (you can play allies if you post on forums but... people usually leave if they are going to do that) That your a team player, not a lonewolfer... and that you are willing to kick some allied ***.
  8. Yeah nonstop CTD every like 30 min. It is a 64 bit windows issue and is fixed if you revert back to XP or vista 32. Hopefully something comes out in 1.29 or new ATI 8.8 catalyst but I can only hope.
  9. Alright alright I was kidding. Here I will tell you what you want. Budget E8600 3.33ghz Wolfdale Processor Reason: You are guarenteed to get the E0 stepping of wolfdale if you buy this processor, what this means is that you can oc it stable to 4+ GHZ on stock air cooling. (I have done it). Gigabyte or Asus X38 or X48 chipset motherboard Reason: Gigabyte and Asus are GREAT mobo makers, also... you want X38 or X48 for future upgradability as they have lots of slots and pci-e 2.0 slots ready to use! Radeon HD4870 (budget) or Radeon HD4870 x2 (enthusiast) Reason: I have one and they beat the crap out of any game out there right now. Only problem is you will need to be rollin out of XP or vista 32 for this to work atm (wwiiol is buggy with vista 64). 2 x 2gb DDR2 1066 modules Reason: Overclocking stability, if you are running XP or Vista 32 get 3 x 1gb modules as that is the max memory space that those OS can handle. 800+ W power supply 1000w if you can afford, Antec or another reputable brand Reason: Get the Juice you need now, so that you can upgrade to crossfire x2 or just crossfire later on, if you dont buy it now you are not going to be happy when you have to spend $200 later on a new psu for the new candy. 500 gig / 1 TB HD Reason: What can I say... its cheap as heck now a days. Antec 900 series black case Reason: I have this, its quiet as hell on low settings and a gentle hum on high settings. I highly reccomend. Bottom mount Power unit, plenty of room, 1 150 mm and 3 100mm?? fans that keep it nice and cool, not to mention the fans blow right onto the 9 expansion slots you have for hard drives. ENJOY S! Kami
  10. All you need for wwiiol is 1 gb ram, 2 ghz processor, integrated graphics, and xp.
  11. Build a new comp with windows xp. www.newegg.com you can get an amazing comp for ~$500 that runs this game like a champ, just ask fsjr02 =)