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  1. Unfortunately, no - no contact with Soldat10. I'm still in touch with a few other oldtimers - Stashrider, Hobobob, and Rico420, and I've brought along some other friends I've made along the way.
  2. I can speak for myself - YES - I'm still alive and reasonably well. I'm glad to see that so many of you are still about and active and I hope to see you all in-game in the near future. I'll be using my LOUDMAN2 handle, rather than Sprouto (can't seem to get it re-activated). I'm so glad to see a revitalized ownership, and after bobbing on the surface of the games ocean for many years since leaving, I can honestly (and in my usual long-winded detail) say that I was never able to find another game that had both the community and inclusivity of this one.