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  1. After a few months of being away, I logged in last night with my trusty ol' dual 1.8 G5 with a 6800 Ultra (not upgrading to Leopard, got too much software that I don't feel like updating or worrying about conflicts for now--Tiger runs grrrrreat!) and got some decent fps for the first time in ages. After some bouts of crappy sub teen fps the past year, it was nice to get some steady numbers again at last. Although it was low-pop and still quite "meh" by latest gamer PC or MacIntel standards, it almost seemed like 2005 again (back when the game was a bit leaner and faster). Bursts of up to 48 fps in a moderate town, averaged in high 20's for most situations. No stutters that I recall. BTW, got great accuracy with the allied LMG, nice to get clean bursts at moderate range and leading running targets. Seemed much easier than a few months ago. Plus I like the new smoke signatures.
  2. Played last night. Yup, nothing fatal so far. Did see a lot of lag spikes in Brussels but that's probably just Brussels.
  3. I am downloading it right now (with a million other people evidently, never seen the Apple server this slow before). Might as well take the plunge. I don't play every day so it won't kill me if I am down for a bit. The notes say some OpenGL improvements for WoW and Intel Macs. Oh well, still no sign of a general overhaul but maybe there is some unmentioned goodness in there...
  4. My averages (screen rez at around 1120 by xxx; all extras off such as post render, normal, grass shader and reflections, music off, sounds at 128, no clutter, high player viz): 26-30 fps at an empty FB 12-15 when looking at a large town stutters sometimes below 3-5fps on extreme battles (with air, ei and tanks all around and in the middle of trees) as high as 45 in air when looking at horizon, but stuttery 10-12 fps when in a furball (though I never last long enough to get a decent idea of fps when engaged--wherever my tail is, there is the enemy, that's all I know kekeke). spikes to single digits if looking down at active city. Overall, I still get very jumpy frame rates, though not a deal killer like before the patch. I've been playing using the secondary connection instead of best, seems to help with the infantry lag. I was dying a *lot* to ei before I saw them (bang, then I'd see em). Now, it's not too bad, though I still get the 3 step kills on ei (bang, they run three steps then scream and fall down). Or the old favorite: peek around corner see ei for 1 second immediatly retreat back then 2 seconds later, bang, I'm dead. dual 1.8 2gb ram 6800Ultra 22" viewsonic primary logitech USB headset and top gun fox 2 pro joystick P.S. I get a 50/50 chance of crash to desktop if I try to command-tab. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Otherwise game has been very stable, though I loose connection to host once in a while (may be my ISP, i dunno).
  5. Yup, just sticking on primary or secondary seems to be more consistent.
  6. Thanks! Major spikes are gone for the most part. Joystick is once again calibrated! Yay!!!!!! Still a few glitches (audio placement seems a bit off, texture bug on rifle, etc) but now I can actually play without major distractions.
  7. Try it a couple times. Launch the latest patched version, set calibration by moving your joystick to all 4 corners. Go into offline mode and test it, if still spinning, immediately quit out and do the routine one more time. That may do it. It worked for me so far! Alternatively, you go into your /Library/Preferences/ww2ol/cfml and delete the global calibration file and try again.
  8. That's really wierd. I'm thinking it's a set of coincidences. It seems highly unlikely that you can cause a hardware fault just by having a game force you to reboot. Is this only in Bootcamp or is it also in OS X? I'd get your rig checked out thoroughly.
  9. Any idea on eta for that patch? I made the mistake of deleting all my old Playnet stuff already so I don't have the old calibration utility. Can you point me to a download source for that as an alternative??
  10. I'm afraid CRS dropped the ball on this one. It wasn't intentional and obviously hind-sight is 20/20 but they let this one out too early. I know they were between a rock and a hard place, if they didn't release the patch there would be hundreds of angry subscribers whining about "Where's the Christmas patch??" but they should have erred on the side of prudence. Now they have hundreds of people who can barely play the game (not just us Mac folks but tons of PC users with lag issues) right in the holidays when we have the most free time. As for joystick issue, I'm sure it will be fixed in due time. I've been pretty happy with the overall rate of patches and fixes (especially thanks to Ahwulf for his updates). P.S. My audio sounds fine now. No more of that wierd buzzing. Yay. Haven't had much chance to check sound levels and positioning yet, due to the lag. If you want the worst example of mac support, I think America's Army takes the cake, where they didn't even tell them the game was cancelled for a year (ya, I know it's a "free" game but that's no excuse to treat people like that).
  11. Hehe. Mind emailing me that preferences file? Worth a shot. My brand new joystick is currently useless on my mac as is. I'll PM you my email if you are willing.
  12. It only settles down a little bit. It seems to hold center at launch but as soon as I touch the stick, it goes haywire and nothing settles it down. It may be something wrong with my OS. I tested in x-plane and it would start good, then go out of whack. I have no idea how to re-install just the HID components. Don't want to re-install and re-register all the software I got.
  13. Hey, is this place hiring?