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  1. Hey guys - any news on the MAC rebuild - we can't even get into the beta as far as I know. S! VS
  2. Any update on the MAC version update? I’ve played the beta - went smoothly - but saw that there needs to be some other/additional work done to get us MAC guys back in-game.
  3. Any update on the MAC version? The "MAC client requires a new build to have the new data." Doesn't sound like we'll have game access for some time...
  4. Ahwulf left?!!! Noooooooooooooo
  5. Has anyone had this fixed or heard anything about a fix? Mine still appear as "Mission Results Unavailable".
  6. Same here. Brand new MBP with best graphics card. Also can't join squadies missions via squad tab.
  7. Just downloaded the whole game and replaced the old one in my apps folder - so far so good. TY ahwulf!!
  8. Hmmmm....I get to the patch launch then I get a "The application xdelta3 quit unexpectedly" ...and thats as far as I get. Any ideas?
  9. THX fellas - appreciate the acknowledgment. Let's hope this thing is a quick fix. S! VS
  10. I have tried all morning to get into game - game launch window appears, hit play online, get tiny window with title of "patch download" that says "connecting to server"....then nada. After a minute or so I get a new error window: Error teul_ERROR I tried to see if I could download directly from the website but the getting started/download section does not even load for me. Is this just the rats fixing an issue with the Mac patch, or is my system totally screwed? Please help!!!! S! Vstrider
  11. Bigwig.....yup same happens here. Didn't have it before this latest version and now my game crashes all the time - no rhyme or reason...sometimes i can have it on for an hour then boom...sometimes 5 minutes. But it always sems to happen when I'm juuuust about ready to get the perfect shot off. I have a MBP 2.0 maxed out Ram x1600 S! VS
  12. Hey beaman! Welcome back. I'm a member of 4-wing squadron and we're always looking for great people to fight (and die) with us. While we are primarily a flying squad, a large chunk of us play mostly ground - makes for good integrated ops. We're usually on 60 Wing TS channel - hop on and we'll go kill some jerries and see how you like the group. S! VS
  13. rgr that guys....but i waited 5-7 minutes after it stopped...I'm a patient man...lol...not. But I did give it a chance. I'll try again and give it some more time.
  14. I downloaded and installed it on my 2.0gtz Macbook, 2 gig ram, x1600/256 vid card. Tried to open it and it got to the loading status bar and stalled at the very end reading "Vehicle models"...did it several times. S! VS