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  1. Thats where it used to be .. but dont know if that still works .. got this feeling cfml stopped being used a few years back .. ill try it though.
  2. Back after long time away and I am finding it hard to deal with default settings .. so used to my old set up .. but that was on an old HD .. i used to know how to copy stuff over .. can that still be done and if so how ? Thanks in advance. Zip
  3. i gave up trying to get decent fps i have an older system i7 2.3 6g ddr3 ati 6950 2g GPu but should be enough not to chug .. but it does .. in big fights in towns .. it chugs. ( but i think that is with settings all set to max ..) it runs other games life BF3 just fine. with max settings .. including maxed out AA
  4. tried 12.1 ?
  5. i thought all the version 12 drivers were causing problems .. or at least 12.4 and 12.3
  6. your written english was excellent so didnt know you werent native speaker . or that you can write it and read it but no speak it, or understand it well spoken. im sure there are german or french speaking squads that you could join .. not all english speakers . but TS is not a need to have, just nice.
  7. need to know what type of comp you have, system specs and the like and whether you can run the game in offline mode .. not through playnet but right from the game .exe
  8. i pretty use riffle 95%+ of the time .. best weapon in game in my biased opinion thought i was also add that if you want something with less action that still helps the side - i would look at busting and defending FBs .. always important work .. never done enough .. and a nice mix between the completely unasposed work (for attacking and sapping a undefended FB (you get pts for this) or busy defence .. or the hardest .. attacking a defended FB. lots more to do in game aside from attacking or defending the main AOs .. the more you play ,, and play with people ( i would suggest joining a squad) the more you will learn about all the different missions and roles that can be done .
  9. there have been a lot of posts about 12.4 being problemtic .. maybe people rolled back to earlier versions, or like myself have stayed clear of updating at this time.
  10. I understand that you like the concept of a completely open sandbox .. and would like to be able to attack town X if you wanted to .. for arguements sake .. lets say you could .. so youve made the mission and drive a truck in from the FB .. mins later youve set up a FRU .. and you have respawned as inf and are running to town .. now your in town .. lets say 5 minutes after your ininitial spawn, now you move to cap a CP on your own. There are no defenders .. so you waltz in and start capping .. 8 minutes later you cap the CP .. this of course will draw defenders .. but as there arent huge numbers anymore and there are 30-50 people all capping towns on their own up and down the map on both sides .. there anrt that many people left to defend .. so 2 come .. now your in a 1 v 2 fight ... maybe if your lucky you get a 10 on 10 .. but thats not what WWIIOnline is supposed to be about .. its supposed to be about a large combined arms force battling it our on a large map against and equally large enemy combined arms force. With 2 AOs aside .. that makes for 4 towns to fight .. in. You can still make your own mission .. and do a host of different roles in each of the attacks or defence .. from FB attacks, to cutoffs , or straight up assaults .. and you will be part of a big team versus another big team .. not yourself ..all alone in some random town. If being alone in a town is your idea of fun .. you can still make missions to towns and run around them all by yourself .. i do it on occasion to throw off the Early Warning System .. sometimes the other side pops in to find out why its off .. other times in me versus the AI.
  11. im not all that wise when it comes to hardware but in my dealings with raid drivers .. i was not able to install the OS without them .. as the install didnt know how to write to the drive and crapped out right away i had to build the raid drivers into my XP OS install disk .. by using a third party tool to take the OS install disk + raid driver files and merge the two -- which then allowed me to install the OS. So from my thinking .. perhaps your OS had the drivers preloaded., or some reaonsbale facimile. but that is an uneducated guess ..
  12. 12-4 and BE dont seem to want to mix.
  13. BE doesnt know what to do with all the power afaik your card is better than mine but i bet your extra FPS is from the better CPU and BUS speed.