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  1. sign me in for spit or hurri , want to kill some 56th noobs
  2. was fun again 2nd mission , was focust on a he111 and then came Misc He shot me down
  3. Was great Frantisch , i only got damages, i was dam also and rtb and relift I got nothing but it was real fun
  4. i like to join, count me in for a hurri. Greatings Rambi
  5. when y want to execute ww11 click on the right button of y mouse and and try to execute as administrator.
  6. Its fixed! My ISP blocked the FTP because they thought I was hacking... Stupid ISP employees. Thx vampyr! bye bye
  7. Oke thank you ill give it a try..
  8. Ok. So im not the only1 having this problem
  9. When I try to trim with my trim buttons(rotators:) dont know what its called) my plane is bouncing everywhere when i just move it a little bit. Its over sensitive. But I dont know what to change in the keymapper to fix this sens problem. Can anybody help me? thx in advance Rambi
  10. Hi there salvo! A good bump for my old comrades! 1 of the best teams around