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  1. I agree completely. It might Change the complete gamebalance... First of simply not true that the reload times of Artillery has been slower than the reload time of ...lets say, a tank, or a AT gun. At least not that much slower that it would Count. The 75mm or 105mm have been reloaded in several seconds. We are not talking about the heavy railway guns or shipcannons with 200mm and more...we are talking about Artillerie with 75-150 mm max. And thats the Problem like B2K already said. With realistic reload times you need 2-3 guns to destroy a complete town and prevent any defensive Actions. This might be realistic, but will it be fun for the Players? I like the realism in this game...and some Thing could be even more ralistic imo...but would i like more Artillery? To be really not sure...partially yes, and on the other Hand...hmm... We have the 50mm mortar already...and its not very useful imo...only in Special situations...but more heavy Arty? If they implement it, it should be done VERY careful.
  2. 1) You dont have to pay for the game, or let me say, you dont have to buy it...a good game today is about 40 - 60$ if you buy it, so think that you have 3-4 month free Play. I hab bought the game (on CD) when it came out around 2001-2002 for 130 DM (about 100$) with one free month to Play. After that there was a monthly fee around 12$ ? Im not sure ...but compared to that, what is 14$/month today? I dont think that ist to expensive...if i cant afford 14$ im doing something pretty wrong. 2) yes, you are right, and thats the way it should be...its free to snoops into the game and get a Feeling how it is. But you are wrong with "and is impossible to have a experience a paid user have". Communication is the key. You cant spawn a PzIV or a Matty for example, but you can join as a gunner and multicrew a tank...even with a free account. Or be a gunner in a Bomber, or Join a like in RL...nobody will ask you if you want to because they dont know up to you to ask for multicrew...and then you can have the same experience, maybe even a better one, like paying members have. 3) i wouldnt call it a joke...but i agree that there are a lot of Problems...i dont want to explain anything that Comes in mind but there will be an Audit soon...and im really looking Forward to it. 4) i agree completely...90% of the game have become infantry City fighting. How boring..... Tank warfare have been much better in the, to be serious, with the FRUs, tanks are not needed anymore. Thats a sad Thing. So, all at once...its not all that negative like you say...its up to you too, to communicate with the People...(and communication is the key to this game) because this game is only fun if you are within a Team. But you are not completely wrong with some other Points. Ist true that there are many Points that could be made better...some of them adressed already and the Rats are working on them, some of them ..well...hmmm....we will see My hint: dont give up so early pvtpirate Its hard to like this game because ist not easy to fact, it takes two days to hate it, but maybe 2-4 weeks until you love it. But then it can be really outstanding. Brandl
  3. Well, Its an open secret that this game needs more all i can tell you is to try grab a rookie/recruit and help him inside the game. You might find one out of 10 who will stay then. All squads are suffering at these days. My squad had about 20 active members at "the good old days" we are down to 2. Squads like PLD or 7.ID had more than 100 they are nearly gone, or down to maybe 5-10 active members. Its a shame what the old CRS Crew made off this game...but maybe the new Crew make it better...until then we have to wait for new Players, help them, Train them and maybe they stay...this game is not for FPS Standard takes much more to like it However...dont give up...there are good People out there...just go and find them Good luck with your squad...scandinavians have always been hard bones and tough fighters at the frontlines I always liked to Play with them...i remember the Wiking which have been a really huge squad in the past, and lots of them from scandinavia...very able and effective fighters...but not much of them left
  4. I dont think we need a poll for this...well, even if i dont need so much channels, why should i vote against it? It shouldnt be to hard to make more channels available i think. So why not? But im with sublimesw...TS is much more efffective (at least for Squad or Training missions) and more fun
  5. Yes, i agree. As the game is now, the Allies have all brigades on the mainland from the start. Thats a clear Advantage. What if only the French army have all her divisions in France without the brits? Or maybe with only 1 brit Division? That would be more realistc ...and then the French would have the same overstretched frontline the Axis Forces are facing at the start of a campaign. So the tactical movement of the divisions have to be planned much much more careful. Tactics would Change completely this way.
  6. I like the idea of some new fresh wind into the game by changing tactics...the only other choice would be to fight on as usual. But if you want to make it really realistic, let the Brits move their Equipment from England (at least some of them). That would give a boost to naval Actions. And let british Bombers start only from England too, so the airsuperiority wouldnt be that hard. They would have other duties then, like covering own Transport ships, airrecon or hunting destroyers. This would be realistic at least until Tier 1.
  7. Hmm...well...good Point of view. But we have to devide realism from ingame then. Is it ok, when a tank with only a broken track (all crewmembers are still unharmed) have to make a MIA when they cant move anymore? The tank is lost then...thats not realistic. There should be a way to make the tank RTB if hes not dead. If a crewmember is dead the "shooter/killer" get the kill (imo ok) but the tank isnt lost completely when 3 members still alive and can make RTB. And i really disagree with your last sentence. What about multicrew Tanks? Salute James10
  8. Yes, thats true but dont Forget too that tankcrews cant leave a damaged tank to RTB like Inf can do. A single damaged track and the tank is lost completely...including Crew...and the Points ....and thats pretty wrong imo. CRS told us 10 years ago already they try to work on the possibility for tankcrews to leave tanks...but nothing happened until today. So here is the alternative to rescue at least some tanks/Crews.
  9. I wouldnt say that....when the airfield is safe, Luftwaffe planes landed there even if behind the prominent example might be Stalingrad. they did Drops too but a lot of planes landed there too. You are right, it would be more realistic to drop resupplypacks, but thats something that have to be espacially developed. Im not sure if thats worth it even if it would be more realistc. Imo this would be a nice to have but not really necassary...landing will do the work to with lesser extra development time.
  10. I agree completely with this. The question is not if we need a more flexible capture System...the question is how it shall work and how it can be done. For example, ist not possible at the Moment to capture a City one town behind the frontline. Why? Not even the HC can place a AO there....Why? (except you surround that town and take the other town between) This is World War 1 tactics with World War 2 Equipment. Why cant Paratroopers attack cities behind the frontline? It should be possible BUT then they shouldnt have resupply spawn Points and no possibility to get reinforcements unless they take a airfield or other Paras moving in with Transport planes. Maybe make the JU52 able to reammunition soldiers...if its landed. Make armor divisions able to build up there own FB somewhere in the wilderness between the towns, so they can hold (and defend) a Position in open field. Cutting down resupply lines of the enemy and slow down attacks so they have to fight down in open field first before the rest of the army can move on...thats the way the tankwar worked. Not driving around between houses inside towns. There are so many possibilities this game could offer...and only so few used.... Just my 2 Cents...see ya out in the field
  11. Thats an interesting Point of view. When i remember all the Fantasy MMORPGs i have played years ago there always have been a healer class...not strong at fights but really important to every Team because of healing and buffs. Im not sure if this fits in here...i think the development of Medics is a waste of time...we have lots of more important issues. But like i said....interesting Point of view.
  12. pretty easy...if there is something to repair, its not completely dead so no kill at all....btw thats how it is now. If only my Driver is alive, Commander dead, tracks down, etc.... then my tank is no kill for the attacker. And for the repair times...well...someone stated that it takes a really Long time to repair a Bridge...all i can say to that is, it takes no time to rebuild the KI. I agree that the repair of a tank should take a Little time, but dont Forget that this is a game. It should be realistic but it shouldnt be a waste of time. I would say that e.g. track repair should take 2-3 minutes...thats Long enough if you think about it. I disagree that the tankcrew can repair the own tank...i think noone like the idea of selfrepairing battletanks in the middle of the fight. Lets do Opel/Beddys (or equal) or engies do this Job. Better for teamplay and not so easy to do in the middle of a fight. i like the idea of tow a broken tank back to AB/FB least you can RTB and not MIA when your not dead.
  13. I would say get rid of these stupid frus completely. Why? because they make tanks nearly useless. How does a regular town attack work these days? HC is telling where the next AO is moving to....missions are posted...Opel/Beddys are spawning Setting up Frus.... (preventing to activate EWS), AO is placed and the Infantrie rush is starting...thats it. This is the core of what WWIIOL have become. Shame on you Rats. What have you done to this game Are FBs not Close enough to the Targets? Well, not for all these quick Action Players we have lots of today. I remember that the FB have been implemented to Speed up fights. No we have Frus to do the same...whats coming next? Beam me directly into this Flagbuilding Scotty?
  14. Maybe the idea isnt new, but why cant Engineers repair vehicles? They can repair Bridges and KI...but damaged tanks are valuable while limited, so shouldnt they be able to repair them? At least broken tracks or a damaged Motor so the tank can RTB. Im sure the tankcrew would be very thankful because they still cant leave the tank and RTB by foot.
  15. This is not Arma! This isnt a quick fight first Person shooter. If you want something like that, then you might be wrong here. Hopefully there will never be a medi pack which fill up youre health so you can fight on. Why? because ist not realistic. The day we have a medic hopping around here, giving me an injection and im fully heald is the day i leave this game once and for all. No offence meaned...but like i said...this is not Arma or Battlefield or something other like that Patience is a virtue!