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  1. Started Playing: June 2001 First Day. Last time played um about 2004. Mostly Allied with the BKB Black Knight Brigaded
  2. Hello has in a couple of days or weeks we get a new influence of Players i got a IMPORTANT Tipp fro yu guys. Forget the Snn897ter9 Name. Keep it simple as possible. The reason behidn it. when you have to .m ( private message) a guy you have to type his name. And that normaly in combat so it have to be fast. so when i see a guy with the name Fred as example its easy to read fast to typ and he will get a lot 666 calls or pz 100 sw of you. When now a guy with the name sno0ooperd is in the same situation. Everybody will try to read his name right, then typ it, retyp it to false spelling, and rety... Dude is already dead. Got it?? So Keep your game names simply, after creating account you only can change it with paying money.