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  1. S! Thought I'd check it out, booting up for the first time in years right now. What year did you start playing? 2005 When was the last time you played? dec 2013 What squad were you in? 11th Hussars What side did you primarily play on? Allied
  2. Works like a charm. No CTDs since applying this patch and performance increased slightly as well.
  3. Don't delay, enlist today!
  4. Don't delay, enlist today!
  5. Any chance you can't log in anymore after installing the latest patch? If so check your firewall settings, since the .exe is a 'new' one your firewall might be blocking it. Just temporarily turn off the firewall and try to connect. If you can log in then you'll know it's a firewall issue. If you still can't I reckon your account's fubar. Mosquit
  6. Maternal grandfather signed up with the Canadian army (can't remember which unit at the moment) when the Allies liberated the Zeelands (dutch part) in '44. He wasn't old enough to fight in the beginning of the war. He met my grandmother when he was put in her parental home after the Allies liberated the middle part of the Netherlands (around Utrecht/Amersfoort). Mosquit
  7. Great movie. Keep it up! Mosquit