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  1. OK, I get 25 FPS tops, this is what I have: Thanks!
  2. I have a 2.5Ghz Celeron with 1.5G RAM - not the ideal processor, I know, but not terrible either. How hard is it to replace a motherboard running XP? I don't have the original copy of XP - only the restore disk that came with the pooter. I've heard XP doesn't like getting a new mobo under these conditions.
  3. thanks. I was just hoping someone knew what settings to mess with. I get 20fps on a good day.
  4. No one will help me!?
  5. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what the best settings are for my graphics card? Here's the specs: Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by ATI Graphics Chipset RADEON 9250 Device ID 5960 Vendor 1002 Subsystem ID 2095 Subsystem Vendor ID 148C Bus Type PCI Current Bus Setting PCI BIOS Version 008.017D.016.00 BIOS Part Number BK-ATI VER008.017D.016.000 BIOS Date 2005/03/20 Memory Size 256 MB Memory Type DDR SGRAM / SDRAM Core Clock in MHz 239 MHz Memory Clock in MHz 200 MHz Primary Display Yes Thanks. Let me know if more info is needed.
  6. I don't have an AGP slot unfortunately. I mean, most of the time I get 15-18 FPS and sometimes in the 20s (which is awesome for me, considering I got most of my rank running under 10fps). Can I use PCI-e in a PCI slot?
  7. Why isn't the formula made known? Does CRS believe knowing what it takes to advance would somehow hinder the game? BTW, I RTB'd after sinking the destroyer
  8. I have a lowly PCI graphics card. It is a GeForce 256MB card. What is the best way to get the best performance from it? Should I be on 3D or OpenGL?
  9. Can anyone lay out the basic estimates to achieve rank? For example, a few months ago I finally became an officer. However, I'm finding that moving up in rank is taking a lot longer now than in the past. Is there a certain number of kills required per percentage? Does that percentage change the higher your rank? How much, if any, does damage count? My curiosity was peaked recently when I single handedly took down a British Destroyer with an 88 and received but 1% increase in rank. How many sailors are there aboard a destroyer, generally? 200? 500?
  10. ^ Ah, well, sucks for me I guess. When it comes to getting more FPS, I know I'm effed.
  11. I'm afraid nothing you do is going to correct this. With a PCI card, you're going to have to be happy playing at 15 FPS most of the time. I had all the same problems you mentioned. I have a 2.5 GHz Celeron (that's part of it too, I know) with 1.25 GBs of RAM and an ATI Radeon 9200 256MB PCI video card. Most of the time I play infrantry I'm around 12-15 FPS. When I get in a building it drops to half that. Still, I'm only a few percentages away from being promoted to an officer, so the game is somewaht playable even at these abysmal FPSs. Basically, it seems this game is very taxing on a system. I pity the person that tries to function at the minimum requirements. So, solution: Get a new computer or get used to it.
  12. Same problem here. I have not received much help either.
  13. ** sigh ** same thing here...worked fine a few days ago...
  14. No. I had that same card. You must have an eMachines, right? Best you're gonna get with lots of actionis 3-4 frames per second. Get a new, good grpahics card.
  15. Can anyone recommend the best settings with said card installed? I'm also running 1.25 gigs of RAM on a 2.5GHz Celeron.