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  1. Why is she drinking pancake batter.....??...........not that I mind........
  2. Still 10.3 here, heard there were issues with 10.4, so stayed away, and have been wondering how 10.5 has been working. Thanks for the post
  3. Hmmmm.... 31st is still alive.....haven't seen them in-game for awhile
  4. I have one joystick. I have a problem that it is too sensitive for driving vehicles. I can use the settings and reduce the sensitivity, and it will work fine. Then I try to fly....and the plane will hardly adjust its flight path, untill I get to the end of the joystick movement length, adn then it almost flips over on me. Is there a way to have a detuned sensitivity for vehicles, while keeping a normal response slop for the aircraft? Thanks,
  5. Thought it was just me.......same problem here...
  6. 2 questions: 1. I see people posting with videos in their message content. How do you bring a video into your post (such as off of YouTube) 2. How do you make a .gif from a video and make it loop?