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  1. heh the patch server seems to be working now enough time to run to white spot for lunch
  2. ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com/wwiiol0001331.exe I think.
  3. apparently you can manually download it... buuuuuuuuut..... i've never tested it.
  4. I download the first patch, then it tells me i need another.... and then i get a failure message and it tells me there's no patch and to check the website?
  5. Think this is the log from my little file thing. Wed Jan 07 16:46:27 1970 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: I know the physical date is wrong, but yeah
  6. imho we need to get melody, aomercy and squidrd in here..... annnd kitt420.... i'm prolly missing one somewhere.
  7. Crewed by myself.. down on the DD screen. Got 2 kills, didn't get sunk till the 3rd wave.
  8. get in game!
  9. I'll take a battleship, Nevada or something.