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  1. Thanks Nah, started in WMM, but I needed more than a single extra audio channel to mix in the various sounds and radio chatter. Used Sony Vegas Movie Studio instead. Found it also has a lot more options for on-screen text and transition effects. Precise manipulation of frames... note how the bomb flashes on the cockpit conicide with the beat of the music. And the text at the end. That was deliberate It's quite cheap compared to say Adobe Premiere, but VERY easy to use and has great help system.
  2. S! Not a war story per se but I'd just like to share my first excursion into the video making/youtube video posting world with you all. Here it is: 7VC_-QRE7SU (moderator gods, if you feel this thread belongs someplace else I'd be grateful if you moved it) Anyway, as this year marks the 70th anniversary (not really the proper word for it) of the Axis invasion of Poland I thought it would be appropriate to put together a smashing video dedicated to the brave bomber pilots of WW2. You will notice I've taken some artistic liberty with colour and effects, all intended to empower the viewer - both to play the game and appreciate the reality of what WW2 was. Since this is my first video I'd appreciate suggestions on story telling and technical aspects. And go easy on me There are certain inconsistencies, like using FAF DB-7s to promote RAF efforts (as in British Empire vs. global Allied effort), so just ignore those I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all who (unknowingly) participated in this video. I make it a point not to use show nametags in the video because it spoils the "filming authenticity" but nevertheless those that are shown - consider yourselves credited! I'm only sorry I didn't note them all down to give proper credits... That said, I must make a special kudo to Lloyd403 for organising tactical bomber runs (most clips came from my taking part in some of his massive flights) and the Dambusters (and other squads, of course!) for keeping the bombing part of this game alive! Thank you for watching, rating and commenting! Longbows
  3. S! All! I didn't think I'd be able to take part in the event, but I eventually got to be there for the whole 3-4h of the event and I loved it! I was one of the paratroopers of the Nelson's 6th Airborne. Our mission was to secure the town of Gravelines. Our initial force counted some 6-10 para, no more. Once we landed, we quickly setup our MSP and kept moving it around (kudos to Nelson). I lost count of how many times we capped and recapped the same depots in that town. There was too few of us to effectively guard what we capped, so we made due with constant guerilla action. The axis chaps put up a stiff defense and were worthy opponents, not to mention they gave us all our money's worth of fun and action. After taking the town we found it way too difficult to take out the FBs with para troops alone, so we had to hold the town through 2 or 3 separate waves of Axis attacks. The battle literally lasted for hours - realism at its best! Eventually the AHC managed to move a brigade into town and that particular battle was finally won - not a moment to soon, because I was about to log due to sheer exhaustion! I grabbed a Cru III and proceeded to escort our CinC to the airfield of Calais, where we encountered almost no resistance. The AF was taken and I moved on to the town proper to cover our infantry as they capped the last few depots there, literally minutes before the end of the event. I had the utter fortune of taking out The Last Tiger in the town. As it was raining fire on our troops, I managed to flank it and hit it from behind! It was a worthy recreation of one of the greatest battles in the history of mankind and I was able – in some small part – to experience the complete spectrum of emotions our brave fathers and grandfathers did: the anticipation of battle… the restlessness during the long pre-battle wait… the apprehension while entering the enemy airspace… the determination to win or die trying as we jumped… the adrenalin of knowing the enemy is nearby but not yet visible… the confusion of battle… the embarrassment and anger at being wounded… the pride of seeing friendly air strafing enemy positions… the frustration as the battle kept on dragging… the sense of accomplishment of finally taking the town… the feeling of safety at having your buddies covering both your flanks as I advanced in a piece of relatively vulnerable armor… and the sweet taste of final victory! Thanks to all who organized the event, but mostly eternal thanks to the brave men and women who secured our freedom and liberties in the Second World War!
  4. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=206415
  5. Is your RAM ok? I'd first try reinstalling from scratch (don't forget to backup your keymappings first). If still no go, check your RAM with memtest (google for it, it's free). WW2OL discovered and memtest confirmed a fault in one of my RAM sticks, no other damn application did.
  6. Yeh baby! 40 Commando Air Wing, FTW!!!
  7. Moving on East! Moving on East! Moving on East! Nothing can stop us!
  8. I agree. Logistically attacking US would be unfeasable for Germany. Yes they would harass it, and US would probably nuke half of Europe. But more probably, Germany would stop then, secure Europe, possibly Russia and China (with GREAT difficulty tho) with the aid of Japan but more importantly Middle East (for oil) and Africa (for raw materials). Then you'd have a long period of Cold War, in which Germany's new generation of Hitler Youth would grow up and become a fanatical uberforce, even Japanese kamikaze pilots would think of as utterly crazy. Germany would probably attack South America from Western Africa, quickly establish a strong foothold there and wage war against US for the next 30 years if needed. Lol, I see we've all played Civilization and tried of few of these alternative history scenarios. Cheers. Kudos, interesting thread.
  9. It's also possible you cheated unaware of it. You're probably familiar with it, one type of cheat (exploit actually) is clipping (a building collapses on you and you're invisible), the other is a recent thing, where by some CTHL fluke, you also become invisible, but move about freely. It's odd though noone warned you. The enemy side obviously noticed it and .reported you on sight. Maybe.
  10. Good story Mos. Had a similar thing happen to me in Brux in a Havoc. Got blown to pieces by a 4g (!). Now, since I sometimes go on AF raids myself I can't blame anyone for doing it to me. But it still pissed me off. The 4g took out the AI, so a 109 was being a nuisance above as well. Put out a warning on ch55 and decided to clear the AF. As as I'm crap with armor/ATG, I got me a sapper. I approach the 4g, but the 109 spotted me and tipped off the pz. On my second attempt, a few other people spawned in as well and the PZ was taken out in seconds. Had to log, but otherwise, I'd stick around and keep our pilots safe further. I don't think AF raiding as such is wrong. It is realistic and it was done historically. What *IS* wrong is that planes, similar to armor, don't spawn in a secure location. If they spawned in a closed hangar or something, AF raids wouldn't be as much of a sore issue. Same with veh spawns. Spawn camping is "bad form" in ANY multiplayer game.
  11. It seems you 5 will just have to unsub....
  12. Trick question? Tried flying the BlenIV with the mouse? It's a blast! OMG!