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  1. oKAY, Finally got the cooler in after some shipping snafus, installed and now ingame i am not rising over 35C. Pretty sweet, the TMI hasn't even set yet.
  2. This was reccomended by someone I was talking to. Hope I didin't goof.
  3. Does anybody have any experience with the overclocking software that came with the Gigabyte mobo bios drivers?? Also, I went ahead and ordered a new cpu fan, the temps were just freaking me out, and i figured an aftermarket cooler wouldn't be bad to have anyway if I decide to play with overclocking at some point.
  4. Indeed, those two 4 pins go in the 8 pin connector, #7 on the diagram, at least that's where I believed them to go. No problems so far. The only thing flipping the power supply does, in terms of a problem, is moves the cords to the opposite side of the case that the compartment to run the chords through. So I was unable to make my case look nice and 'clean', but I think I was able to keep the cords neat as to not block the air flow. The biggest problems i had when putting mine (I think you got the exact specs I did) together was arranging the power chords, and seating the heatsink properly.
  5. I installed the driver that came with the mobo, and i installe the latest driver fromt he nvidia website. In a really busy town i was getting about 30 fps with some spikes a bit lower. I haven't really tried to twink anything yet. But suggestions are always welcome!!
  6. Update on CPU temp at idle, surfing the net and just normal stuff the utility is showing the temp at around 34 - 40C. When I'm in game it jumps up to above 60C again though. Normal, or not?
  7. Well, it seems to be running at about 55C on startup, so I guess I'll have to get back in there and check the heatsink. IT was really hard to attach the heatsink, and i was afraid of pushing to hard and messing up the mobo. Logged into the game last night and set it to best quality, and it was pretty nice, at about 50 fps. Thanks guys. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new copy of xp cause microsoft keeps directing me to dell since it is a dell oem copy =(
  8. The temp has dropped below 60C now I will continue to monitor it. Now I'm haveing problems activating my copy of XP. lol
  9. Okay, got it everything put together and booted it up. It booted fine. But when I went into the BIOS it said the CPU temp was 69C. That's way high isn't it. Any clues to what may be the problem??
  10. Alright need some help, I got 8 sata connections on the motherboard, two are grouped together and they're purple, the other 4 are grouped together lower down ont he board and are yellow. ** NEVERMIND* figured it out, the two grouped were 3.0 GB/s connectors **
  11. Case came in yesterday, the rest sould be in tommorrow. I feel a lot more confident about the building process after watching some online videos of people assembling PCs.
  12. Alrighty! Ordered! Anyone have any suggested reading while I wait to ease my anxiety?
  13. Ha! trying to make my order but the DVD drive went out of stock, I'm assuming any will work, or am I looking for a specific type?