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  1. There is no better group of guys to fly with! Period. If you are new to the air game and want/need to learn about the axis planes and tactics or your an old skool stick looking for something a little more exciting, you cant go wrong with Bose. Check them out on their new website and get in contact with a friendly bose member in-game. The sky is for allied and axis alike, but with Bose, you learn to dominate and have a blast doing it. !S alphie
  2. If that huge Battleground Europe banner was taken off the top, it would give the GUI screen much more real estate and wouldnt seem so condensed. We really dont need that huge banner up there. Maybe just a line of text at the top that says "Battleground Europe v." or something similar on one side and the TIME IN GAME on the other.. Just my 0.02, alphie
  3. Windows 7 is krazy fast compared to vista, about the same as XP. I would say your old hardware is the reason for your slowness. The game as well as the OSs have bloated up quite a bit. If you got about 500 bux, you can buy a really fast system nowadays, or continue to run win2k, just realize that the win2k os is no longer supported by microsoft for fixpacks and updates and most peripheral vendors have dropped support as well.
  4. Vista does the same thing and it has been reported in the bug forum, by me and others on several occasions. The workaround for TrackIR to alt-tab to desktop, open track-ir program from the task bar and use the key button to re-center the trackir. Then alt tab back to game and you should be good to go. The workaround for TS, is to run the teamspeak program as administrator. Right click on the TS icon, go to properties, set the check to run program as administrator. Solves the PTT button issue. Hopefully this will be fixed in next patch... S! alphie
  5. Still looking for a few great pilots. Submit your application and see what the GHC is really like! S! alphie
  6. Time again for pilot recruitment into the axis officer ranks!! I know you axis pilots are a stubborn bunch, set in your ways, answer to no one and do it your own way type of player. Well you dont have to stop being you to be in the OKL. Jump on in and give it a shot, you just may really love it! Your fellow axis flyers are counting on you, dont leave them hangin! S! alphie Axis CinC
  7. That is pure awesomeness!
  8. But, in a pinch, you can download Win7 for free and its good until March 2010. If XP will work, win7 should work too as long as there are vista drivers for your hardware. Did I mention its free?!?
  9. Moved this to Mac forum, these guys in here should be able to help you Denizzz. - Alphie
  10. So are the new AMDs (45nm, DDR3 mem cont, AM3 socketed mobo, faster piplines to graphics, etc., etc.). This isnt a bash on Intel or an AMD fanboi post. Its just stating the truth. The Intels offer the best performance like I stated, but your gonna pay 3x as much for the processor. I would rather use the money I saved to upgrade other components of my system. Its personal preference really and what you consider to be important.
  11. Depends on what you value most. If your rich and have money to burn, then yes Intel's latest i7 will give you the highest performance over any other processor, but at a cost to your wallet. If your married, with kids and are the sole bread winner and dont want to save for a year and half to buy a processor. Then the new AMDs will give you great performance for dollar value. Depends on what's important to you. Top of the line, fastest processor, but broken bank account or great performance with less money. To be totally honest, unless your crunching numbers for nasa, your not gonna see to wow factor of the latest i7 over the latest AMD. It all comes down to cooling and rig configuration as others have stated. They are both good, with Intel being the cream of the crop, but it all comes down to what you value most. S! alphie
  12. I got the AMD Phenom II x3 Black Edition. Got it OC'd at 3Ghz with just a CPU fan/heatsink, could go to 4Ghz with water cooling and 6Ghz with liquid nitrogen, but Im not that geeky. Im really happy with that processor and didnt have to break the bank to purchase it. 4GB DDR3 memory. Nvidia 8800GT Gigabyte motherboard Average around 100fps in game at 1.29, all options enabled and 3x AA. Interesting to see if there will be a substantial change in 1.30. S! alphie
  13. Have you tried the beta? A lot of the code has been changed and theres a new playgate as well.
  14. If these numbers are accurate, I dont see the disparity at low alt in the game, between the P38 and FW at all.