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  1. Woot!!! Time to bring a Char! I'll meet you there on the 20th!
  2. Aaaaaaand it's going....... ..........and going....... ....................................and going...
  3. Way to go bud!
  4. barbed wires... can't wait to see Sgthenning building a wall around Antwerp!!
  5. "officially" in 2005, recruited by Killerno in 7thArmy. (been roaming around since maybe 2002, tho)
  6. An Honor, gents. Simply, an honor. Whips are working with 250h since the beginning, and we are always pleased to read on ch.74 that you guys are taking care of something that Whips would need to do, but we would have to split up the squad. You guys are everywhere, and always doing whatever is needed in game, no matter what it is. What a nice gesture you did here, and in my name and in the name of my Whips fellows, I say Thank you, and our 2 squads need to keep on working together as we always do. Best and only way to move westward! gents!! .....and don'T forget! 250h have their own section on our Whips Forums!
  7. LMAO Mo!!
  8. Yup.... Whips lost a member, the game lost a hell of fb defender and for myself, lost a friend... You will be remembered, Hvy... Condolences, prayers and thoughts are with Hastien and his family
  9. Welcome back mate!
  10. Buck, i heard you today, on TS, telling how much you wanted to leave with your jeans, your Harley tshirt, sunglasses, siting on your best couch, to the sound of music...... In joy and fun....... The way i always knew you. Reading all these replies tells me that this is the way this community will always remind you. Joyfully, funny, sometimes grumpy ol'fart, but always as the (in)famous Buckeyes we all know..... .em salute sir!!! Ee
  11. *puts on the "Maybe-one-Day" files*
  12. Awesome, Mo......!
  13. ok had to change the computer quick, and here's what I have in hands: Computer ACPI x64 based-PC Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 8.00 (7.68 Gb Ram) 64 bits Graphic card Intel HD Graphics 4000 Controller IDE ATA/ATAPI: Intel 7 Series/C216 Chiopset Family SATA AHCI Controller And for some reason, even with all settings down to low as possible, can'T spawn in a town with "really low" action. Game crashes and back to desktop. and also, fonts in chat box are weird (hard to read what's written) Is this only a matter of changing vid card, or there is something else (settings or whatever) I could do first? My performance system rate at 5.4/7.9 for graphics. and game graphics is at 6.5/7.9. everything else is 7.7 and 7.9. Thanks for help, as poor little me can't get back in game now...
  14. *BUMP* because it has to be...