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  1. ya.... Death Icons....Gaydar.....Origin... Leader... C'mon guys that's console crap, reason some left in the past.. Was hoping someone woke up and flushed that turd.. Make the unknown dangerous again..
  2. Ya me too... Looks like 2001 still .......
  3. Auto updater gives me a "playarc not valid" or something error... You know I just resubbed from about a year off, and if the frikken auto update hangs,can't wait to see what the game runs like...... Well I guess I'm glad that my harddrive still works..... Somethings never change
  4. Seeing as the direction this game is going not only should it be possiable but in all likly hood will be the only controller available for it in a year or so...
  5. Bubbles I had close to the same set-up and was having fps troubles also. I paid 90 bucks for a 3700 cpu and bumped my ram up to 2 gigs from 1. The cpu alone didnt help completely but when I added the extra ram,it made all the differance in the world. I know the old saying"buy more ram" but in my case it was a huge help. Might be a low cost option for ya....