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  1. The game is now working for me. It might be because I used the new chipset drivers, that were released earlier this week.
  2. I'm so annoyed that I can't play with mine. I have been unable to have the Wifi working on W7 even with all the info on notebook review.
  3. Crossing fingers, i'll try to update my laptop this weekend.
  4. For me i'm still unable to run the game on Vista 64bits on my M17x :'(
  5. Can't wait that they fix the problem too
  6. I have the same problem welcome to the club.
  7. Nope i'm located in France, and will move to Germany soon. I'm quite far from the Rat HQ sadly
  8. Thanks, hopefully i'll be back soon
  9. Alienware M17X 260m GTX Vista 64bits Game not working
  10. I have the same problem and almost the same computer. Alienware M17X Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz GTX 260m w/1GB Also on onboard Geforce 9400 4GB ddr3 ram 320 go Raid 0 Windows VISTA 64bit 17" screen, 1920 x 1200 IDT audio Razer mouse NOTE: The problem is here both when I run the Geforce 9400 or the GTX 260m
  11. I'm cancelling the scenario. Because there is a lack of volunteers as leaders.
  12. Hello; I'm planning to run a Realism Event next Tuesday. I hope that we will have a lot of players to make it interesting. I don't know yet who will be the "Hero" side it will depends on the numbers. The Event registration will start at 20H Paris Time on the Training Server as usual. ( All volunteers as Squad Leaders please contact me by PM or MSN. Thank you
  13. There will be one the 10th or the 17th of June i believe.
  14. Please post feedback below. I will complete the feedback later. It is an Allied victory 1 Hero Point for Survival 1 Hero Point for Survival as a Radioman 1 Leadership Point for Leading 1 Leadership Point for Victory 1 Leadership Point for a Major POW 1 Leadership Point for first time as a leader ROSTER OF THE BRIT COMPANY: Sgt Frikshun 2 Hero Points 4 Leadership Point Pvt Ocelot82 1 Hero Point Pvt Frederik1 1 Hero Point Pvt Darling1 1 Hero Point Pvt Keelhaul 1 Hero Point Pvt Eyup 2 Hero Point Pvt Drave 1 Hero Point Pvt Lucky13 1 Hero Point Pvt Ogg7 1 Hero Point LOSSES OF THE BRIT COMPANY: Khbigjoe KIA by LMG (Reis) when he was about to enter in a Church Alcohols KIA by SMG (Kvick) in the church; he managed to pass Reis LMG Trap