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  1. I finally figured out how to load the new drivers. Turns out I should have removed the old ones first. Getting speedtrees now.
  2. It occurs to me that maybe the problem might be associated with the fact that I only have NetFramework 2.0. For some reason, 3.5 won't install on my machine either. Anybody have any suggestions? ------ Oh, wait, now I see this earlier in this thread:
  3. Thanks, Zeke. I feel as stupid as somebody getting one of those "did you pug it in?" answers, but thanks all the same.
  4. When I'm ingame I hit f-9. The shot is supposed to be in c://program files(X86)/CRS/Battleground Europe, right? Can't find it.
  5. Yes, I died in that crash. Then I had to leave, so I missed the rest of the battle. I am glad that the rest of you had a good time.
  6. Interesting. All persona selection alternatives have red padlocks on them. Would have signed up in advance, but didn't know whether I would be able to make it. Oh well.
  7. 10:00 Pacific 11:00 Mountain 12:00 Central US 13:00 Eastern US 14:00 Caracas/ La Paz 15:00 Buenos Aires 16:00 South Georgia Islands 17:00 London 18:00 Paris 19:00 Athens 20:00 Moscow 21:00 Abu Dhabi 22:00 Tashkent 23:00 Rangoon 24:00 Bangkok 01:00 (June 7) Beijing 02:00 (June 7) Tokyo 03:00 (June 7) Sydney 04:00 (June 7) Okhotsk 05:00 (June 7) Wellington 08:00 Honolulu 09:00 Fairbanks
  8. I have to be at work two hours after H-hour. Should be enough time to see some action.
  9. Is this a diversion for the real landing at Normandy?
  10. Looks like fun. Unfortuately I never know my work schedule more than one week in advance.
  11. Evidently I also have to run Playgate as an administrator also.
  12. I got a new computer a month or so ago (Vista, of course) and installed BE. It seemed to work fine. A couple of days ago I thought I'd run BE. Right after I click the TOS box and then the launch button, the TOS box disappears and I get a CTD. So I uninstalled, DL'd fresh, and re-installed. Same thing happens. What's wrong?
  13. I have made some progress, but the task isn't complete. I figured that maybe the MAC address feature on my network was preventing me from accessing the network. I turned this off, but it still didn't work. So I disabled security for the network, and was able to connect with the new computer. Then I turned the MAC Address feature to give me some measure of security while I figure out how to use WEP security. But now I am having difficulty getting the old computer and the new computer on the same network (or "workgroup"; whatever the difference is). Actually, I have two new, Vista computers. I can see both of them on the network, but not the old computers (one is XP Home and the other is XP Professional). How do I get it so the workgroup is the same for each?