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  1. Ah yes, that I tried that, no joy
  2. No joy I tried a whole fresh reinstall I get this message: The code execution cannot proceed because mfc140u.dll was not found. Reinstall the program may fix the problem
  3. Trying to log in, I get to choose the game sever or training, click on it and I get Login aborted sshowing
  4. I tinkered with it some more. Now has calculated sector supply and tactical bombing targets plus some facility repair
  5. I'm not sure the worries about abuse are as much a worry as you might think. There's no self promotion right now, it's not allowed as far as I know. No advertising. If you just made it a TOS to ask for a tip (screen shot the offender) so that they are immediately removed from HC in such a case. No way in hell anyone would do it. Yes voice coms get round it but then spies and all that guff have used TS to do so. Some things you can't fix and while some problems are introduced when you fix bigger issues. If the new hardware would allow a greater/closer monitoring system of HC Officers then this would also have a greater safeguard You know what would happen to a HC that held back in want of a tip? I think the player base would turn on them like an angry bull. It would not happen twice. I think the uniforms would be essential. The HC out there doing the job would get the tips, from a FB blow up to someone moving a unit. It might not be perfect but it would fix more problems what it would raise I think. Can a RAT look at this? In a couple of months there will be thousands of new players. There are not enough HC on that will cause a lot of issues very fast. We need something to fix this, fast
  6. The way I read it the Paetron system (which has only been around for a few years anyway) covers the legal issue. It's just money the individual Paetron has to declare to their relevant government, (the link I had was for US law, there's an extra form there) and if the script was set up as soon as a player was made a HC then a Paetron button would be attached to their personality page. The player would just link a paypal account to it, or a bank account. Again the trick is the in game end of tiping in game, having a program set up to allow it from inside the game (with limits and so on discussed here). As to too many HC? There are not enough in right now. There are some new ones. Not enough. In a couple of months the player base will increase dramatically and we will not have enough to do the job. Incentifying the HC system gets those officers in and doing their jobs. Getting the uniforms back gives them public identity, feel of the game, helps keep squads and players on one side or the other. As I said, squads tend to produce HC, squads stay with their HC . So what if the whole HC ORBAT was full. How would that be a terrible thing? Remember its a 24 hour game. Not every officer can be in. We all have to sleep Being in HC would not make a surety of getting money. You'd have to do a good job, lead, encorage, you know, be worthy of being a HC. This is not like other games. One way or the other it's been built on players running the game. The systems that are here now to allow (legally) this idea to work are now here. I put this idea out to take it's rough edges off and good ideas toward that have come out. The legal issues, (I think) might be more imagined than real. Is it some work? Yes, but the pay off to the game is too much to ignore or throw away out of hand. There's nothing inherently wrong with the idea, (I think anyway, seems everyone is at least broadly in favour as long as legal issues can be settled) it's just a question of the fine details, making sure we dot our t's and cross out eyes. RATS, where do you stand on this?
  7. Had a hunt. Looks like it's subject to your country of origins tax laws. Fairly straight forward. If it's a creator issue a HC officer helps to create the game. As long as the Tip System shows how much you got in any one year it should work as long as it's recognised/set up as one. I suspect it still comes down to the game end figuring out how to program in a Tip Interface so you can tip from inside game. Outside the game all it would take is setting up a Paetron account attached to the HC Officers profile and having a button https://www.patreon.com/taxesI
  8. If it's set up using the Patreon system that's used on the internet, (cosplayers use it all the time) that may simplify tax issues I'd have thought. You Tube takes donations too. It's a question of finding the right system that's already out there and working out the way to marry it to the game
  9. Absolutely there would be a limit. Five dollars tops with a limit of how many tips you could make. As these by necessity would be linked to credit cards and we might have young kids playing you don't want them giving away a house payment
  10. As a HC officer I can tell you we are both looking forward to and dreading it. I suspect we will be hip deep in Tweens. Educating them in which end of the gun is the naughty end may take some time
  11. Retaining HC and addressing side issues is tricky but I think I have an idea that will fix both. We turn each HC position into a Patreon. Inside game if a player see's a HC officer doing a good job they could type in /tip <player name> <amount>. SYSTEM asks are you sure and asks you to repeat the command to avoid a mistake. It asks one more time with a Y/N response. The money is put in a Paypal account. A system could be placed on the HC officers personal page. If STEAM works well enough the RATS could put aside 2,000 a month and after looking at game stats and the tip system, (possibly needing a new monitor program dedicated to HC officers, hopefully the new hardware would support this) could distribute 1,000 to each side. The first money earned could be placed against the players subscription fee until their fee is paid. This of course would be the players choice. The result of all this? HC positions become valuable enough you could double the available positions and chances are they would still all be full. You could even offer a training command position for would be officers. Few players would want to leave HC but we know natural attrition does mean some leave. Positions would become available but good officers which got tips would stay Squads tend to produce HC Officers. Squads tend to follow tend to follow their HC officers. This would mean players would stay put. HC offciers could have leaves of absents for a map to go over the other side but in doing so would lose their tip ability. RATS could place say a 20% limit of HC officers doing so though so as to retain manpower. Of that no more than 20% of a TZ listed HC. We can't have all of one time zone jumping ship. All this would most likely mean a near full HC roster and more active HC officers in game. You have to be there to be tipped. Bringing back HC uniforms and command signals (advance, halt etc...) would help. | There was a short termed use of HC uniforms. Further to that we had pistol only HC. If a HC officer could could choose from their own emergency supply pool. to explain... Say a supply pool was made of 5 units. These units could be anything. Pistols down to ATG rifles. If you choose a Sten then there are 4 of anything left. Grab a ATG Rifle, now there are 3 and so on. This system would be available to training command HC as well so while they may not be tipped they would get something out of it. Possibly a training command tip could be added to the monthly fund the RATS gave out. Am I in HC? Yes Is this built on self interest? Yes Mostly from sitting there way tom late at night desperately hoping a HC officer would come one so I could sleep. We need to do something outside the box
  12. Waypoint Placement: Imagine a spider web. Place a line between one side and the other. An Army Group moves alone that line. Along the way points are highlighted. The unit moves along the lines for the best quickest way between the points. A HC officer clicks (or introduces) a point along the line, then drags the line to the new point, the line changes. This way plan can be optimized but also allow for planning. While a unit also moves back along the line in retreati, if the line is broken the Army Group then calculates the best retreat option (on that spider web) to get back to friendly territory and it's original line. Again this could be modified by a HC officer. Retreat would only occur if the unit was cut off. On the other hand if the unit is cut off and not dealt with by the other side this would allow a HC officer to send the unit on a ride through enemy territory till the enemy deals with the unit
  13. I GOT IT! AO's and stuff! Right now SYSTEM seems a little arbitrary on placment An Army group could be given an Attack Objective Path. Imagine a 20 by 10 sector map with 3 Army groups to cross it. Inside each sector are a number of random dots, (they represent towns). You could set advance options in one of two ways. Sector advance or specific town advance. Sector Advance is more open. Just say the unit will not advance till sector X is taken. Town advance would say take town A, B, C, D is taken. This would allow a HC to finesse an advance without needing a whole sector taken. Anywhere along the advance any one sector could be set to Sector Capture or Finesse Advance. Some Sectors would need to be wholly captured while others could be bypassed, (and therefor use the auto capture feature already placed). Other Army groups could be ordered to not advance unless other Army Groups have for filled X objectives. This would allow more targeted auto placed AO's should HC not be online. If an Army Group was cut off SYSTEM could apply a Special AO outside of normal AO numbers. When you're down to one AO while it might be expected to place an AO to break out it is sometimes needed elsewhere or a waste as things get more desperate but an Army Group would by nature attempt a breakout unless supplies were low. An Army Group could be assigned a supply limit. If Army group X was cut off and was reduced to Y percent supply the unit would stop trying to escape. Think of Stalingrad. Once a unit got to that percent setting it's AO would be taken off unless countermanded by an active HC. This percentage would be applied to a unit stack. If BDE 1 is low BDE 2 may be higher and so the percent is calculated on all units in the Army Group I'll cut and paste this to the first post
  14. Having it run off a topographical map and set way points set in advance (for both advance and retreat) and army group units reduces HC possibly down to nothing depending on the programming behind the AI. if anything it also reduces the direct need for flags being able to open up the field of combat to outside the towns as well as the towns