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  1. jesuth christh!!!
  2. i run vista64 bit, for no particular reason either i just decided to. however, i extensively researched my peripherals prior to making the jump. if you don't do this you may end up with devices that have no drivers. btw, game runs fine in 64bit. i still may go back to 32bit one thing i forgot to research is overclocking. 64bit tools for some reason are bugged and do not allow overclocking of nvidia graphics cards. makes me a sad panda.
  3. anyone else? its dumping rain, so i attribute it to that. i'm also showing fairly regular packet loss at my head end routers on the road runner network. just posting so if anyone else is having similar issues they will possibly read and be informed. lil rain and so cal goes nuts, pandemonium in the streets!
  4. bah, pencil was unreliable. real men used metal paint pens .
  5. common misconception. it won't ever affect their bottom line. intel sells low end CPUs by the truck load. 90% of these end up in OEM business desktops paired with motherboards that have zero overclocking features. high end chips, they sell by the truck load in the form of OEM servers and workstations again, with zero overclocking ability. AMD and Intel both know the power of word of mouth though. They know guys like us will always look for the celeron 300As. They also know that we recommend whoever is the best value to our friends and families. In the past I have had lengthy conversations with AMD and Intel engineers. You think we overclock? HAH ... those guys do some funky things to CPUs. Honestly, the overclocking market is a drop in the bucket. They get more sales from positive word of mouth from us than they would ever lose by DIYers buying low end and OCn.
  6. i skimped on quality once when it came to heatsinks. the one and only CPU i've actually burned up, a p2 333 running on the oh so magical abit BH6. god that was a platform from hell. the cheap fan on the cheap heatsink failed. its also why i never run with the side of my case on anymore . you must have recently started over clocking. its so painfully easy these days they even have software tools to do an 'ok' job automagically. man ... back in my day it was jumpers and dip switches and we were happy to squeeze out a 15% overclock. these days i get pissed if i can't get at least a 75% overlcock.
  7. you assume people are comfortable voerclocking. i know its easy to do, you know its easy to do, but some people think programs have been uninstalled when the desktop icon gets deleted. that and not evreyone wants to spend 50-70 dollars ontop of the cost of the cpu for a good heatsink. me, i have the thermalright 120 ultra ... love it .
  8. for the record, the 8600gt was an example. as in, if you havce to save some money and you're building this computer FOR ww2ol, then skimp on the GPU.
  9. for a good, quick, free tool download pretty much any linux bootable CD image. most all of them allow a boot option called memtest95. this just boots into a sort of DOS environment, it installs nothing on your harddrive. you can get bootable linux CDs that are like 60megs in size too so its a quick download. (look for damn small linux).
  10. it really wouldnt be, not in this game anyway.
  11. this game barely uses the GPU man. i went from a 2.4ghz athlon and a 6800gt to a 2.8ghz athlon and a 8800gts ... i got 10 more frames on average in worst case scenarios IE looking at/into towns during busy attacks. high end, flying with nothing around, sure i got a few more frames than the 6800 like 150 vs 110. big whoop. unity2 should change this but until then, CPU is king in ww2ol.
  12. if youre going to skimp, skimp on the video card. a 8600gt w/ a 3ghz core2duo is going to perform better than a 2.4ghz core2duo and an 8800gts under all but one condition. if you're running at 1920x1200 and wish to run high levels of AA/AF then you want the more powerful video card.
  13. so, here is the problem. ww2ol only uses whatever is set as the primary sound source regardless of what i select in the settings app. it did this in XP, it does it now that i am on vista ultimate. my setup is like this. audigy2 > headphone amp > headphones onboard realtek chip > crappy speakers i have been trying to use media center and have it use the realtek and the normal speakers, in order to do this though it has to be the primary 'default' sound card in control panel. fine, select the audigy in ww2ol settings app right? no, if the realtek is primary regardless of what is selected in the settings app it uses the primary 'default' setting from windows. teamspeak works fine, i select the audigy2 and all sound goes through that. it doesn't matter what i select as the default sound card. its frustrating.
  14. i have had issues with other games and other software actually. multiple sound devices is routinely troublesome for me. worst case i can hack together a vbscript to change the default audio device and then launch ww2ol. i would rather not cause i am lazy but that will work.
  15. yeah so, i dont see a way around this unfortunately and i can't figure out the massive array of media center registry entries that control the audio setup. sux .
  16. i checked the wwiiol.xml file and then double checked the registry, the correct DSGuid is listed yet it isn't working. that is correct. wtf?
  17. that case is absolutely retarded ..... and i totally love every bit of that. lol 250mm fans ... nice.
  18. i think you're boned dude. according to natural point's site they only offer vista support for version 4 of their software which requires trackir4 or trackir3 + the vectorpack upgrade. link version 4.0++ version 3.13 your options are install XP or upgrade to at least trackir 3 + vector pro
  19. most likely only applicable for windos vista. i just checked their site the other day and did no notice any XP pdates. i may have missed something though idk.
  20. Creative Adigy 2 Platinum Pro 128 sounds hardware happens constantly in large battles. reload, my shots, and various other sounds get 'lost'. i still hear stuff but a lot of things get drown out. almost like i am completely shell shocked but i have no red screen shake going on. i haven't had it happen that i know of in a plane yet and havent driven any tanks in 1.27 yet. this has only happened to me while playing infantry.
  21. uhm no, crashing is NOT the only problem. 60c is really damn hot for the CPU.
  22. dont use those plantronics DSPs for anything but teamspeak/ventrillo sound. those USB DSPs make the CPU do a lot of work processing the sound.
  23. i still think the GPU should be easily upgradeable. it wouldnt be too difficult to have a modled 'piece' that fits into a slot (think laptop pcmcia cards but with a mold that conforms to and matches the iMac exterior). oh well.