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      We are seeking Squad Leaders to volunteer their squads to help us test the upcoming Squad Forums system. This system will integrate squads who wish to participate into a self-sustained "forum within a forum." You will be able to add members to your squad, assign permissions, and create forums/calendar events on your own. The idea behind this system is part of our commitment to support squads as a integral part of our community. This service will be offered free of charge to all squads of World War II Online upon launch. Our goal is to offer all of the services a squad off-site forum can offer but free of charge and tied in to our existing forum service. So what do you need tested? We need willing volunteers to test the whole system - make forums, post threads, assign permissions, etc. The idea is to have several squads giving it a test run to point out any flaws before we launch it publicly. What are the requirements? We are ideally looking for medium to large squads - Ideally ten people or so plus, but smaller squads feel free to apply - and a willingness to use our platform. It's important to note (as of now - these may be included at a later date) we are unable to convert posts from a private forum if your squad previously used one, and you (or your XO's and recruiters) will need to assign individual members permissions. It is entirely possible that in the future this system will be automatically linked to the game's squad roster, but as of now developer priorities are elsewhere (1.37 and steam, w00t!) How do I sign up? PM me ( @Dodger ) on the forums, or email me at dodger@playnet.com - Please indicate your squad name and how many members you have. I will get back to you with more instructions.


      Recruiting drive.   04/16/2017

      With the anticipated influx of new players on the heels of this summer's Steam release, there is a reasonable expectation that forum traffic will increase. I'm looking for volunteers, not just to moderate, but to help answer new players' questions or direct them toward the correct answers. The forums may be a player's first contact with the game and we want to ensure that it is a positive experience. A happy player is a player who sticks around and the more new players we can retain, the more resources we will have for development.
      With that in mind, we are looking for current players with a positive attitude and posting history. PM me if you are interested.


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  1. If you guys get medic - I want a magic spanner for my tank... and I want to fly low over a certain area so my plane is resupplied... I.e. it is just redundant and completely at odds with the fundamental concept behind the game.
  2. The tone of the OP is misjudged. I think what the OP wanted to say is that with voice comms and playing as a team, they were mega-effective and kicked posterior. There is no single prescription for playing the game. Not everyone has the environment or time that allows them to play in this way.
  3. Anyone that games and plays free games understands very well that there is no such thing as a free lunch. People that play for free generally accept that there will be some restrictions/disadvantages when compared to paying players. I think incentivising F2P players to play low pop is the single best idea that's ever been suggested to address balance. It's not perfect, but to me it seems like the least of many evils
  4. Some more points to make: 1. Let's put this issue in perspective - imbalance is not all bad. If we had perfect balance we'd have WWI and a static front line. We only want to address this issue to the extent we think it is a real problem and not just a perceived one. 2. Balance can be the enemy of variety - any long time player has played through campaigns they won and campaigns they lost - it's par for the course. If we exaggerate this issue too much then it creates an unrealistic expectation and a lower tolerance for slogging it through when the odds are stacked against you. New players will read all this discussion and think the game is broken when they are losing. We can't all be winners all the time. 3. By far the biggest impact on balance is when some squads switch sides. A small coordinated group of people can have a huge impact on this game - so to a large extent, we are the cause of and solution to this problem. 4. More players will mitigate the issue significantly.
  5. Don't let the best be the enemy of the good. I think this solution is not perfect but better than many of the other suggestions. Incentivising F2P to play underpop by giving access to a reserve SMG for example, gets around many of the problems. You are right, most MMOs have a free to play option - but everyone who games understands that there is no such thing as a free lunch and people generally accept that if you are playing a game for free, then 1. you have some restrictions and/or 2. paying players will have access to more than you. Sure, there is a risk of putting people off, but ask yourself if the risks associated with some of the other solutions being thrown around aren't worse?
  6. Hi folks, A very simple change that could add some spice to the air game would be to allow aircraft to resupply from trucks. It would allow a soft of forward airstrip to be created if someone were to drive a truck out of town a little way into a clearing.
  7. Some of these have probably been already suggested, but in the hope that there is something useful here: - Achievement for first mobile spawn deployed (and 5th, 10th or whatever, same for all the below suggestions) - Achievement for first mobile spawn destroyed - Achievements based on number of spawns from mobile spawn - Achievement for first capture - Achievements for depot defense by minutes defending - Achievements for kills while defending - Achievements for kills while assaulting a CP - Achievements for multi-crewing a vehicle (there should be an acheivement for just multicrewing, not related to what you do while multicrewed). - Achievements for FB damage - Achievements for FB defense (damage to sapper/other units within X meters of FB structures) - Achievement for landing a plane without damage (say you could re-take off) - Achievements for creating a missions - Achievements based on mission spawns - Achievements for participating in a town capture (were spawned in, had kills, captured something... some of all of these criteria - could be tweaked) - Achievements for participating in a town defense (possible criteria as above) - Kill mission leader achievement - Kill HC achievement - Multiple sequential kills on same guy achievement - Achievements based on number of (meaningful) sorties - Paratrooper achievement - successful drop - Paratrooper pilot achievement - drop paras successfully - Return your kit: RTB based achievements
  8. Does anyone know how to do this? Can anyone point me to a guide of some description? The problem I'm having is when controlling my tank commander or gunner with the mouse. The inputs seem noisy and when I try to even hold the aim steady it will jump up and down or jerk right or left. Also, if I am scanning right to left with the commander, for example, every so often the view jumps up or down like the commander has some sort of nervous disorder. I'm thinking that a deadband on the mouse axes will solve this. I can see from the GUI how I can do it with the Joystick axes, but not with the Mouse. Help appreciated!!!
  9. Anyone? Tanks are unplayable for me at the moment! Edit... I remember that you needed to edit your air.calib file to decrease rudder sensitivity - but I can't find the guide to do it... anyone know?
  10. Hi folks, I use keyboard and mouse for tank play. I control the gunner's aim with the mouse. However, the controls are very jump. When scanning very slightly left or right, the view will jump up and down. Same when controlling the commander's view. I'm thinking that adding a dead-band to the mouse axes would help - particularly the vertical axis... but how do I do this? And how do I do it so it doesn't affect infantry play? Or... does anyone have another solution?
  11. I would do the same, only I would like the following perks: - Submarine's implemented - AI Convoys - Ability for Naval to impact strategic game - Heavy bombers - Panther tank - Pershing tank (shhh, just gimmie) Thanks, :-)
  12. Would like to know the answer to this too!
  13. My card details expire before the next billing cycle and I can't update my details... "We were unable to update your billing method. Please hit back and try again. If you think your billing informaion is correct, please contact Playnet Support. Additional information has been sent to your email adress at..." I tried two different cards and, in fact, no additional information has been received at my email address!
  14. Interesting bookmark bar Enigma :-)