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  1. We need more female squadies, dover is getting abused too much. Oh, not you Frogdeth, real woman
  2. Only Allied Squad I'd join......................if I could stand the smell
  3. That is a great story, and an excellent tactic.
  4. No I don't know whats up with my connection. I have cable, and download at 800k. *shrug*
  5. Aye I have read it, but still doesn't solve my problem that I loose host constantly =(
  6. Everytime I try, I get HUGE packet loss, when my two characters (both on the same country mind you) get close to each other, than I loose chat connection, than one of them looses connection to host. I want to tow myself around damn it! lol Can anyone tell me what is needed? Comp specs - Dual Core 3.0ghz 1333mhz fsb 2 gigs ram 8800GT vid Any help would be great.
  7. S! 1775th, I looked a little on the squad website, and without having to read the 51 pages of this thread, can I get a little info, like what nights are squad night? Entry qualifications, etc. Any help would be great, thanks! Viga