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  1. Honestly, its worth doing. With role managment you can can sort out private channels and private text channels and if you want that automated there are hundreds of pre made bots and plenty of guides to help you get set up. Hell I'd be willing to the leg work even. It is a vastly superior platform to TS and offers a place for 'off voice' discussion. Of all the communities I am a part of, this is the only one that still uses TS, heh ^^
  2. I think it's kinda to drive home the point that being awesome with a rifle means nothing if you're not capping points. Not to take anything away from your impressive kill count with the rifle, but you can drive an entire city out of supply and it means nothing if you then don't go on to cap it. Remember: Caps Win Maps.
  3. Oh god I'm making a suggestion about changing the air game. Someone tell my family I love them and I shall miss them all very dearly - and that they shouldn't mourn for me because I brought this on myself. Okay so my suggestion is a pretty simple one really. Why do we still have rank determining gear in the air-game? Now I can get it for the ground game. Most people just used rifles with veterans, squad leaders and special forces getting the progressively better and better gear as well as limiting usefulness and balancing issues, etcetc. But the air game seems like a different beast. As the time line advances some aircraft become obsolete or straight up outclassed and unlike being stuck with a rifle which is useful throughout the whole campaign, being stuck in a hurricane at T4 seems a bit of a bummer. Now I don't play the air game, here. I've never done more than a few minutes of flying in all my years, but I do often see pilots begging for the reintroduction of being able to sit on the airfield to regain XP... why not just do away with that completely? It seems right now you either get in hour 0 day 0 of a new campaign in order to keep up with air (At least to get rank) or you face a very steep uphill battle. So my proposition: Make rank nothing more than a gloating badge for the air game. Make it so that tech 'moves' with obsolete planes being removed from supply as the tiers advance and instead pilots just pick from era specific aircraft Remember, as I said above, I don't play the air game. I'm merely offering a counter-point to those who are asking for the exp counter to go back to time based. I merely ask that if it's a case of time, why keep it at all?
  4. Same here. Spent a good chunk of the day playing, logged off for a few hours and when I went to log back in: Error. Not the user end~ if it helps narrow down a routing issue, I'm connecting from the UK
  5. Whatever happened to the old bunker building? I miss those.
  6. S! Welcome back!
  7. Personally I'm not sure why we have the rank system effecting gear still in place for Air and to a lesser extend Naval, anymore.For the ground game it makes sense as that is the vast majority of the war and the progression feels natural. For the naval game there just does not seem to be enough content to even level up these days and it feels very grindy, though I have to admit I've not took part in a UK assault in a long time, so maybe I should wait 'till then. For the air game though, why even have the sit on the ground thing anymore? Just ditch rank as nothing more than a bade to show off and instead make planes change based on the tier of the war? Were pilots not 'trained up' as the war went on? I know FW pilots came from the BF109 in reality so it would be somewhat accurate.
  8. Honestly I certainly hope the MOBA genre is losing some of it's steam. I personally don't know what people fine so addictive about it, even all the games in the genre seem exactly the same to me XD Would be good if we can pull a few over, that's for sure. Though to be fair Overwatch is basically a first person MOBA in my experience. Nice read, too! Thanks for running the numbers, man. Interesting to see how few we'd need to be a success there that's for sure. I only raise my concerns due to experience. Mech Warrior Online recently made the hop to steam and saw a great increase in user numbers initially, but after a few months everything seemed to go back to normal population wise. In the end it seemed like it didn't make a big difference, but then PGI play their cards close to their chest and don't disclose their numbers. Nice to know that even a small increase in players will have such positive effects on our game though.
  9. Is it not possible to offset the sight with it? It seems to me sights and optics remain perfectly "Flat" while the vehicle itself moves around on terrain and can be at slight angles or on bumps or whatever, but your sight is still measuring as if from a flat 0 degree degree offset to the ground. I dunno, always felt slightly odd to me. Though being able to have an infantryman "dig" a spawnable that is flat 0 degree terrain for an ATG to park on would be nice. Would look ugly mind you.
  10. Same here, I only suffer this problem when I move more then a few KM on the map in a single respawn. Hopping from an FB to an MS to a city has never caused that long load time for me.
  11. My bad, by air I mean "atmosphere" as in the 'free' players are not allowed into certain forums which may make them feel like 'inferior' members of the community, not the air game. Glad to hear something is changing though! I'm glad it's happening all the same, shame it'll be after Steam but I'm glad to hear there are changes on the table, even if they're years out. My worry is the more shallow players won't take kindly to them. It's a an issue that drove off some of my friends during the WBS, but honestly I don't know how to change this due to the way the game works. Personally I would spawn individuals in random buildings around the spawn area but that may not work at every location. I get that, my worry is a newer player will be frustrated and annoyed when their ATG bounces or seems to do no damage. I don't know how feasible it'd be, but could there be a way to 'see' a bounce off of armour? Something that gives the shooter just a little feedback? I'm VERY happy to hear that the sub model will be adjusted! My feedback would be to remove the 12 month lock in and the rest is fine. Though there is a way to get around the Steam Cut, and that's simply not sell the sub on Steam, just have players come to your website (I think a LOT of MMOs on Steam do this already?) Thank you for the response and I'm always glad to hear your plans and where were going
  12. ... I don't think we have research anymore, do we? Unless I am misunderstanding something. Though the idea is nice. Underpop? You get so many more of all units in supply depending on the severity of the population imbalance.
  13. Axis generally go over-pop around 12-4pm GMT. At least they did over the weekend, but it's exceptionally short lived. I would suggest a simple fix really: Lock ins. Once you pick a faction you're stuck on that faction for the duration of that campagin. Each side can only be larger\smaller by x% of locked in players, not active ones, before the faction is considered "Full" and they cannot join them. Done.
  14. So there is another (Now very derailed!) thread where the issue of asymmetric balance came up and how it effects the game, especially in the notorious early tiers where everyone thinks everything the other guy has is OP (Even their bolt actions according to side chat!). I want to talk about that imbalance, if it's perceived or genuine and how it will effect the future of the game and it's steam release if nothing changes. I want to stress this is not intended as a sky is falling post. I do not want to spread doom and gloom, only start a discussion on what can be done to tie off any _potential_ issues. In the last thread I suggested totally at random and without though that T0 (And T0 alone) could simply get symmetrical balance (that is Tank X on allied and Tank Y on axis are functionally identical in armour and firepower, the just look different). Of course this wouldn't be popular by a long shot but it WOULD solve the balance issue. It was an idea I just put out there with the intention of generating discussion, honestly. It's not something I personally stand behind with certainty and not something I am against, either. I admit for me, a big draw is the realism too but is that major selling point these days? (A selling point for sure but a big one?) Look at it from the point of view of a brand new typical steam player from the latest generation of gamers. The people who play H&G, BF1942 and MOBAs. These are about 60% or higher of the active Steam user base (645,263 players on DOTA alone). The rest - others who may be already interested in this -Are here, have probably already been here or they're on Squad, Project Reality or ArmA. How do we pull them back over? That is what I want to talk about here~ You see we're in an age where people just don't _care_ that much about historical accuracy in games (I'm looking at that steaming pile of waste called Battlefield One) they either want fast game play (Not going to work here!) or solid balance, ideally both... We don't have that. Now of course we don't _want_ that either. The historical accuracy is a decent chunk of the game in all respects but in my opinion it should come secondary to usability and gameplay. Here is what the vast majority of people will do at the Steam release: A chunk will log in, spawn, see the character models and simply log out, probably after making a few disgustingly bad memes about it and putting on the community page on Steam. We can not win these players over - They had their mind made up before they finished the download. We obviously do not cater to these people untill we somehow can get a wonderful new set of models made super fast. A few will hop in and see the state of the tank commander model or the truck driver and do the same, this one is a wider problem, that model is simply not going to cut it these days. Graphics are not an important part of the game but they are a part of it, and 15 year old blocks of polygons DO attract unwanted and needless criticism. They'll then get confused as to why they can't get out of the truck, out of the tank or off the ATG. It's 2016 and this kind of freedom in gameplay is considered normal now, this will annoy a lot of people. I know something about this is in the works. Locking people into a vehicle seems to be sliding back into being normal, but the idea someone can't get off the ATG or set up pre-positions will really bother some players, especially the ArmA crowd. A lot more people are simply going to log in to faction X and play until they encounter something overpowered or something they perceive as so. They will hop to the faction that has it while the other half will flock to the Steam forums to complain about the balance. This is the one I am trying to preemptively talk about here. How do we address this? A new tutorial that really really drills home the power vs supply could work? But how many people will play it? They also won't like spawn camping. A player these days has hundreds of games to pick from, all offering combat quicker and smoother, why would a new player tolerate being spawn camped? You can tell him it's part of the game all day but people these days will not tolerate it - receiving or doing it. It _WILL_ and HAS annoyed people into walking away from the game. But here is the kicker - A new player on steam is not going to be able to spawn in anything other than a rifleman, unable to post on the forums unless they pay, there will be cries of pay to win. Loud cries that will annoy people way more than me saying "T0 is a bit of a mess, ain't it?" Basically, we need to look at and address a lot if we hope steam to increase it's lasting appeal. We will see a population spike for a few weeks, sure but the goal here should be to retain them and make sure they're not annoyed. I am also not pulling all of this out of my rear - MWO recently did the same thing with steam, spent 3 patches trying to make the game better for the new steam player but didn't touch any of the core underlying gameplay issues. They saw a population increase for only around a month. My (Realistic, I think) suggestions in no particular order: 1: Remove the 'Haves' and 'Have nots' air from the community. Why we need to be a paying member to access the community is not something I think I can understand. It segregates your community and creates an atmosphere of entitlement and elitism, you can see it from your vets who simply look at your sign up date and dismiss everything you say. The community should be for the community - free and open discussion. If people can't voice their opinion here and feel like they're effecting change, they will do it via the Steam Reviews. 2: Vehicle character models need SOME adjustment. Have you guys seen the chin on the truck driver? It's majestic. 3: Spawn Camping is such a major issue that during the WBS event my entire friend circle except one put the game down and went back to ArmA. Now yes, it's built into the game, it's a part of the original design but it simply does not fly these days. The moment someone gets camped by a tank 1km out for the 3-4th time is the moment when they log off. I don't know how to address this one - Personal suggestion would be to do away with spawn buildings and instead have forces spawn in an area around the building\in other nearby random buildings or some such. Spawning in that 3 story brown maze like spawn building is just .. ugh. 4: Anti tank. Honestly it's not good enough. ATGs need to pre-set up and then left and crewed later. ATRs need to be in more supply and the locations on where to hit tanks needs to something the game should teach you. AT launchers need to be in MUCH larger supply (Enough to be 2:1 to tanks, since infantry die a lot more) and the restrictions on firing adjusted. Sappers need their rifle back at the very least. Let them protect themselves on the way to their target. 5: The supply system - This point is a little moot as it's all being changed in a few days but it's still something we should look at and talk about. What do we do about powerful tanks vs supply? Do we limit them? Well then how do we decide who uses it? Shall it just be the newbie who's not even bound his controls yet, or do we limit it to specific players? What's the criteria? Is it fair considering we all pay the same? Speaking off 6: The kicker - Subscription. Now I know this game can't go to the modern idea of F2P. I don't think I'd want it to and the game is just simply not built to handle it, but here is my 2p anyways. Right now the game's sub cost is not too unreasonable - I do think the $15 ain't so bad and in line with a few other MMOs out there however the problem is the 12 month lock-in. I have been in this game for years over multiple accounts and trials (Why does an account not drop back to F2P once you cease paying, btw?) simply because I just refuse to lock myself into a contract for a video game. I suggest we do away with this and turn the base sub into the WBS scheme we have now. I know it's nice to be guaranteed X income for so long so you can plan the game's future, but I promise you there will be a LOT of people like me who simply won't pay the sub on a contract. Very very few people stick with a game unbroken for a year. Bonus suggestion - Make the Host Squads none optional? Place the new player into a new squad ran by 'greeters' who run a newbie squad to teach them the game? After an amount of time or when the player feels ready then can leave this 'training corps' and join a squad of their choice. So that's it! Let's keep it civil and on topic, please. No personal attacks, no going for brownie points and no trying to one-up someone else. These are potentially serious things that need to spoken about as well as many others. What do we do going forward? If anything? Thanks, and sorry for the long post!
  15. Wait you can _FLY_ tech 3 Destroyers!? Where can I get me one of those? Is this some kind of High Command perk?