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  1. I really hope CRS continues to investigate in game voice comms..
  2. This is for Windows only. Feature is not available for MacOS
  3. Transports are too big to use for this in my opinion
  4. I don't think that would be wise.. maybe add Liason aircraft like the Fi 156, Auster and L2 Grasshopper where the pilot can have binocs or a passenger?
  5. Any way you can support Google Drive pics? They don't have an extension to them. ie. is a link to an image on google drive or Google Photos?
  6. You would have to leave any squad your currently in but I would recommend coming on TS. There are a bunch of recruiters in the squad currently. Waznot, Waver25, and zep34 are a few..
  7. Hi Oxford, Might want to join up with the guys on Teamspeak and find a recruiter.. I am not sure if I am set up as a recruiter in game..
  8. I figured out the avatar issue. Guess the forums looks at the file extension when giving it a url rather than the image type in the file..
  9. Wasn't sure where to post this so am asking here since I am on a Mac.. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to upload media (mostly pics) to posts. I drag it to the post and nothing shows up or it does show up but when I submit the post its just an empty post. Even my avatar, tells me it can't accept that format. I have tried all the major formats and none seem to work. I check "My Attachments" and nothing there nor an ability to add anything to it. Is there a help page describing how to use this forum? Using MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 and have tried with both Safari and Chrome.
  10. How about putting tags on friendly PPOs (especially FMS's) with a strength bar? Make it toggle-able just like friendly tags
  11. Signed up for a hero account a couple weeks ago (hasn't gone into effect yet) but also threw in another $100
  12. Terrain updates?
  13. Here are a few ways to get to the Library folder.. Make sure when you do the changes in security area that you do not have teamspeak open.. close it and then make the changes and then restart the program. might even have to reboot for some reason.
  14. I think you have to create the folder... ~/Library/Preferences/ww2olcfml/ For teamspeak you have to go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility and check "TeamSpeak 3 Client". You have to click "Click the lock to make changes" in order to change it.