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  1. Sorry to hear imded. Stay strong and win the battle!
  2. SC250 - 25% [25.09] (4 x bombs) F100 - 10% [10.63] (10 x bombs) MC250 - 10% [10.81] (10 x bombs) Satchel - 5% [5] (20 x satchels) Its based off Joules.. All bombs will have an effect on them though, the above are the most common bombs in game
  3. only time your sent to a web page is if the server is down or your user name and password are incorrect
  4. I believe in some of the new towns, @Merlin51 had separated the spawn buildings from the capture buildings a little bit.
  5. Trickle timers and Resupply timers are all configurable by game management. They were setup that way in case we need to make adjustments. We are learning the effects of timers on gameplay just like everyone else. It’s tough to try and do timer changes in the middle of a campaign though because inevitably one side or the other is going to cry bias when those changes happen and it adversely effects them or it’s perceived to effect them. @OHM has been keeping an eye on the campaign and is pondering what changes could effect what and trying to see the best course of action for the future.
  6. Supply does not trickle in for 10 minutes and it effects both sides equally when they capture a town. Only disadvantage the allies have is if they change country garrison, the timer restarts.
  7. Both sides have the same trickle timer.. Only disadvantage the allies would have is if they decide to change countries, that will restart the trickle timer.
  8. Was fixed about 3 weeks ago.. As for supply, attrition is very important part of war that both sides need to consider. The waste of supply will cost towns.
  9. B2K may know better than I regarding scoring.. Its possible if an enemy starts a capture and the bar only goes part of the way and then he ran in and killed the enemy capturing and then he recaptures the facility with a short timer (because his cap would start where the enemy died). ie. Axis starts capturing facility and gets to 25% capped, Allied runs into facility and kills Axis and then starts capping back but only needs to capture that 25% the Axis captured.
  10. reliably? No. Those numbers can change especially when new towns are added. Its been discussed about things like that in our new UI when we can get to that. Until we can get it into the UI, you are correct. Don't expect these names/numbers to change often though.
  11. Its completely random and could change the next time towns are added.. The garrisons can not move so ".ne" is not really relevant garrisons.
  12. The bounce system and fallback system has not changed. So it’s no different than it was prior to 1.36 regarding brigades.
  13. If there is no fog of war then your set.. Don’t need the game to tell you anything.. Not everyone is so sure of their kills though, so leaving it for after their mission is a good way to maintain the fog of war for them.
  14. Have never heard of an issue like this.. I would recommend resetting your key mapper and if that don't work, try opening a support ticket.
  15. for the mac you have to make a duplicate of the app and then you can run two accounts