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  1. Our first technical goal is to just be a 64bit build.. When we get to that point, we will work on what goals we can achieve from there. We have some big things left in our roadmap that we need to achieve. (1.36 and IVC dev wise) plus try and find time to put into long standing bugs. Right now, 64bit is the one and only thing that has an absolute deadline which is coming quick.
  2. Its progressing, thats all I can say.. Hopefully we can get an update from the Dev team on this soon..
  3. Only time I ever run into this issue is when there are only a couple left of what I want to spawn. I don’t know the code side of things though so don’t know specifically what it’s thinking.
  4. Do we know what the full path is to the xml file? We had an issue a while ago regarding special characters in the path name not able to read the settings file.
  5. There are two reporting functions.. There is .report that only goes to the GMs and Rats that are in game at that time. They are for pressing game matters (cheating, etc). Then there is .bug which is recorded and sent to the entire QA team for review. Those are for actual bugs (not rants/frustrations/opinions).. Many treat it like a suggestion box though, and that should be for the forums as my team is only interested in the bugs. The bulk of bug reports we get are already in our system to be fixed (some scheduled, some in a depot waiting to be scheduled). As Blkhwk8 mentioned, our schedule, we set out in February/March, was to have .14 to be for terrain and .15 is aimed to be a maintenance release. Depending on time, we may have to slip 64-bit in there somewhere. Terrain initially has hundreds of fixes (trees clipping, berms in buildings, collider issues, disappeared AI, missing FB tents, missing CPs, etc) and a few redesigned towns. This will be our first foray into the terrain system with the new team so it’s been a very big learning experience.
  6. A fallback will hand the AB over to the enemy but you would retain the CPs.. I remember when we used to use that to regain supply quickly. Always wanted to hold your own spawnable CPs..
  7. A routed brigade sits off the map for 6+ hours..
  8. I don’t know of any plans to eliminate HC, but there are plans to have the HC role changed to more of a spawned in leadership role rather than a sit at the map role.
  9. I think we are getting away from the Ordnance arming timer here..
  10. Sounds more like where the tank was located was against the rules, not the fact that you were camping (camping happens all the time).. I would think either #1 you were in a place that you should not be (ie. clipping) or #2 you were on top of a spawn point. If either were the case, then the GM would take action if you #1 don't take action yourself (ie. move or despawn) or #2 can't do anything. Its not a side thing.. Its a game thing.
  11. While the audit itself is done, we are now doing clean up of issues involving HE which may take a little bit.. Infantry effects, Bomb fragments, "New HE", Concussion, etc.. etc..
  12. so you just want routed brigades/hqs punished for more time then.. don’t complicate it more by requiring HC to do additional things for hours that many barely want to do now.
  13. disagree
  14. A non-frontline movement timer is 15 minutes.