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  1. I don't use Ops channel at all on the allied side so maybe I am missing a lot. As HC I always used Side Channel to communicate w/o using .allied so maybe thats why I didn't get many people joining my FB bust calls
  2. There is a ticket open regarding the issue..
  3. If its from Steam, the same answer applies..
  4. Would be awesome if each person could reorder the forums to their own taste
  5. @malvinas currently there is no ability to link steam accounts to these forums. They are looking for ways to do so though.
  6. AA

    just a little.. There are both SPAA guns and Planes on the list to be released soon.
  7. I listened to the audiobook version of the first book about a month ago.. it was very good. I will have to try the second one too (didn't know there was a second one)
  8. Awesome.. Glad to hear that both of you are back up and running.. @jhay have you tried the same fix?
  9. SPAA will be added in the very near future.. Have already seen pictures of the models.
  10. You have to use an external image hosting company like
  11. @Kilemall can you try and see if your mouse works in offline mode? Also please try without anything else running (discord, teamspeak, video recording or anything that might have an overlay).
  12. You should be fine @KYOTEE. I use High Sierra with no issues
  13. I think it depends on your system if you have 32 or 64.. I know the game is 32 but not sure that matters
  14. Try the redistributable here
  15. Thank you. I got it and will go over it with the QA team to see if we can work out what's going on