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  1. all your data is stored in My Documents/Battleground Europe/ folder.. if that was salvageable, then you would just need to copy that back over
  2. It’s going very well.. The team is working very hard on it. It will need extensive testing though as it effects *every* aspect of the game.
  3. I just wanted to put this warning out there as a fellow Mac player. Apple typically releases developer and public Beta versions of MacOS in the month of June/July and the next version (assuming 10.14) will only support 64-bit applications. If you install the Beta version of MacOS, and 64-bit of the game has not been released, you will most likely not be able to run the game. We are making progress on 64-bit version of the game but I am not sure it will be done prior to the MacOS Beta release.
  4. was on channel last night with you guys, had fun supporting from the ground with a bofors. Hope to have more time to play soon.
  5. I’m sure they could.. @DAGGER and @CHIMM would be in charge of that
  6. tomorrow is saturday
  7. Some network changes are being made that may effect the live server, so they wanted to do that during intermission, there is also a new Allied CinC that is getting setup.
  8. most image hosting companies use drag and drop..
  9. I’m not sure there was any recordings.. It was mostly just a QA.. There was nothing prepared on our end.. There were a lot of questions though
  10. Just remember that Free Play players can not see the other forums. That’s why they post them in the General Forums..
  11. Screenshot of the Churchill V C/S..
  12. I think he means the rank.. “General”
  13. oh... putting some money down.. this is getting interesting
  14. 4 to be precise
  15. Trust me.. Its one of my pet peeves as well and it is on the list to be addressed..