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  1. wait for 1.36.. There will no longer be a “soft cap”.. Getting very close, I can taste it..
  2. Here is a quick workaround to the CTD issue. We are working on a coding fix for this as well. Look in your <User>\Documents\Battleground Europe\ folder for a file called wwiiol.xml. If you have the file in there, add the line: <value name="quickhelp-persona" type="bool" value="true"/> into it after one of the other “value” lines. If you do not have a wwiiol.xml file at all, then create one with the following content..
  3. Only "EnterWorld" bug I am familiar with is where the supply on a certain weapon is at or near zero, the system for some reason gets stuck trying to find out if the last of the weapon is still available. So it acts like its going to spawn/reserve when you press the "Enter World" button and sits there for like 10 seconds and then goes back green without entering the world..
  4. Hi guys.. We are having an issue that is only effecting some players and not all players and its effecting some in different ways.. We are working on a fix and hopefully will have something out soon. Sorry that I am being vague but I am not sure I completely understand the issue. It seems to only being effecting PC users and not Mac users..
  5. I don’t believe this is easily attainable and would require a replacement client and server and probably a lot of dev hours.
  6. Last I heard, it’s still being worked on by the production team but I do not know of an ETA on it. @HATCH would be the point of contact on that.
  7. if you can post your fix on here in case others have the same issue they can fix theirs as well, it would be appreciated.. Glad you got it worked out.
  8. I am thinking its double mapped.. so when you press the deploy button, its undeploying right away.. So you will get the deploy sound (because it won't do the deploy and undeploy sound at the same time).. What I would try is making a backup of your key mapper cfml files in "My Documents\Battleground Europe\" folder and then load default key mapper and save it.. Then try it.. See if you still have the issue.
  9. CRS

    and F2P was never removed from the organic side
  10. @HEAVY265 should be able to take care of that
  11. @boxrat We are working on some of those issues. We have been slowly narrowing down the cause of some of them and hopefully will have a patch soon that will address a lot of them.
  12. As they learn the game, they still have the opportunity to purchase the Premium Subscription DLC..