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  1. They were a part of the changes Doc made many years ago but were only implemented when we did our first terrain changes little over a year ago released August 1st, 2018 is when those changes were made.
  2. And to add to what Nick said, most of the claims would require them to download a new client in order to make those changes and there hasn't been a new client.
  3. and BTW, I have been told you do not need to open a PayPal account to process the payment. Just need to enter you credit card information. So not sure how its much more of a hassle than ordering anything online. But maybe that's just me.
  4. rgr... I am sure @XOOM will be shouting it from the roof top once the new system is live as there is no one more eager to have this done.
  5. We want the new system as soon as possible. There isn't a higher priority right now amongst those who are capable of working on it. Yes. PayPal is currently the only way to keep your account current at the moment. If you were set up with the old processor then I believe you are correct as their system is no longer functional. This is currently active. Those who have not prepaid beyond this point will have to pay via PayPal in order keep their account active. Hopefully this is just for one billing cycle. What sucks is that when the new service is in, everyone will have to reset their accounts again for the new processor This is definitely not a fun process for anyone and would have been much smoother if the old processor would have informed us earlier than they did.
  6. Talked to Oldzeke and he said he had the same issue and added his phone number and then it popped up and worked..
  7. Hopefully sooner than later but might not be for another month or two. We have done some initial testing but it does need fixes.
  8. Do you have the same issue if you set the game language to english?
  9. What language are you using in game?
  10. There was a post but it got buried in the wrong place..
  11. Well the P2W concern should go away with free play being completely shut down next week. So you need to Pay to even play the game
  12. I could be wrong but I don’t think Apple auto updates to the latest major revision. Just for fixes to current major release. Obviously they could change that. I do have mine turned off just in case
  13. I have had it happen to me without spawn delay (as allied).. I do believe spawn delay increases the possibility of getting it, but the cause is narrowed down to a supply check of some sort.
  14. It should be based off those who are spawned into the game world. I am sure its some type of percentage as well. How it works is also under internal review to make sure its working the way it was designed to work.
  15. Problem is the bug you think should be priority is not the same bug that another person thinks should be priority. I will bump the ticket though and see if @SNIPER62 can fit it into the schedule sometime soon.