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  1. I have to work anyway but will play the new Zelda instead on those nights..
  2. The stupid part is the URL thing still relies on file extension name so you cant use google drive or google photos.
  3. Using Safari on MacOS and also tried it on Chrome as well.
  4. hm.. good question.. something must be broke with it. used to have a url option there but I don't see it there anymore
  5. I had to put mine on a hosting service and do a url to it
  6. I am going to assume they mean the engine is not running?
  7. if it were as simple as a button or configuration change to achieve, I would love to see an intermission with it turned on.
  8. I had to submit a support ticket and they took care of all the forum stuff and setting up a tow account.. Have to create a F2P account first and then let them know which account and they will adjust it as a tow account
  9. I havent seen an announcement regarding them so I assume they are not ready for everyone, but when will the squad forums be available for all squads and how do you get your squad added or will it be automated?
  10. netcode 3 (switch to UDP) should help.. its in production
  11. Maybe brigade CO on up? like .allied/.axis?
  12. When there are perks like that and have a waiting line to become an officer, you can require CoC discipline or can lose the perks.. Right now the orbats are fairly empty and could use some perks for joining..
  13. I am not sure this has been suggested previously (probably has) but how about making HC a more desirable position by making HC Officers immune from spawn delay?
  14. I had to create a FTP account for a tow account and I noticed that in at least two of the emails welcoming me, it still was pointing people to Teamspeak 3.
  15. Just so you know, when you close Discord, you have to close it from the task tray down near the clock. You cant just close the program from the X in the App.