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  1. Are you proficient in Creator 3D software ( in order to help develop these things? I know the team is looking for those with that ability. Otherwise just going to have to be patient as the team has a lot of things that needs building.
  2. depends on what you hit.. there are components inside the vehicle that you would have to damage.
  3. I look forward to the north being relevant again as well.. Town supply will help that. Wont stop HC from choosing where AOs go though. Now with what looks like the ability to edit terrain again, helps for adding towns. We need it in the south, north and east. Hopefully when you return next year you will see town supply back, more towns throughout the map and many other features. Thanks for at least giving it a try again.
  4. Hi @zeller.. In a recent production report, Xoom discussed this very thing.. You can read it here..
  5. So how did you come up with 5x more if those were the numbers your testing brought up? Not downplaying anything, putting it in the proper perspective rather than the puffed up perspective you are trying to portray and an HE audit is right around the corner so again your wrong about not trying to fix it.
  6. 5x is incorrect.. H2C cannons took out an FMS with about 112 20mm.. The 110 took about 160 20mm to take out an FMS.. It’s now moot though as neither will take out an FMS..
  7. Will see what happens after the HE audit to test deeper on all the aircraft. Still expecting that audit to be done in Q1
  8. allied side will be getting Hurribomber’s.. French and Brit HurriIIb’s w/ bombs and 10 MGs
  9. Will be nice to see what happens when the JABO's are added... Get some faster bombers for the axis side.
  10. Hi pandatoby.. Please connect to the campaign server instead of the training server. That should fix it. Training server is having some issues at the moment.
  11. I don’t think the changes made by the team were thought to not have any confusion with it at all. Not really a disaster. We shall continue to push forward.
  12. @jwillywhile we are still in the early stages of what can be done, tile sets can be modified as has been demonstrated with the christmas theme. We are still in the exploratory process with what exactly can be done without completely breaking things though.
  13. Not an excuse.. It’s called “starting somewhere”.. We want to get all vehicles we can possibly get into game (including the Panther).. Production has a very enthusiastic core now. Coming from someone on the inside, I am personally very excited about everything production is planning and implementing. From new vehicles to getting closer with ability to work on terrain.
  14. Firefly is a variant of the Sherman but the Panther would be a completely new model. edit - btw, the Panther is not out of the possibility of being added as well. It’s just not in timeline due to the longer amount of time it would take to develop over most of the other vehicles on the list. We have new people learning the modeling software (Creator) and its easier to do a variant and learn how it works than to build a new model from scratch. That’s why the list is mostly variants.
  15. Capture timers are under review