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  1. right now the Laon cut and the Tiel cut are about the same amount of towns to achieve a cut. At the moment I don't see any extension happening until we add more towns in the south and the north.
  2. right now it is CDT (GMT -5)
  3. Actually looks like Le Touquet is front line so can't move an air brigade in there
  4. please?
  5. Remember the game is played across many time zones.. 2pm server time is around 7pm in the EU.. As for what armor will be available, I’m not sure. I would think Xoom will have to evaluate what the campaign status is and work from there. I also will be at work so I won’t be able to make it. Might catch some of it.
  6. Sounds like the same issue.. So the suggestion from Pittpete should work to fix your issue..
  7. I put a brigade in each camp so you can spawn in the center of area51 to test things.
  8. What OS are you running? We think MS had an update recently that broke something
  9. The town would have to completely change hands
  10. I believe @augetout used the BAT file and had no issue and it fixed his issue.
  11. Fallback command still does work. Little different than back in the day though. It will not give you supply back quicker like it did back in the old days. HAAC does not work at the moment It will get its own supply and build to a full supply list I believe its set to 1 hour? I'm not 100% sure on that though.
  12. There is one in every town.. The town markers have a list of those who have passed.
  13. You can contact support and they will take care of you.. You can make a support ticket here: on the top right of the page.
  14. That is normal. Its in our list of things to change but hasn't been a priority.