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  1. We are still working on it.. Saw some fixes go in today for a couple of the issues but its been slow going between personal things as well as other things internally (colo move and billing issues). Before Christmas doesn't seem possible at this moment so hopefully not too far after that.. I have off from work between Christmas and New Year so I really hope to accelerate testing over that time period..
  2. Just for clarification, there is no “Rat/GM” power to be invincible. There are a very few internally that have access to test clients that have an ability to do some very crazy stuff in the game world, but they are prohibited in the live game unless the game manager allows it for debugging an issue we can not replicate on the test servers.
  3. @B2K hopefully can provide an answer.. I’m not sure if he has settings he can change or what
  4. Unfortunately I am unsure if this is the same for you as it is for me since I am sure I have special access to things, but this is how I change my profile picture.. Not sure if it helps anyone else.
  5. You seem to not understand.. What is going to be in the TOE is not the issue, they are done and in a spreadsheet.. The issue is adding the data to the strat system, it is a fully manual tool, it’s not as simple as importing the data. Sure Ohm would be very happy right now if it was just as simple as importing an excel spreadsheet
  6. Can not be done while the campaign is running.
  7. You guys are so bipolar.. months of whining about the spawn lists and now they have an opportunity to change it and now you don’t want them to change it.. Unfortunately the process has already started and going backwards would probably take just as long as going forward.. TOEs are a completely manual function in game. It’s a crazy maze of pages that are not importable. So it’s sitting down and entering data for every garrison (including multi-ab garrisons), brigade and hq in game for every faction and every persona.
  8. catfive is no longer involved with running the forums, B2K is the new forum lead.
  9. Have you created a support ticket? it’s the best way for the support team to track your issues.. If not, please go to
  10. My goal is to have it out before christmas but as Oldzeke said, we are testing and handing issues of to dev team to get fixed. Testing is not complete nor is development work on it, so we can not provide a concrete answer yet.
  11. Maybe I am misreading the post but I think they do have access to capture depots (1.1) and place fms's (1.3.1).. Permissions / Game Access Capturing Facilities Using Infantry Binoculars Deploying Player Placed Objects Including mobile spawns from Trucks Rank Attainment to 2nd Lieutenant (Rank 9) ~ All branches Rifleman Paratroopers Rifle SMG Reserve Submachine Guns All tiers DLC Vehicles (You do not need to buy these, that's just their names in the list presently) Panzer II C Panzer III F R35 H39 Vickers A-13 Light AA Flak30 Hotchkiss 25mm Light AT Pak36 FR/US 25mm AT 2 Pounder Trucks Opel Blitz Bedford Laffly S-20 Fairmile Riverine
  12. I don’t believe there are automatic rebuild timers on AI (except for Factory AI IIRC)..
  13. I was just able to patch on Mac with no issue.. Maybe they weren't uploaded completely at the time..
  14. FYI, pings will be changing in the next patch.. they are showing 1 way values, it will be 2 way value in next patch so the numbers will essentially double
  15. This whole post is about lag created by running two accounts and CRS should ban all second accounts doing anything besides towing or have I read it wrong? I am claiming that lag can be created by a lot more than just running a second account. Simple network logic involved here. Preventing second accounts is not the solution because then they can just do other things to lag their connection if they are doing so maliciously. You can .report the person and the GMs will investigate the player. Only option, CRS wise, would be to get stricter with the lag kick that is already implemented in game. The topic of this thread is "Multiple accounts accounts need to be eliminated......." and from your original post "There is an issue with lag in that is being exploited by certain players running two accounts on one machine that CRS refuses to address." The next release to come out will have some networking improvements.