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  1. @HEAVY265 should be able to take care of that
  2. @boxrat We are working on some of those issues. We have been slowly narrowing down the cause of some of them and hopefully will have a patch soon that will address a lot of them.
  3. As they learn the game, they still have the opportunity to purchase the Premium Subscription DLC..
  4. BTW, the riflemen have 1 HE satchel, so they can use that with a free account.
  5. they would need the premium subscription dlc..
  6. These “new/old” bunkers will be an addition to the current bunkers we have in game. they will get mixed in here and there and mixed better in the added map areas.. They will not be replacements
  7. If HC participation were higher, I would agree with you personally.. But with the struggle to get HC participation in all time zones, we need an alternative to take care of the issues seen when no HC are on.
  8. capture areas inside of buildings are defined in the model itself
  9. I think that would be great but we would need a new model for each capture location.
  10. This has not reached my team yet, but based off the details I have been given, this has nothing to do with HE itself. This has to do with penetration. The bomb itself would be given a better chance (instead of little to no chance) to penetrate armor. After it penetrates, then the HE would explode. Obviously the only way the bomb can penetrate is by actually hitting the vehicle, so this only effects direct hits on armor. A close bomb hit will not be any different than it is now. As to the second question, in theory you would think the bigger bomb would have a better chance to penetrate based on size, but we shall see when we can get it into testing.
  11. Playnet and Steam use different account systems and can not be transferred.. So in order to log in through Steam, you would have to create a new account on the Steam side.
  12. Your game name is chosen by you when you provide your email. The steam system and wwiionline system are not really connected (billing and informational wise) Currently these forums are for organic clients only.. Steam has their own discussion forums.. We are working on ways to change that.
  13. Well it doesn't use IE specifically.. It is using windows to connect to our system via SSL and IE uses that same system.
  14. for some reason the SSL in your internet explorer is not working correctly.. Unfortunately I am a Mac guy and not sure where to direct you.. Maybe try this:
  15. With Windows Explorer (Or Edge) please go to and let us know if you get a check mark and/or get any errors.