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  1. I use ControllerMate for MacOS to program any functions like dropping bombs in a havoc and db7.. I don’t know of any feedback functions to the joystick though.
  2. I am not sure if anyone here runs multiple monitors on MacOS.. I am trying to run the game on one monitor and use the other monitor for whatever else. I can get into game and set it to the monitor I want but when I switch to the other monitor to do anything, the monitor with WWIIOnline minimizes the game. I did a little research and others have run into the same thing. Seems it can be fixed on the game side. Its something CRS would have to do in the client though. Other programs and games have made an option to keep the game up full screen when the game isn't in front. Not sure if CRS could look into this for us Mac players?
  3. I think 60/15 is fine.. I feel the complete opposite as delems, this helps the inexperienced hc recover from any mistakes quickly or if there is a breakout due to lack of hc, it provides an ability for hc to retreat to cover their lines quickly.
  4. @DAGGER would probably be your best contact for this..
  5. Think its more about time at the moment.. They don't have the man power and time to devote to this at the moment. As Capco said that you focused on a single word rather than the sentence: "Terrain is untouchable for now" The current team is not the same team that was working the game years ago. That team essentially folded up and shut down. Xoom essentially stepped up and worked on saving the game. From what I can tell, the old team did not have very good tools in order to make changes to the terrain engine, its very time consuming to work on terrain and can break a lot of things if its not done correctly (fall through the earth lines, trees and berms clipped into buildings and spawn points, and other weird stuff). I am sure that Xoom and the rest of the team would rather explore changing to a new modern graphics and terrain engine over the next 6 months to a year than spend months to figure out how to add an FB between Dover and Deal with an old outdated engine.
  6. also free
  7. Crossing the channel should not be as easy of a task as blowing an FB and have an insta-army on the other side of the channel.. Allies have the same "boring" factories to take on the german side.
  8. Images + however many members + off-topic == lots of disk space and CRS != image hosting company
  9. I think we should start with Americans on the front.. I believe that is tier 3?
  10. I think Attachments are not functioning though. It may show a limit but there is no way to upload to it.
  11. to my knowledge the only way I could get it to work is through an outside image hosting site and then link to it (I use I don’t think CRS is hosting any pics anymore
  12. just pick up a Builder subscription and you will get a tow acct for free
  13. Friday developer update get canceled?
  14. Any update on the Friday update? BTW its Saturday
  15. Supposed to be a developer update today.. Haven't seen anything posted though.. (from campaign 140 start notification: Campaign 140 is now underway, see you Friday for a developer update!).. There was an update posted to Steam on the 21st but it really didn't give any details other than what we been hearing for the past few weeks with upgrades to the bandwidth and bringing new servers online..