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      Fundraiser 2017 - WWII Online World War II Online has a VERY big year ahead, with an impressive Development Roadmap outlined, and the big release of our game onto the #1 online games distribution portal, "Steam".

      We have started a funding campaign and need YOUR help to achieve these important mission objectives!   Here is a quick overview of what your contribution(s) will be going towards: Project Management software to bolster production and organization. New hardware to prepare for launching on Steam and improving existing services long-term. Supporting our 2017 Development Roadmap objectives. Please support us by going to this link. Several perks for larger donations are shown below:     As always, your continued support is much appreciated. The greatest thing about this game is and always will be the community.   Note: If you want to donate $25 or more, make sure you click on a perk to obtain the items included in it. If you forget to select a perk, send an email to http://support.playnet.com to still get your items.


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  1. Here are a few ways to get to the Library folder.. http://osxdaily.com/2016/12/12/show-user-library-folder-macos-sierra/ Make sure when you do the changes in security area that you do not have teamspeak open.. close it and then make the changes and then restart the program. might even have to reboot for some reason.
  2. I think you have to create the folder... ~/Library/Preferences/ww2olcfml/ For teamspeak you have to go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility and check "TeamSpeak 3 Client". You have to click "Click the lock to make changes" in order to change it.
  3. Ok thanks
  4. Yes.. They support MacOS (formerly known as OS X) but they do not support overlay on MacOS
  5. Is Tapatalk no longer supported with these forums? I keep getting an error.. I am using it on iOS so that's why I put this in the Mac forums
  6. I do recall CRS back in the day unifying the rank up to be able to use all equipment and make missions and then after that it was separate for each persona..
  7. There was a dividing line on the allied side (BEF vs ARFR) but for the most part all the BEF squads would work together in the north and ARFR squads in the south. There were also a lot more players back then, we could afford to stick to our AOs. My squad was a part of the 1st Division which was the northern side of the BEF AO (Antwerp area towns) and 2nd Division were the southern side of the BEF AO (Brussels area towns). As BEF we would attack together but our squad would drop out of the attack if our town was being attacked and only call for help from our other Division squads if our squad can't handle the attack alone, usually through HC.. There was always an OIC assigned with every attack and defense. That OIC only had to worry about that battle and reported up to whomever was commanding that Army (in our case would have been a BEF commander) which would also have to answer to country commanders that would be working both sides.. (I really miss this side of the game.. I look at the Orbat now compared to back then and it really shows the state of the game and it's sad..) As Brigades and TOEs were added, BEF and ARFR started to work together more, but we ran into a lot of issues mechanically with the game that hampered our ability to work together. But CRS slowely worked out many of those issues. Obviously our population is much much smaller so I am not sure that would be feasible until our population becomes larger.
  8. Back in the day, Pre-Brigades/TOE, my first squad (3CB) had an AO (area of operation) which typically had Kalmthout as our primary town and then we would help with Zandvliet and Schilde and then Antwerp there were primarily 3 squads that would fall back to help protect that (3CB, BKB and I forget the other).. Wish the game was still that big
  9. I have been doing some recording here and there and willing to share
  10. I highly recommend a Joystick.. They aren't too much money for one that works decent.. 3D Extreme Pro from Logitech is probably the best basic joystick out there. About $35.. Best Buy stores have them as well as Amazon.. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-extreme-3d-pro-joystick-silver-black/5796515.p?skuId=5796515 I do not have any experience flying without a joystick otherwise I would help..
  11. What OS? I use the X52 Pro with no issues in Windows.. Now in MacOS I have had some issues.
  12. one word... Mosquito
  13. Looking forward to it.. Upgraded to a Hero account..
  14. Proposed and replied to by xoom.. I agree with you.