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  1. Can you see if this does this in offline mode as well? Does it only happen in populated areas?
  2. It looks like the server er was down this morning. Are you able to get in now?
  3. Please see
  4. @jaypee Thanks for the information. Is movement actually freezing or is it just your control input? and with your edit did you say it is fixed now with the new joystick?
  5. you can create clones by pressing the space bar. They don't move though
  6. I believe the installer asks you to install some extra stuff as well that you will need to install. I forget what they are called (Im a Mac guy)
  7. have to delete the old icon on your desktop as well.. the cfml files are in your “My Documents” area somewhere (I’m mac so don’t remember exact folder but should be obvious when going through there)
  8. x64 is 64bit and x86 is 32bit
  9. Uninstall all versions and remove any desktop icons. Then download from here and it should clear that up.
  10. Saw updated screenshots of it a couple weeks ago. Looks awesome.. I know @BMBM has had some time recently to try and finish up the modeling side.
  11. I believe 10.11.6 is 64bit.. Unfortunately I have no way to test it. You can download the 64bit beta version to see if it works. We will have a 32bit version as well but it will be phased out quickly once we know 64bit is stable.
  12. We will be having a new beta release today or tomorrow with a few fixes so hopefully it won’t be much longer. Things are looking good.
  13. He doesn't feel that the British should be able to defend French production I guess..
  14. Should be fixed.. Just needed to update our certificate
  15. He is using a combination of two keymaps to do what he is trying to do.. Both are in the key mapper.