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  1. HE111, JU87, 110, 109, and 190 use all the same bomb.. (JU87 and 110 also have some smaller bombs as well) So they should all have basically the same performance except for some forward speed on the faster aircraft
  2. Please make sure you are using the x86 version and NOT the x64 version.. If you use the x64 version, it will not work because the game itself is 32bit and not 64bit.
  3. So demanding.. Its just an RTB at the local depot when you despawn.. Cant get much easier than that. There is no such thing as a warp in our codebase.
  4. There was one point where a full install was required so you may have run into that point.. Think it was in September iirc..
  5. Nothing broke with the Tiers.. We are in Tier1.. A lot of good things in the patch.. Been fun playing around with the new stuff, even if they aren't in this current campaign yet. Can play them on the training server with other players or in offline mode if you want to just check them out.
  6. Not my department And as I said, you can play with them offline or on the training server, so "can't play with them" would be a lie..
  7. I am not sure to be honest.. I would assume so but not sure what it would take (resource wise) to change it.. Not sure how it’s tied into other vehicle sound distances, etc.. Probably setup as an “all or nothing” setting and would need dev time to separate it.
  8. All of them are the same distance in sound and that did not change (1500 meters).. The attenuation was adjusted (softness of the sound)..
  9. I believe there is another thread on that..
  10. sounds like either the host was busy or your connection was broke somewhere between the server and you.
  11. weird.. while they definitely sounded different, in the end I felt they sounded more realistic than what we had.. I thought the old ones sounded like lawn mowers
  12. while not in the campaign yet, you can play offline or in training, the Kittyhawk.. That thing is a work of art.. @Bmbm did any awesome job on that one inside and out
  13. 2x20mm MGFF, 2x20mm MG151, and 2x7.9mm MG17
  14. no.. we talked about that for the future though