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  1. @HATCHwould probably be best to chime in on anything with the FM
  2. sorry.. your right my mistake..
  3. Well a ticket has been created and will be reviewed by the Devs. I personally think it’s a good feature for recruits and the rank after recruit but should stop there. Those decisions are made higher up the scale though.
  4. do you get it in the organic or steam client? I have only seen the issue on the steam client.. I have not been able to find an open ticket regarding this issue
  5. there is a lot more aircraft that should be a priority over the 262.. I think bombers and cas aircraft need more filling. bombers more so since the Hurricane IId and JU87D are right around the corner
  6. We are going to call this a bug as it doesn’t seem to be a configuration issue. I will get a bug ticket submitted to the Devs tonight and they will take a look at it.
  7. I think that’s why it is there. But should shut off at some point.
  8. I will remind @OHM to look through the configs on his end. We were discussing it a couple weeks ago to see if it was a bug and he was going to check to see if there was something setup wrong on his end before making a bug ticket and it has slipped my mind since then..
  9. actually 4mb is correct.. not sure why I thought it was bigger..
  10. should have been much bigger than 4mb.. I am thinking you got a bad patch?
  11. This issue has been fixed in and it is now available for download
  12. does it increase your peripheral vision or just stretch the screen?
  13. Sorry.. While some may thought a reset should have been done, CRS would have received a rash of crap if they had reset one of the best maps that have been played in years.
  14. glad to hear we aren’t rushing with such a big issue moving to an area that will be heavily effected.