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  1. I have never had a mouse issue with my Mac and the game. What kind of mouse is it? I have heard of some people having issues with Magic Mouse but not sure what their resolutions were. I use a regular USB mouse. Now the key mapper for bringing up the mouse cursor has changed about 6 months ago. I think default now is "Left Shift + Left Alt" to bring up the mouse cursor. I changed mine back to just "Left Alt".
  2. No.. Resupply would only allow the "Capacity", so 4 in the Garrison maximum. Overstock is allowing 4 more for a total of 8.
  3. Just an FYI, Air Brigades will stay until "bounced" like they are now.
  4. Once an airfield becomes frontline, the Air garrison will become inactive. The Army, Naval and Airborne Garrisons will remain
  5. think it’s set for 8pm server time (about an hour)
  6. Grenades and Mortars are visually server tracked but not damage.
  7. It’s not something in the next patch.. we have discussed it internally but have not worked up a solution to do so. Right now 1.36 is our priority then expect a maintenance patch after that.
  8. you can rotate and extend away with external view.. we don’t even have a buzzard cam for offline mode since buzzard is a vehicle in itself
  9. Hopefully that will be addressed when we get to the new UI.. I am hoping that you will be able to click on the town and all missions show up from that town.
  10. 1.36 open beta will be in the next few weeks. Had a good testing session with my team last night and it’s maturing very well. Couple little bugs are being worked out and once 1.35.18 is released my team should be 100% on 1.36 as well as the Dev team.
  11. Originally they were only added to help protect the aircraft and boats from campers that would drive behind the lines. Now they will have a full Army garrison to do so.
  12. lol.. not even going to argue
  13. every airfield and naval town will have an active army garrison as well
  14. There will still be movable brigades that may have some of these same limitations and spawnlists. Garrisons are a different animal.
  15. While I understand what your trying to say and convey, that’s a bad analogy because Xoom and Ohm have many times performed the surgery and fixed the car and continue to do so if it needs to be done again (which it will). Ohm puts many hours in game every night. He may not be running around with a rifle or in a DD or in a tank, but he is around watching and listening to what is going on which won’t reflect in stats.