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  1. resolution will mess with it as well
  2. if you ever see it happen, please . report it so a GM or a Rat can go take a look at it
  3. from the one I was able to catch that was invisible, it was invisible in every LOD that I could tell..
  4. I have seen it in the past and have been unable to replicate it... If you happen to know how to replicate it, please let us know, then we know where to point the Devs so they can fix it.
  5. IIRC the Pak36 was using the ammo that the 38T was using and it was incorrect all these years. The proper ammo was created in the HE/KE audit.
  6. I had the same issue with my hero account.. The new site will not show PayPal until its time to actually pay. The day that I got my "inactive" email, I went to the site and it gave me the option to pay.. Not sure the reasoning behind it, but it worked
  7. It should, the only thing that has changed with netcode3 is the ability to choose to turn it off. How it functions has not changed.
  8. Nothing changed with the last patch networking wise so not sure what may be causing it.. We are discussing it internally to see if we can find anything that may be causing your issue. If you could send in a support ticket @bmw with your system specs / dxdiag, maybe it could help with some diagnosis. Thank You
  9. .30-06 M2 AP is a little over 12mm @ 200m. Almost 14mm @ 100m.
  10. These are *just* the "Changes"... Anything not listed hasn't been changed..
  11. You will need to disable DPI scaling in the properties.. When the next release comes out next week, it won’t be an issue
  12. It’s currently somewhat close.. You can join reserve and can use the .hcoff command and you would be removed from the list, but you would also not be able to talk in hc chat if your .hcoff
  13. I would think if we go “free” the servers could no longer be paid for, the development tools can no longer be paid for and then no one, including the “free” players, will be able to play at all. Simple economics.
  14. Thats not fun gameplay!
  15. I just wanted to put this warning out there as a fellow Mac player. Apple typically releases developer and public Beta versions of MacOS in the month of June/July and the next version (assuming 10.14) will only support 64-bit applications. If you install the Beta version of MacOS, and 64-bit of the game has not been released, you will most likely not be able to run the game. We are making progress on 64-bit version of the game but I am not sure it will be done prior to the MacOS Beta release.
  16. HE111, JU87, 110, 109, and 190 use all the same bomb.. (JU87 and 110 also have some smaller bombs as well) So they should all have basically the same performance except for some forward speed on the faster aircraft
  17. Please make sure you are using the x86 version and NOT the x64 version.. If you use the x64 version, it will not work because the game itself is 32bit and not 64bit.
  18. So demanding.. Its just an RTB at the local depot when you despawn.. Cant get much easier than that. There is no such thing as a warp in our codebase.
  19. There was one point where a full install was required so you may have run into that point.. Think it was in September iirc..
  20. Nothing broke with the Tiers.. We are in Tier1.. A lot of good things in the patch.. Been fun playing around with the new stuff, even if they aren't in this current campaign yet. Can play them on the training server with other players or in offline mode if you want to just check them out.
  21. Not my department And as I said, you can play with them offline or on the training server, so "can't play with them" would be a lie..
  22. Anyone following the 12 days of WWIIOL that @CHIMM is putting together? Here is day 2 and 3
  23. I am not sure to be honest.. I would assume so but not sure what it would take (resource wise) to change it.. Not sure how it’s tied into other vehicle sound distances, etc.. Probably setup as an “all or nothing” setting and would need dev time to separate it.
  24. All of them are the same distance in sound and that did not change (1500 meters).. The attenuation was adjusted (softness of the sound)..