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  1. Actually looks like Le Touquet is front line so can't move an air brigade in there
  2. Remember the game is played across many time zones.. 2pm server time is around 7pm in the EU.. As for what armor will be available, I’m not sure. I would think Xoom will have to evaluate what the campaign status is and work from there. I also will be at work so I won’t be able to make it. Might catch some of it.
  3. Sounds like the same issue.. So the suggestion from Pittpete should work to fix your issue..
  4. I put a brigade in each camp so you can spawn in the center of area51 to test things.
  5. What OS are you running? We think MS had an update recently that broke something
  6. The town would have to completely change hands
  7. I believe @augetout used the BAT file and had no issue and it fixed his issue.
  8. Fallback command still does work. Little different than back in the day though. It will not give you supply back quicker like it did back in the old days. HAAC does not work at the moment It will get its own supply and build to a full supply list I believe its set to 1 hour? I'm not 100% sure on that though.
  9. There is one in every town.. The town markers have a list of those who have passed.
  10. You can contact support and they will take care of you.. You can make a support ticket here: on the top right of the page.
  11. That is normal. Its in our list of things to change but hasn't been a priority.
  12. Why changing subjects? fishbowl is something we have been working on, but that’s not what this discussion is about. Stay on topic or make a new post on the topic.
  13. We are still investigating, but it seems to be an issue with a function in Windows 7 itself called “Game Explorer” (gameux.dll) which was removed in Windows 10.. We are looking to see if we can do anything about it on our end. Good way to see if this is your issue is if you open up your task manager processes, open the game and log in, then there will be a run32dll running at 100% and the game won’t open. There seem to to be a few advanced things to try out on the web in order to fix the issue but I wouldn’t suggest anyone fiddle around with them unless you really know what your doing and could recover from breaking something else.
  14. Anyone else have this issue? @PITTPETE has this come across your desk before?
  15. Commdev is aware of the issue.. There was some software upgrades done recently that broke a couple web pages.
  16. Until there is a way to automate brigade movements without player intervention, I don’t see a way to justify making brigades the dominate supply for each side.
  17. Personally I would support that type of change if we can figure out a way for brigades to be able to be moved properly/automatically without relying on HC.. Its already been demonstrated that when HC is not present, reliance on the brigade system, as the primary force, is an utter failure. When this was being done, that was my same suggestion, but I had no answer for the brigade movement system relying on players.
  18. Yes.. Unfortunately we had an issue with patching in this version for some reason (think we are in the process of upgrading the installer software).. Hope to have this worked out before the next update.
  19. Which is fine and understandable.. I’m talking about those that want to continue to play, despite those short comings, for free as a protest. It’s counter productive to the game that “you love”. “I un-subbed until killing and getting killed gets fixed” but still play anyway.
  20. yeah.. Unfortunately unsubbing doesn’t necessarily help your cause. We are persistently trying to improve everything (not an easy task when a dev only has an hour or two an evening to put time into coding). Remember the team is volunteer, so they don’t make money. The subscription money goes to keep the servers running (game servers to web server to forums etc..) which is not cheap. If everyone unsubscribes to jump to free play, then playnet can no longer keep the server running, then no one plays and the game goes away. Heck, if we had more subscribers, Xoom can try to hire a full time developer so we can get to certain things faster.
  21. I don’t use Mission Control at all on my Mac. And your talking about the app Mission Control that comes with MacOS correct? or is this something that comes with your mouse?