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  1. pretty good fun, we got off to a slow start with our beddy spawning late in, then started to spread out and we eventually found you, at the end the last remnants of the sections all banded together in those berms til some sneaky EI came up and shot me in the back after i lobbed a grenade pretty funny buy pretty OMFG NO WAY at the same time
  2. 22nd mech will be there again
  3. i believe im entitled to my own opinion, regardless of what yours is i stand by my own
  4. cant wait for the next one tbh, but gnpatton you didnt listen to me at all did you? i said, letting them into town is a REALLY bad idea, we should pick them off with snipers and LMG's while the smgs observe and save ammo for shorter range fighting, but you just continued to do your own thing, which nearly lost us the event...
  5. a well thought out attack by the axis, but we managed to hold em off in the end, i think we maybe had 4 allies left when it was declared a draw, you hit us hard but we clung on, i think the funniest part was when i think his name was tauau was using area chat, which i could see being allies, saying everything they were doing, move north to next building, clear this house, watch doors, LoL obviously didnt realise allies could understand it and kept jabbering away, anyway well played on both sides S!