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  1. I loaded the new patch and now I my system won't load the game either! I get the IE window that says "WW2 has encountered a problem and will close. We are sorry for the inconvenience". Please tell Microsoft....blah blah blah...
  2. Got on and been on for an hour or more, seems to be random
  3. I got a request timed out x4 when I pinged the server. But I got a good packet return x4 on So I guess we wait...and I just got done paying bills and REALLY needed to kill some frogs! :cry:
  4. So what is the IP that I ping to see if I'm getting out to the WWIIOL server? I'm still getting kicked back after the Rat screen, I never get to the gauge.
  5. My set has been working great, now I get the Rat screen then it just flips back to the browser? I can get on the practice area just fine Must be the servers???