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  1. Well this isn't a WW2 vet story but its about my great great great grandfather

    He was in the civil war, Confederate, in a Mississippi calvary unit.

    He survived the war and came home on a different horse as his oroginal horse had been shot from under him and he received a new one. He also had grown a thick beard during the war.

    He came home and my grandmother actually shot him in his left pinky and he lost it because she did not recognize him.

  2. Please post here to tell about your realtives who fought in the war

    I will start

    My grandfather on my mothers side was in the U.S. Navy

    He joined when he was 17, lieing about his age. He was stationed in Guam for training. Unfortunatley or Fortunatley he completed his training at wars end and never saw fighting.

    My grandfather on my fathers side was a lot younger and Joined the army post ww2 and was stationed in the american section of Berlin. I'm not sure what he did and have never really talked to him about it, he joined the memphis police department afterward and retired with the rank of Captain.

  3. So your a Mac being bullied by all the misguided PC users? Look no further. Come embrace the open arms of 1st Jaguar. Commanded by an Austrailian Firefighter, we know fun. We also have 5 AHC officers to get AO's up and blow bridges (our specialty)

    Log on Allies and pm Ruckrova, Audimrfy, Raygunn, Voyager2, Dog3, Jelliecoe, Sam90, Bgarry, Pips, and Cyclonex. These are our regulars and will be glad to guide you through the joining process.