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  1. This is an inconsistent error, as there are times that I log on and everything works fine. The error, (or errors) manifest themselves in the following way: - Everything seems to work as normal, but as I spawn the game freezes. There's not a hard lockup, I can Alt-Tab to windows, use my task manager, and close the process. The process is at ~50% (one cpu core I reckon). I can still hear sounds, others driving around and such. -The second part, and I am not sure if this is related, is that I log on and all sides are locked ( with a red padlock). This is somewhat annoying, as I cannot play without choosing side. Other times I see the side lock counting down. Which is weird as I have not been logged on for a while, and especially not as Germans. -GF 9800GT Video Card. 181 Drivers. DXDiag attched as .ZIP edit: I have not played the game since 1.28 and decided to come back. Did a clean install of 1.30. Had the problem 1.30, and 1.30.1
  2. Haven't had them, for quite a while, and never had them bad in the first place, but here they are again. What I've noticed, tracerouting the packets is that the packetloss, and high latency starts at the "atlas.cogento.com" routers, more specifically I'm running a traceroute towards as we speak, and everything is dandy until we reach the cogento routers. The router p14-0.core01.dfw01.atlas.cogentco.com actuallr has 40% packet loss, and I'm wondering if this is a transport net router, or an isp that has a problem, cause this is clearly not a local computer problem, or my isp. p12-0.core01.mci01.atlas.cogentco.com Has 30% packetloss. These in sum will make it impossible for my poor little packets to arrive. Any suggestions? pester the owner of those routers?
  3. I've actually lost Netcode2 myself, and I'm quite sure it isn't my router. I am having some packetloss stateside. I'll post my trace when I get home.
  4. After ca mid 1.22 I've had problems with the game freezing. It completely freezez up, and I have to use the Taskmanager to kill the process. The problem is that when I try to start the game I get "unable to connect to authentication server" and get redirected to a server status page that says that the servers are down. I wait for a few minutes, and i can connect again. Netcheck fails on the first check, but after a while it's ok again. Is it som residue after killing the process that is "clogging" a port, or is this some other issue? I have no network problems whatsoever in any other games, and I am on a 3K/512 adsl line. Winxp Pro SP2 Asus AN8-E (Nforce 4 ultra) Mobo, no firewall. routed through a 3com officeconnect mini-gw.