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  1. https://www.sentinelsource.com/news/obituaries/scott-p-devine/article_ee21dd4a-4bfd-55b9-ad28-1c00110dc792.html
  2. Better yet, just charge for every post on forums. (After this post, of course)
  3. This^^^^^ Also you should consider there is a fine line between making your FMS hard to find, and hardening it with lots of PPOs. The more PPOs that are around the FMS, the easier it is to find from both the air and ground. In the long run, the ant trail is what kills most FMS's. Undefended FMS's deserve to die. Just like undefended FBs. The FMS above is also very poorly placed.
  4. Maybe because they are still called MSPAWN on the map view.
  5. I did notice that you can sap it, but you can't repair it.
  6. I came across this last night in an out of the way place oldtimers would know. Is this a relic of olden times or does it perhaps portend things to come? Yup, it is climable.
  7. I enjoyed the snow, too. It's a nice change every now and then. I'd love to see a snow intermission or maybe a Christmas in July event. About a week or so seems to be the right length.
  8. Not until they institute WHINE DELAY.
  9. I would like to see stats for FMS's set and FMS's destroyed. Those are every bit as important as caps, IMO. Since FMS's require multiple charges to kill, I would give the kill to whoever set the final charge.
  10. Why would the reserve timer ever be less than spawn delay? I thought spawn delay was capped at 60 seconds but units were supposed to be reserved for 2 minutes (or maybe it was 5)? If clicking on reserve weapon doesn't work, it should just be removed. Just click on the unit and click enter world. That is what most folks do anyway. It's one of those things that often does not work properly and just pisses folks off. If a successful RTB does not actually hold that unit for you for a reasonable amount of time, then the message should just be changed to "returned to supply" or something like that. The concept of reserving a weapon is not bad. You could be planning things on voice, get a beer, whatever, and come back and spawn in with your chosen unit. If it worked right.
  11. Yup. It also happen when you RTB and sometimes can not get the unit it just told you was reserved.
  12. I thought of another good one that bugs me A LOT. The whole reserve unit mess. It should either be fixed or removed. How many times do you see a unit you want to use in the supply list, click reserve unit, then get the stupid gray button when you try to spawn in? Same thing when you RTB successfully to an AB or depot. It says unit reserved, often it isn't. I find that very annoying and it wastes my time in game.
  13. Unless you spawned an atg and rolled over people. I saw someone do that and I couldn't stop laughing.
  14. #1. Engine bugs. #2. blowing the wing off a plane at 20 ft and only getting a hit. It seems about 20% of what should be AA kills don't register. This screenie is from a fraps last night. There was no one else anywhere near him and he rolled over and plowed into the ground. I know the logic is I killed the plane, not the pilot. The crash killed the pilot. But I still don't like it. #3. Legs etc. sticking through walls. Bunkers seem to be an exception. If you can fix it for bunkers, I would think you could fix it for all structures. Thanks for asking.
  15. We used to call it Sitzkrieg. Panzerblitz and Panzerleader were better.