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  1. Here's an old bunker cap from 2007. 101st is now at oldabe.net instead of oldabe.org
  2. There is a way, but you really don't need area 51. Back in olden times, there used to be regular training sessions on the training server. They were announced in game by system for days in advance. They were at standard times each Saturday and Sunday. They were run by volunteers called Trainers. The guys with the big T next to their name. They were not paid. It worked fine. You don't need training personnel online 24/7. You just need a few volunteers to run training sessions at set times each week and announce it. Maybe someone with boot power to kick griefers (and you will have griefers). Few will show up, but it is the few that will matter. If you have some Trainers who show up week after week and do the heavy lifting, maybe CRS could give them a few free months sub for their efforts.
  3. Maybe it's just measuring an influx of new players from Colorado.
  4. pm sent
  5. Any chance we can get a new FMS icon for the contact map please? It gets confusing when we use trucks because there are often FMS along with trucks driving around. Mortar marks work ok but a simple square blob would be awesome.
  6. That always worked great in the past. You should be able to spawn all axis units in one and all allied units in the other. It's just a short drive across the bridge to test stuff out.
  7. Woof! http://oldabe.net/
  8. I tried to post a comment to the Friday Update post, but apparently the word verification deal is broken. Will the new fru take damage from all sides? ie. if you pour HE into the berm side. Can we get more specifics on how much more damage will be required to take one out? What's the minimum? 1 inf with 4 nades? 1 LMG? 1 engineer with 4 HE satchels? Armor? Will it take damage from strafing or bombs?
  9. Just ask them to turn your hammer off. I did back in 2005 and have not been bothered since. I do wish gold builders got an expanded ignore list. Mine keeps filling up.
  10. Give all Allies buzzards and all Axis skullies. All day buzzards versus skullies in The Alps for April 1. If you can find where you put The Alps.
  11. This: and this:
  12. I have been in the 101st since 2005 and if there is one word that describes this squad it is TEAMWORK. If you want to run around and lone wolf, you don't need a squad. But if you want to go on actual missions and have fun accomplishing them, then the 101st is the squad for you. Our comms are some of the best in the game. We have our own dedicated Teamspeak server and we use it to kill axis. We mark every contact religiously. We defend in depth and we attack as a coordinated group. We guard CPs and FBs and hold them. We take spawnables away from the axis and hold them. We have many members who are active military members (one is headed to Iraq next week). We have many members who are police or firemen. We are organized, coordinated, and dangerous. We also have a lot of fun. Our Laffly races during the heat of battle are a thing of legend. Our para exploits have earned us numerous ribbons and commendations from AHC. Once you earn the right to join our Teamspeak channel, you will be laughing A LOT! Our squad nights are Tuesdays at 7 pm CST. Come run with us for one squad night and you will be hooked.