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  1. Not to mention the newbies who show up throwing smoke, shooting their rifles, area chatting, and basically being a pain. I have had to delete defensive FMS's for that very reason. We have needed squad only missions for a long time.
  2. Yeah, I saw that on CSpan. Good stuff.
  3. As long as there is a way to turn it OFF. I shudder to think of the hoards of greentags we have now, throwing smoke, firing rifles, compromising FMS's, and wrecking squad ops as is, also having uncontrollable voice comms. The rabble will still be a rabble. If they don't respond to typed commands and they haven't bothered to get on discord they probably won't respond to voip either. I don't think it is the magic bullet you think it is.
  4. If CRS gave away free beer and free money people would complain about it on forums. I suggest you institute WHINE DELAY.
  5. How about a Xmas in July event?
  6. A nice Christmas surprise package. It should be fun for one map (or part of one). Nice to see the Christmas trees back. Merry Christmas, Rats
  7. 1. Actually, bad gameplay also leads to camping. There was an EFMS set up in view of our AB the other night with only broken cover. I set up a tank next to the AB and just slaughtered them as they ran like lemmings to the AB. Poor FMS placement, no cover, not using smoke, and running directly into fire is not a camping problem. 2. An unorganized rabble, poorly led, will always get slaughtered. Always. 3. Organize, adapt, adjust, and overcome. Or come to forums and complain.
  8. Ok. Use better teamwork and comms and it will solve this problem. This is a HC issue, not really a player issue. The fact that there is a big flashing box and AOs force all play into a couple of zones is what causes this problem. Not how loud the trucks are. I have spawned 26 trucks this campaign, and other than a couple of FB runs, they have all been to set FMS's. I have had 3 trucks KIA. Doesn't sound like a problem to me.
  9. And in real life not many tankers drove full speed down the road by themselves into enemy territory. Organized tankers don't die to panny's very often. It's usually the solo noobs.
  10. Unless they told you they couldn't place it there, then they put it "nearby". A sore point for me because they later put someone else's right where I wanted mine. Grrrr. Since a picture is worth 1000... Here's the memorial and the plaque that pops up when you touch it. Here is what the builder statues look like. When you touch the center their individual plaque will come up. There is also the "Founders Bridge" at Dinant which lists builders on the gold plaques. Well, some of them.
  11. These threads always make me laugh. Change this, change that, wah, wah, wah, boohoo. Every complaint I've seen in this thread can be fixed by teamwork and leadership. FMS camped? Pm the leader. No response? Take lead and delete it. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes waiting with an unresponsive ML, but if you are whining about noobs getting slaughtered then YOU need to be doing the waiting to get it done. Trucks are too loud and easily tracked down? Use a team. Take 5 trucks. Spread them out. A squad can do it or HC can lead from the fb. It's not hard. If you can't find 5 people maybe there should not be an AO, HC. Just sayin'. FMS is too easy to camp? Then you are building them in the wrong place. I've seen some brilliant placements that were practically uncampable. Mostly what I see are bad placements. Even those work if you work as a team and have multi FMS's or place more defensive PPOs around them. Of course the more PPO's you put up, the easier it is to find. It's a tradeoff. CRS does not need to fix anything with the FMS. They have better things to do. It's fine. Just adapt and use teamwork, people. If you are not using teamwork you deserve to die.
  12. We did one, long, long ago, back in olden times. I think I have some screenies somewhere.
  13. Those are called Targets and Diversions. If it's your enemy, they are just targets for your team. If they are on your side, they are valuable to expose fire from enemy teams, who you can then kill. Those who only want fast action will usually get it, from someone's muzzle. The Germans had a phrase for this in WW2. Die Glückliche Zeit (the Happy Time) . Don't worry, be happy.
  14. Here's an old bunker cap from 2007. 101st is now at oldabe.net instead of oldabe.org