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  1. Did the same "3 time" and not working... :twisted: :evil: :roll: :?: :cry: :x :?
  2. I’m new to WWII online (3 months) and this is the first time I needed support, and I have to tell you I’m not very happy. I have not been able to login now for over a week, well I did login one time last week “don’t ask me how†From the first day of the problem I had an open support ticket and only three replays from the support team. And NO answers at all. I lived the game and would love to continue to play, I’m so very close to canceling my subscription because of the LACK of support. << THIS IS MY PROBLEM >> After the 1.19.0 update I was not able to login into the game. I was told that the 1.19.1 patch would fix the problem. After the 1.19.1 update I can get past the login but now it hangs on Authenticating… Network Error 1 : Network Handshake Timed Out…. CTD I have uninstalled the game, deleted the folders, re-downloaded and reinstalled the game, updated my video, sound, network and motherboard drivers. Uninstalled my trend micro internet security software, removed my router “my pc was connected to my cable modem†windows firewall is turned off. I have run the CheckNet application and all passed Test Starting. Test 1: Auth Pri -OK- 63ms Test 2: Main Pri -OK- 47ms Test 3: Main Alt -OK- 47ms Test 4: Main PingPri -OK- 46ms Test 5: Main PingAlt -OK- 47ms Test 6: Main Chat -OK- 47ms Test 7: Event Pri -OK- 47ms Test 8: Event Alt -OK- 47ms Connection tests completed OK. I don’t know what could be the problem. ANY IDEAS Or should I just cancel my subscription? Thanks for your time HueyMan Steve Crumb
  3. I feel your pain brother… I was just getting into the game and was able to stay alive for more then 5 minuets, but now I can’t get into the game at all
  4. Authenticating error: notes from support ticket any ideas? Hueyman added: Jul 02 02:11AM Just an update. I have updated my drivers video, sound, motherboard, and Network card with all the latest drivers removed my router uninstalled my firewall and I still can't login. netcheck had the same test as before. Will I ever be able to play again? =) Thanks for your help Steve Hueyman added: Jul 01 11:59PM Thanks for the refund. here is the test information from the checknet test. Test Starting. Test 1: Auth Pri -OK- 47ms Test 2: Main Pri -OK- 46ms Test 3: Main Alt -OK- 47ms Test 4: Main PingPri -OK- 47ms Test 5: Main PingAlt -OK- 47ms Test 6: Main Chat -OK- 47ms Test 7: Event Pri -OK- 47ms Test 8: Event Alt -OK- 47ms Connection tests completed OK. I was able to login the training server one time last night but not the live server. Thanks Steve CS6 added: Jul 01 01:16PM Steve, Im sorry it is takeing so long to get this sorted out. Im sending you a link to a connection testing application. If you could run it and paste the information it gives you in a responce. checknet Also I can apply the $20.00 to your regular account so your not out any money. Hueyman added: Jul 01 11:35AM I purchased a new key made a new account (bama1). And I still can’t log into the game, I canceled the new account… just cost me the $20.00 for the key. I have not canceled my old account yet (hueyman , game name hueyman1). Are you going to be able to help? I would like to be able to play, but I’m not getting any support from you guys. Please answer back and let me know what’s going on. I have check the forum and I see that there are other people with the same problem… Steve Hueyman added: Jul 01 12:22AM I can't login... You can close this ticker, I'm going to cancel my account. Thanks Steve Hueyman added: Jun 30 03:36AM Am I the only one with this problem? I talked to a few guys that play and they are not having any problems. I tried to log in several time in the past few hours and I get the same error. Is there any help for me ;( I hope so. Authenticating.......... Network error 1 - login handshake time out or something like that. What can I do? Thanks Steve Hueyman added: Jun 29 11:16PM I was able to log into the live game one time and play the game. but now I am not able to log back in. This is about to get old. Thanks for you help. Steve Hueyman added: Jun 29 09:47PM I tryed to log into the training server and the same error. hangs on Authenticating and a timeout error. I deleted the game and reinstalled 3 times withe no luck. CS6 added: Jun 29 02:52PM Could you please try logging onto the training server and see if the issue persists. We've made some changes to the host that we are hoping helps with these connection to host errors. Training Server Thanks, Krieger Hueyman added: Jun 29 02:01AM I updated the netcheck log file. Hueyman added: Jun 29 01:46AM Application page has been updated. Hueyman added: Jun 29 12:22AM but now it hangs on Authenticating Hueyman added: Jun 29 12:20AM I deleted the old 1.19.0 and downloaded the 1.19.1 and it will not let me log into the game. before I deleted it I opened the game and playnet downloaded the patch and it would not install, so I removed it and redownloaded and reinstalled it. I deleted the both folders first. any ideas Steve CS6 added: Jun 28 12:30PM Steve, We have a patch comming out today that should correct this. If you have a chance please try to login and see if the problem persists. Thanks, Krieger