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  1. Guys, i don't care who's on the dev team now. I know the ex-Rats read these forums too. Dont worry, i'll be out soon, i sure wont renew the sub. I just saw the wbs thingy on my emails, and decided to check the playskool to see whats happening. It's exactly what i heard it'd be, pretty much dead. Then i paid the one month fee to see if i'd see the old friends post on the Premium Discussions, but it was just as dead there. Less than 10 familiar names appeared, pretty sad. I might be back if some things in game are removed/changed and if the huge chunk of people that left few years ago decide to come back. I'm not holding my breath though, since nothing whatsoever has changed since i left, except that there's even less players left. Edit: If something i wrote on earlier posts offended you, sorry. I just told you what happened, nothing more.
  2. Well, since you ran out of the **** to run your mouth with, i'll answer: Playernumbers, plain and simple. As it is, the game doesn't have that much players even on peaks, like i already stated. Let alone for one single target. And we both know why that is. I'd have quite a load of more kills if the game hadn't gone to ****ter back when i left. How many kills (the 2 accounts combined) i have btw? I've no clue how to use the stat page and no interest to learn. Does it show stats back from 2005? No 10k hidden anywhere, maybe few dozen on some irrelevant try-outs. Not a tanker. Mostly infantry and fighters, some bombing. I had quite good 'career' with Spits after flying LW, but my 6-year old girl could probably do better with them since she's more familiar with training wheels. My AdA stats against ground weren't that bad either, i loved them fiddies against squishys. It was either or. My German stats on the other hand probably suck, since i squadplayed my whole career, and didn't care about dying aslong as we played the objective. I did manage a 51 kill sniper mission thouh, and regularly managed 5+ AA missions. Ofcourse, it turned on easy 10+ all the time with the Allied account. Anyways, f**k all this. I'll be back if the game does a turnaround to the 'kind-of-simulator' it once was. If it stays on the arcade path, i wont. Simple as that. Gotta say, bulk of the ones who left wont be back either i predict. There's far better 40-60 player shoebox shooters out there.
  3. I wasnt the one who brought stats into this. I wasnt the one who brought n00b and stfu into this, i just added gtfo. Wanna edit your answer? And please, do show us your 'career' since you so much love it. I'm too lazy to do it.. well not lazy, i just dont care. But ofcourse, please bring your whole career here and compare it to mine, just keep in mind i had separate Axis and Allied accounts. Edit: You're awfully quiet about the "BS paradrop" though...
  4. First of all, check my "Antagonist" accounts stats. I started another account back then since i wanted to play Allied without any hassle. I have no clue how to use the new stats, i couldnt pull any of my accounts from them. The good old days were exatly that, the good old days. If you cant see that, then yes, your head is infact, in the sand. oh, and about the paradrop: My bad, it was only 156 on this mission, didnt quite recall the number right. Then again, there were other missions on same target. I flew one of the Ju52's actually, i ctd'd halfway across the channel and subsequently drowned the passengers.. quite a few HC onboard and even few Rats. So stfu n00b, and gtfo.
  5. Your right of not to see my posts are right behind the ignore button, so stfu about that. I installed the game once couple months ago on friends account, it was exactly the same like it was when i left it almost 5 years ago. And the reasons for leaving were still there. That should tell even you quite alot. Comparing what i saw then, and how the game was on it's peak times, it's like comparing a shoebox shooter and a real mmorpg. But whatever, have fun if you like it. I wont renew my sub that's for sure. I trust on what my huge loads of friends both Axis and Allied (yes, i actually played the whole game unlike you) say about it, and act alike. Which is the reason i haven't bothered installing it. Anyways, have fun with it. In fact, try to have a 160+ player paradrop on one single AO with current playerbase. We once did, it was awesome. I bet you can't get 160 players on the whole game now on peaktime, not even close.. not to mention just for a paradrop.
  6. Having read s**tload of your posts during the years subscribed, you're way way way too late for that. I don't need apologies from the devs, f**k that. Rest of your WOT i didn't even read, i know better. I'm entitled to my opinion. I paid my 14$ just for the forum access, nothing more. I haven't installed the game since it still isn't worth my time. Guess what? Majority of the playerbase that Badger is begging to come back in this very thread left for that exact reason. The Devs (at the time) ignored their customers, and paid the price for it, along with you and few others that stayed. Now, one of them is begging the bulk of their salary-payers to come back to the ****show they created, and haven't changed one thing that made them leave. F**k that. Me, or anyone who left when this took place, is coming back. Forget it. No. Funny thing is that it's you giving me s**t, considering your history. Have fun in your dying game, and still ignoring the majority of the playerbase that once were here. And no, this is not a squad account.
  7. You, sir, deserve a medal for this post. I wrote a 'more colorful' version of it a while back somewhere in these forums, but it got deleted pretty much right away, and i got the banhammer for it. Anyways, you're 100% right on everything, and described my exact feelings when i read this thread the first time (i just didnt want to risk the ban again so i didnt reply..). !S mate.
  8. Reminded me of this event, cant remember what it was: I flew a Ju52 on some event (cant recall if it was the same as above) with like 50 guys on board including ton of HC and few Rats, and i CTD'd halfway across the channel sending everyone swimming.. oh the memories :-D
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  11. Works as a link, on my screen atleast..
  12. Pay to wi.. i mean pay to playskool.
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