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  1. GTFO! You northerners know nothing!
  2. Miami>Brooklyn
  3. LOLOL, no I don't even know where that button is. Just a simple password reset.
  4. Get outta hear! Your naps making you loco, meng.
  5. Bull****! My power went out and my system restarted...
  6. LIES and hearsay! I've never been shot down.
  7. Where ya been, meng?
  8. I will note you as a yes!
  9. Shaddup whoreface! A/S/L?
  10. OMGERD! You're all grown up!
  11. Apply here with a yes or a yes!
  12. That's been fixed.
  13. What a crappy OT! Hey, wait a minute...that's slanderous! It only did that every 10 minutes, but it's new and improved. No lies!
  14. Hi

  15. Hi

    hey WTF, FUUUUUUU!