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  1. Great job guys. Keep up the great work.
  2. Great job to both squads for your recognition. Very well deserved.
  3. Great job guys.
  4. Congrats on your awards. Very well deserved.
  5. Redlegs. Awesome job at getting that set up. Thank you for devoting a lot of time and effort on this. We the players thank you for it and hope we do more of these in the future.
  6. Very well done guys.
  7. Congrats on this award. I think we know exactly where your at when we see the delivery truck. Good job keep up the hard work.
  8. Great job guys. Very well deserved.
  9. So are we just talking about the code for the windows version or for both. I know nothing about coding, wish i did so i could help you all out since im retired and you doing great work. DO you think it will possibly get done this year (with testing and rewrites for full release) or are you going to hold releasing lets say the windows version, until the mac one is completed as well. I would ask for a percentage, but i dont want you all under a lot of pressure because people on here will hold it over your head forever. But was wondering about timeline is all. Dont have to stop the other stuff that people are asking, just a good old honest 25% is done and still working. I would be happy with that. Thanks and please keep up the great work. I would buy pizza, but your all not in the same room, your loss.
  10. RATS and fellow players. Today on our squad channel, we were asking each other if we have seen or read any updates about the 64 bit integration. None of us has and was wondering if you could give and update on this. Its been about a year since you started working on it and we know it is a big challenge for you all. But and update would be nice. Is the PC version coming along nicely and the MAC giving you trouble or the other way around. We were just wondering and hopefully we can hear something soon on this subject. TY in advance and keep up the great work.
  11. Congrats guys on jobs well done. Keep up the good work. Even though im AXIS, still good to hear the great deeds of others.
  12. Congrats Bigcatmini. Was a fun op. Well done on the bunker and very well deserved.
  13. This is the funniest thing I have heard since I have started playing this game. Unparalleled, thats just ridiculous talk right there. The 88 is the worst gun in the game by far. Shells disappear at just over 2300, shoots no where near the target, if you hit you cant tell cause no proof of a hit or sign, so many trees and shrubs you have to be within walking distance of a cp or ab. You can barely get it out of vehicle spawn since it drags on the top. I wont even mention how many shells it takes at close ranges to kill Allied armor. Unparalleled, you might want to grab one and play the equipment your boasting up so greatly. All hail the Pak40 also know as the baby 88.
  14. Think team work is going to be a very big factor here. Sounds fun.
  15. Congrats Hamza. very well deserved and keep up the great work.