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  1. very well done Mook2 Very well deserved Mook2.
  2. Congrats guys very well deserved.
  3. S1 Paden. Congrats very well deserved. It not everyday you find someone that guards a Cp for a few seconds. Im am proud someone recognized your dedication in a job that no one ever wants to do.
  4. NP. Hey can anyone put people in for an award, or does it have to be done by hc officer. Also where is it sent to and where do we find the paper work for it? We have a lot of guys playing with my squad (not in squad) that go unnoticed because their squad is quite small. Just curious.
  5. Propa Your doing an outstanding job and is greatly appreciated even though you may not get many thanks for it. Just keep up the great work. Also its says from 141-151 and did not see camp 148 and 149? Was just curious. Keep pushing forward, this really doesnt go unnoticed.
  6. Congrats Marshalz2. Very well deserved.
  7. Rats and All. This idea is being brought to you by Shagher (ingame name) and I am not taking credit but just putting it out there. Ok your on the map and someone says he needs help sw of town and he spawned off a fru and doesnt know the person or mission leader. Most of us cant even make missions right and some of us dont know the commands to show % or who is mission leader. So how about making another tag that shows below the MS mark on the map, with the mission leaders name. This way if you see that his fru is being camped from a different area, you can look on map and them be able to PM him about it. Plus you can easily help a guy out if he screaming for help in a certain town because you can find his name. This wont help spying. They would see the MS mark on their map if they were anyways and the name wouldnt really matter. I think it would help out getting guys to where they need to go if their fru goes down and that MS is busy capping and shooting to type. Im all done and congrats on the road map.
  8. Rats and All I have seen a lot of Aircraft here in the last few campaigns get wasted at airfield by new people trying to learn how to fly. Since air equipment is very valuable on both sides, how about we make a change. Since you have reserved SMG and some other stuff, why cant we give the new guys reserved AC as well. Give them so many bombers and so many fighters to play with. This way they still learn about supply, it doesnt effect the vets supply and they still get to learn to fly. Just make theirs reserved as well that way we cannot use them and they still can. Example. 50 reserved e1, 50 reserved stukas, 25 reserved 110, 25 reserved he111. Here they get to use all the aircraft types and it wont effect veterans supply. Yes this will be more aircraft in the air on both sides, but the supply issue of not having the aircraft that you may need in clearing of a camped town will still be there. P.S. Im not a pilot im a ground pounder. But for the longest we didnt have stukas for this reason and im sure the allies have same trouble as us.
  9. 250! It is always an honor fighting along side you in the battle field. Even though were not in the same squad, we always seem to support each other well and we have had fun doing it. It is always amazing watching you all work and will continue for a long time. There is now way for us to thank you enough for this honor. Like Bierbaer said, we will wear it proud. Also congrats on your anniversary. May the Allies feel our combined pain.
  10. Intel 17 6800 6 core 3.40 GHz Core speed 1167mhz with bus speed of 100
  11. played a mmorpg game with setting on hight and running around in a city full of people, and not gettting and lag what so ever.
  12. sent in support ticket. Still working on things my end to see what might be causing it.
  13. Sorry OHM, been busy here at house. I sent you my DXdiag to your email. Hope you find something. We have 4 squadies that stopped playing waiting for a fix. They all have the same issue I am currently have.
  14. Ok ive ran that and saved it to desktop as a notepad. Thats a lot of information. How am i supposed to give you that here? Also does it need to be saved in a different format?
  15. Ive disabled netcode 3 and it actually gets even worse. As for slow internet when browsing or other games, this is the only game I play. I may DL a game tonight and try to get it to play. As for browsing, i usually cannot let the enter button go fast enough. I also turned down game settings to best performance and even turned off a few others, and the game actually get even worse. Im dumb founded at this. I even notice that the aircraft are even stutter stepping. Other things i have tried, over clocking motherboard for performance, video card as well, memory check, taking out monitor and re-using old one. Disconnecting this computer and using old computer, not having both accounts logged in at same time, not using discord while playing, having my nvidia recorder turned off and not even running, playing the game in 1920 X 1600 on new monitor and old instead of 4k. put game on SSD instead of Sata. Pinged both wwiionline and playnet auth with no packet loss. Im out of ideas. I dont know what is making the computer not draw in or keep up with some of these older modeled computers. Hell, ill even mail it to one of you Rats and let you use it and see how it plays. Tomorrow I am taking over to a friends house, just to see if it acts different there.