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  1. Congrats gentlemen, very well deserved.
  2. Great job Sorella.
  3. Very well done Mwittman and well deserved.
  4. Congrats all
  5. Congrats all
  6. Very well done guys. Congrats
  7. Well done to all you. Pym, did and outstanding job pretty much by himself capping cp's in town, while 4 of us were capping the AF bunker. We really didnt think we were going to get it capped in time, until you got the s cp. Outstanding. Chazley. I asked for you to get this award just because we didnt think we were going to get bunker clear in time. Your last seconds action probably saved the town after multiple times we failed to clear the bunker and its defenders outside. When you typed all 3 inf inside bunker were dead i couldnt believe it until i came up and seen them all on the floor. Great job. Guderian41 Its those selfless acts that people do that make the game great. A lot of times they go unknown to others. I am glad there are people who are selfless and do the jobs that bring no honor to other peoples eyes. Keep up the great work. See you all on the battle field.
  8. All Allied Players. Well the map is finally over and the battle back to the Axis factories was epic. Whips will be going back Axis, and I would like to thank you all for the great game play and the fun time that I have had, playing along side the guys who kill me all the time. Thank you for having such a open door policy and allowing us to come into your discord channels and hang out and play with all of you. Special thanks to LANCERS, 7ALST and AEF for allowing us to come into channel for comms and joining YOUR attacks. Regrettably, we will meet again, just wont be on friendliest of terms for a while. Have fun keep your heads hi. Myself and WHIPS thanks your greatly. Until next time.
  9. Congrats to all on your awards. They very well deserved. Thanks Hateract for doing the awards for the guys, it is a morale booster and is greatly appreciated.
  10. All well deserved. Make sure you wear that helmet after this campaign so I may find you a bit easier.
  11. very well done by all.
  12. Congrats All.
  13. Congrats guys.
  14. TY Grunt for stepping up and asking things for the unknown masses of players who are quietly in the back ground.