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  1. Very well done. Keep up the great work.
  2. Great Job.
  3. Rats ive been doing training on the training server area51 with some new guys. One thing i think would help in the training of new people at this area only, is to give them unlimited ammo. WHY? Not everyone in the game that is willing to train has as many accounts as i do and its hard to show them where to place charges and takes a lot of time waiting for the to respawn or resupply and run back to where tanks are, or drive tank to where they are or even drop bombs when learning the sights when constantly having to crash since you cant rearm at af. I dont see any problems of why this cant be done other than coding it in. it would save a lot of time and i can keep one account in to show them by gun point at tank or looking at sights to help them out. Just one of the things we noticed while doing our training here for the new guys. Maybe make a key that you can press for reload. This way people that want to learn dog fighting with lets say a JU, can drop bombs to dog fight if he so desires or any other type like this a/c without having to worry for bombs returning automatically.
  4. Congrats Dan. A very good achievement and well deserved.
  5. Congrats to all of you. Made my fb bust and def worth it.
  6. Great job Glo. Keep up the great work
  7. Very well done guys. Keep it up.
  8. I like the truck. Trying to figure out what type it is. Maybe the Ford Raptor, but there is something blocking my view.
  9. Very well done guys. keep up the great work. Except Rebel. HA
  10. Congrats everyone. Well done. One thing you guys do way better than us is recognize the troops. Very well done.
  11. Congrats.
  12. Very well done guys. I see a name here missing that kills us in cp's and ab all the time. Lobo51. We run into him than most and its usually not a good thing. Keep up the great work and especially giving out ribbons and medals to these types of players. See you on the battlefield.
  13. Great job guys. Keep up the great work.
  14. Great job to both squads for your recognition. Very well deserved.
  15. Great job guys.