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  1. when im trying to load game, it crashes, normmaly when loading terrain. And i cant fnd my graphic card in settings help? Thank you!!
  2. to all , toro15 around
  3. 10 years old, i am triying that he joins wwiionline, fresh blood is coming lol
  4. always in my mind and heart, S!!
  5. im trying back game as f2p at the moment , but game doesnt wants works. And remember, the allied good boy, is a dead one, go axis go!!!
  6. toc toc i can capture too.
  7. tons of times to me, one day works well , another day packet loss, i had paket loss last 2 days. ITs irregular, dont know why happens.
  8. learn spanish , its the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Topd, please, will be a pleasure join your side , so i ask you accept my apply to join axis forces
  10. S! im not sure if here is the bess place to post this but Since last patch 1.30 i have some problems with lag and packet loss. (between 15% and 50% constantly) i thought was my net conection, contacted net provider, changed the wireless conection in my pc, reinstalled the full game, and still the same problem. When i was thinking in hara-kiri a squaddie returning to game posted that he has the same problem. i tried to search by forums trying to find some information about it, but nothing appear. I will be very happy to fix my problems, or some info to undestand what happens. Thx in advance.
  11. was fantastic, only one think to finx in next event , the virtual ms cant be inside veh spawn or inside city, ots unreal that u control city and enemy spawn in ur back.
  12. Axis ex cinc ready to take command ... at your will.... in axis side of course
  13. Axis Cinc give his stamp approval to this Squad. One of the best squads in game with great leadership and veteran players. S!