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  1. I tried somthing different today in the wwII settings. It seems if I put the sound option from hardware to software, it has run stable now for sometime.
  2. See thats the funny thing, I have the realtek onboard sound setup too, Its a fairly new machine with a newer vid card. I can run games like MTW II at full settings with bloom/shader 2 etc fine. I also run IL-2 and lock-on at perfect settings. What makes me think its a sound issue is in ww2 online when I hop in a tank, spawn it seems the veichles/engine sound or whatever makes my cpu reboot more often. As infantry I can play up to an hour or more, but as soon as I spawn as a veichle, it either resets as I start up engine or a few minutes later on. As somone pointed out earlier its probably a conflict with memory leak and onboard sound cards. I have an ABIT- AA8XE-3rd eye with a Geforce 7900 GT.
  3. Im getting this issue also and hoped its fixed soon. It never happened 1.23 but in 1.24 and 1.25 its quite frequent. No CTD, my CPU just resets itself out of the blue. WW2 online is the only game that resets my machine.
  4. Looks like all of us are having the authenticating, Failed handshake problem. So when do we get a patch fix?
  5. Okay I was never able to start 1.19 as all it would say is logging into host. Now with the update I start it up it gets past logging into host, but then stops at authenticating. Then a message pops up in the loading bar, "Network Error #1 Failed Handshake" I know this must be a problem on the CRS end. I can log into the training server fine, and I ran the network check test fine.
  6. I havnt been able to start a game yet it just says "logging into host..."
  7. I tryed some of the suggested fixes but nothing really works. It cant be my ISP or my settings. My location is in Vancouver BC.
  8. mine just says logging into host, and then nothing happens...
  9. Iv'e been trying to connect since i got 1.19 and i get this logging into host message. However nothing happens. I dont have any firewall, so im guessing this is 1.19