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  1. Good post. Also.. read my guide. Link is in my sig. New version coming. "Go ahead, try my product"
  2. Aside from you don't find Macs used at all in any engineering firm.
  3. 1st Raiders mostly hoof it, and we do it well. Feel free to look up myself, mike, e7usn, spook, domoguy, bama, or just ask around in game. You may want to check out Task Force Royals as well (schtoop, coyote, mcmuff, ziporama, kozure, kbar, etc)
  4. Wrong forum, BRAH.
  5. Regardless of the difference in bullet size, the Enfield has way more stopping power. As for reload rate.. it is slow. The increased killing power makes up for it though. Don't have to spend 2 shots on EI as you often have to with MAS (and Mauser, as you point out)
  6. I'll round it out. Rifles: Hands down, Enfield. SMG: Hands down, Thompson. LMG: Hands down, MG34.
  7. In any event.. Enfield > MAS36.
  8. You never said which game genius lololol n00b
  9. Spook is still around???
  10. Nice work tBomber. I can do about 625m with iron sights. That's the longest I've recorded in live server unscoped. With a scope, not very difficult. Regardless of what you're using, beyond 600m gets difficult just based on the fact the ballistics at that point are junk. Bullet probably has 200-300 m/s left and is just fallin like a rock Difference between 700 and 750m is massive!!
  11. Tough shot on pilot at that range. But should certainly work. My point was regardless.. you'd think a big ATR slug hitting an engine block would F it up good.