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  1. Longer to rank up? Brother, what game are you playing? It takes a decade to make LT.
  2. Any chance to have my "member" status upgraded to my Hero Builder status under my avatar in the fora?
  3. US is in Africa. Go there and join in.
  4. Supply convoys and supply trains, automated AI, running periodically. You should be able to spawn Farmiles/Destroyers to escort, or man guns on trains. Soon.TM
  5. Soon.TM
  6. It was May 2005, and two things happened: (1) my job gave me a laptop to bring home, and (2) I got "high speed" cable internet from Comcast. I was browsing for games of interest, and I saw WWII Online. "Well", I thought, "this sounds interesting." I took a while to download the game and finally log in. Once I did, I spawned somewhere and walked around for 20 minutes until I got shot by someone. I got pissed, re-spawned, walked around some more, and died again. 11 years later, I'm still doing the same thing.
  7. Start drinking. That always helps.
  8. "Soon"TM
  9. The will break the code into a million 0's and 1's.
  10. Everyone knows WWII took place in a few residential blocks of the Lowlands. The rest was filmed on a sound stage, next to the moon landing.
  11. S! gents. I've re-upped. Having a prob signing into the squad site, though. Wencil's instructions still aren't working (invalid session). Just posting here so you know! See you in-game!
  12. Let's say I have a $1k budget, but I have to build from scratch case, power, OS, etc. Goal is to keep system with minimal upgrades for 3-5 years. Of course, this game is my main game. Any suggestions?