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  1. Hello all, JakFrost here: I'm back after about 3 years or so, I guess. I started playing in 2003, and after a few accounts, have played as JakFrost from 2005-20012. I ran with the Axis Iron Wolves for most of that, but then went free-lancer for greater independence, and the opportunity to use the Allied weaponry too. I left the game because of bugs that didn't get fixed for several years at a time, and slow FPS even on my ultra-hot gaming rig computers. I don't really expect any of that to change, the game is still what it's always been, but I might re-up because the cost is cheap, and WWII Online is unique and fun. (Even if I do often call it "Driving 10 minutes to get killed by something unseen in one second.") Salute to all! JakFrost