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  1. Uhhhh, nosediving 2pdr any one?
  2. kill yourself
  3. If this is possible then CRS seriously didn't do their homework. Anti-tank rockets, even today, can not be fired inside a building due to the high powered exhaust blackblast of the rocket motor.
  4. soldiers dont get to pick their weapons in real life. no, there were no 1903s for regular guys in d day.
  5. The Luger's firing sound is that of a satchel being placed, and when the bullets strike something you can hear smoke grenades go off. The Panzerschreck audio is that of a mortar being fired. No American RPAT.
  6. Learn to aim son, accuracy does wonders. It is possible to kill the 50 gunner. It's also very possible for him to fill your punk *** full of half inch wide pieces of copper and lead before you get the chance to.
  7. What gives? Button turns grey, but I don't spawn.
  8. the rear of the turret might be penetratable. the massive counterweight, however, is not.
  9. I feel as though this thread is important enough to keep alive. If for no other reason than as a reminder as to why we should not do drugs.