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  1. Or pop a cp with a friendly in it. Or a friendly runs into the vehicle spawn at a FB when ur charge goes off and blows it.
  2. It's true some of the best sorties come with team work. I just had one, last campaign where I was a 3h and ended up with like 6+ ET kills and RES all cause Hastien he was INF kept me up to date on ET movement and marks and we did almost all over Pm chat. It was by far one of the best 3h vs enemy armor I ever had.
  3. I must have a special install then I did what Sniper said, before I even posted, and came up with nothing. The icon was in the BE folder titled WW2 that started the offline version. SO all good now ,thanks for the responses.
  4. Well our Airboys would get the most penalty points then cause dropping bombs will crumble buildings and if you are in it and your side dropped the bomb u die. Or if you blow a cp with a engineer or a tank and friendly units are in it. I don't think we need penalty points.
  5. Trying to reinvent the wheel again. Why change when the old was working. Just my opinion.
  6. @OldZeke no luck on my part .All I can find is the online version. I'm on win10 and did what u wrote but that offline is like Bigfoot nowhere to be found on my system.
  7. You say 3 TD's by TD's I assume Tank Destroyers. I count 2 , Stug3g and M10 which is the 3rd? If you say 3b that is an infantry support tank just as the 4d is. Some players have just become very proficient with the 3b and destroying tanks. But I do agree with your choices up top. More toys are always nice. As much as I would like to see the map grow. But CRS can't right now even bring back the old bunkers till they work on whatever they have to do. Kinda odd having something that used to be on the map not work all of a sudden anymore.
  8. I still don't see it.
  9. Where did the start up icon for the offline version go anyways? It used to be that once you downloaded the game you had 2 icons appear on your desktop. 1 online 1 offline The offline one us gone ,I would like to brush up on my JU bombing in the offline world , but have no clue how to get there anymore. Looked in my BE folder to see if the shortcut exe file would be in there but it's not. Could you guys help ,direct me to the right path, or CRS would you consider bringing it back. One should not have to search for it. Also it would benefit the new players. Thank you.
  10. http://www.alanhamby.com/tigerfibel.shtml. Page 64 and up actually shows you what those little triangles are for in the German optics . Works with any German Panzer . You don't necessarily need a range finder. It does make it easier for the Stug3b and the Stug3g, and distance is a Tigers friend.
  11. Not to long ago ,but it seems it's been 6 months now there was talk that in some cities the old bunkers would make a comeback. Is that still in the cards or was it scrapped?
  12. Add to this AF that are destroyable! Kinda like RDP your AF gets Bombed your supply of available planes dwindles. It would keep the fighter pilots from lawn mowing and keep them in the air for Dog fights and protection. And it gives the Bomber pilots new targets. Hence the Tankers would be saver too cause not every bomber pilot would fly over a Town trying to bomb the crap out of stuff. This game has so many options and I think it has not even really put a serious dent into all the possibilities yet that this game could offer.
  13. It's kinda silly that we have to join HC, I have been with the game long enough and many others too that there should be basic input that these players could do . Top 3 ranking players could convene via a system message , make a decision and move a few brigades or set or pull AO.
  14. Kinda coincides , hits vs deaths , but I know what you mean . I hope you know where I'm getting at too.
  15. I think what frosts everybodies cookies is the , you hit the guy with an SMG ,lmg you name the weapon center body mass/head ,he goes prone gets up shoots ,you shoot ,both get hits , you keel over 1st then a milisecond he keels over. Really the 1st 10 bullets I pumped into him did not do the trick but him scoring a lucky hit makes me keel over 1st and then he dies. Annoys the crap out of me.