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  1. Harder to do in a Stug but it's very rewarding
  2. Kinda like this . Just sub the Matilds Tank for the Russian Tank. There are 2 things that speak for the PnzJgr1 and it doesn't matter that ei can kill them easy , I give you the Laffy15 ( been using it with success so I don't see why the PnzJgr1 would be much different, in the hands of any Stug player it be a deadly weapon. ) and the M10 both Allied both killable by Axis EI .
  3. Also a good solution is 2 fms close to each other but far enough apart and hidden. Makes Camping 1 very hard
  4. I got it fixed with one of the videos I found on you tube . Thanks for the response .
  5. Well then one of the guns I looked at must have been misslabled
  6. Depends on engine dmg, you hit despawn Tank goes boom. Not all the time when an engine smokes does that happen with the despawn and explosion. So it must be depending on what got dmged in the engine compartment.
  7. Just looked at the cz47mm gun and compared it to the French one and to be all honest not much of a difference. Smaller tires and a muzzle break on the cz47mm and a gray paint job and done . CRS should be able to handle to add smaller wheels and a muzzle break onto the existing French 47mm gun and voila the CZ47MM is in game
  8. I get the connect disconnect sound now everytime I use my joystick, the performance of the joystick is not hindered and it does and relates the input from joystick to game just fine no issues, just that Damn BingBong disconnect connect sound drives me nuts. I looked on the net and found a few solutions but I figured I ask here too. Incase someone had the same issue and has a fix that worked for them. Thanks in advance.
  9. Axis should have a limited amount of pak38 in their spawnpool.
  10. Just concentrating on your last sentence, might as well not log in then. Even if you get killed next respawn you can make a mark at about the location you just got killed and with that everyone around you knows . So this not to be seen statement is a pretty mute point in my opinion. The only time someone is not seen is if the other party is to lazy or just does not mark.
  11. As helpful as it is in game I always have found it silly that everybody can just mark stuff and it's only limited by the mission you are on . It takes the Fog of War away and pretty much the whole aspect of Ambush . After all the dead could not speak but in game one player sets up a great ambush and after the 1st kill it's pretty much over cause he just got reported via a map icon. Sure the Voice coms and even the text chat in game still give us the option of reporting but there is a difference to just saying there is something north east, and open map and I saw the last tracer with my commander from exactly that spot and there goes the mark on the map. Be all honest most of us been playing this game long enough that most of our marks are within a few inches if not even dead on if we see the slightest movement or that last tracer. So now introduce the Scout class , only that player has the ability to mark and report on the Map , be it EFMS ,tanks ,trucks other INF . We can go as far as regardless of mission or in town brigade every friendly can see it , to only the once that are on the same mission or Brigade can see the marks. His load out should / could 4 smoke , a Pistol with 5 clips and a Rifle with 3 clips. Light load out so his stamina or sprint actually lasts longer over the regular soldier. Also he be the only other soldier that can build the Foxhole PPO . His primary role obviously be the scout and lift the Fog of War for his side by reporting everything he does see so his forces and react to the situations. Maybe 10 Scouts per INF brigade and 5 per Armor Brigade. You loose all the Scouts then it be like the old days before the Map marks made it into the game. It might not only revitalize the Tank / ATG game cause you can set up Ambushes again but it also keep the FMS that are being set from being reported right away and camped to death. I think it would definitely be a plus for all aspects of the game be it Tanks , Planes ,Infantry. Please discuss. If you think bad idea please say so and elaborate on it . If you like it bump it up say something about it so maybe CRS will take a look at it. Maybe even get an intermission where they turn off Map icons just to see how it goes .
  12. I LIKE IT. That would be awesome , no AO on bridges so they can be taken down and fixed at will. It would open up such a stratgic aspect of the game . Especially for a town that's being attacked and only escape route is a bridge . Take bridge down ,now it be either play till supply runs dry, fix bridge and move in reinforcement or pull out. It sure would open up battles for Bridges . Maybe a Paratrooper specialized task . There needs to be something that can give the units that try to keep that bridge down a fighting chance besides just bombing it. Like say Paratrooper FMS with AAA and ATG that can spawn there. Cause we all know one side the side tries to get it up will come with Armor from either the town that's under attack or from the town that has that Brigade that it needs and wants it fixed to move into the next town . I like this idea alot.
  13. And that is why, because everybody can just pull up map and click Tent icon and place it. Take all the marks of the map and the game once again becomes a Fog of War . Where yes via voice coms /or text in game people still will get a update on an FMS or location of a Tank but it makes it so much harder. Some of us long time players can mark with such accuracy that we are literally only a few inches off if not dead on. Now like it was mentioned above introduce the Scout class and he be the only one that can mark stuff for everybody to see on his side if you are in that town and Brigade he came out of and we got something going . So in other words to have marks on map a scout needs to see it and report it otherwise Fog of War.
  14. Doable once CRS figures out roles for the Paratrooper, besides suicide trips over an active AO or soft cap. I have floated the IDEA to incorporate RR stations especially the big ones into the supply system . And even behind lines this can be taken by Paratroopers and Troopers only . And recaptured by the opposite Trooper side. Bigger RR station make up a higher % of RDP . That way it would not only be Bombers taking out factories but also Paratroopers influence the RDP war. A limited supply FMS for Troopers . Once set by the ML 10 more Troopers can be spawned before the pool is out. This would spur on behind the lines fights. And would also kinda simulate a larger Para drop if not enough players are available or online. The one side would get a notice that they lost a RR station and then decide leave it or take it back . The more RR stations you loose the more your RDP will be effected. There is really no stealth FMS besides the old INF ML set one and that was a disaster, for the Armor game and should never ever be looked at again no matter if full spawn list or Rifle only list. We have Bridges and natural barriers in game for a reason. Only way I would maybe consider it , is a very limited Rifle only supply , maybe 20 in the list simulating that a larger group made it over a river ( after all we don't have rafts in game) but the make the spawn point a Tent not a box . Soldier out of Tent good , Soldier out of a Box silly.
  15. I got ya back as a Sniper later on ,you were a Sapper north of Grobbendonk . I expect to get killed by familiar names , what blows my mind is getting killed by guys I have never ever have seen in game .