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  1. Sounds like a change to me . You might see it differently then I do . But to me that's a change . Your last sentence says it all . It's complicated , there are enough players that don't want complicated or are * like we have in this game advanced in age* that just say F it and unsubscripe cause what used to be simple and work , was made complicated . Alone this . The mission creation hasn't changed but the problem is if you are in a garrison and already in a mission and want to create a new one , you need to go back to active battles screen , re-attach to the garrison so you can access brigade screen and then you can create mission . Who would think to go back? . I sure don't and it makes it a hassle especially when one needs to set up a mission fast. We just have to agree to disagree. In my eyes it's stupid .
  2. You missunderstand , they should have brought in the TOE , and the attrition thing and all that other good stuff. But could have kept the whole Brigade thing just had to eliminate the Flag movement. There was no need to retool the whole Brigade /Flag thing into Garrison and then still have Brigades as back ups . That's my point. I don't understand why one needs to reinvent the wheel.over and over. Take the Flag movement away and boom we would have had the same thing as Garrison game style play now.
  3. Keeps me a bit longer on the Allied side , I'm having fun with it.
  4. I would have to be home to do both to tell you the step by step . The Brigade one ( towns with Flags) still work like we had prior to Garrison and 1.36 introduction. The Garrison is a pain in the [censored], so yes it has changed. To say nothing has changed is in my eyes a lie. Brigade was click click click mission made and one could respond to an FB attack fast when no mission was available . Now with Garrison it's an exercise in frustration .
  5. Just scrap the whole Garrison thing and go back before 1.36 . Then retool , keep Flags on the map and have the supply thing like it should be in 1.36.
  6. Nothing has changed, but then you say we are well aware of the issues with mission creation. What is it now ? Sorry but this pisses me off , yes something has changed and to say it hasn't is an down right stupid statement to make. That's why enough players have issues with it and have addressed it in the Forum. I had absolutely NO issues making a damn mission prior to 1.36 and now it either works or it doesn't or it takes extra clicks to do so . If you think loosing players over UI is no big deal then so be it but don't tell me nothing has changed when you can't even make your mind up in one post . Nothing has changed but we are aware of the issues of mission making , that SIR is a face plant right there.
  7. I think these way points /target indicators should fade away when one looks at it. I have also had them obstruct my view . I like them as indicators so turning them off completely kinda sucks, but if there could be a nice solution to it without having to disable it would be welcomed.
  8. CRS needs a brand new Promo video period.
  9. The whole mission making since 1.36 is ....... <insert your word here. We lost a Squad mate because of it and CRS 2 accounts that he was running ( tow account was one ). He was a older Gentleman. I still have issues from time to time to get a mission going , sometimes I just give up cause it's just a pain , plain and simple.
  10. Bilton had to be an allied thing.
  11. Last night was mass CTD , I'm sure it affected both sides. But it was odd out of the I believe 12 + squad members being online all got CTD , only ones that didn't was myself and Nily5000 which was AFK. All attempts from the Squad mates to relog in failed too. I believe 2 or 3 made it back online before I had to call it a night
  12. Well how is it any different then what Quinncannon just wrote with the 2nd accounts in the AB bunker. We always find away around issues that's what Humans do we solve problems, some more successful then others. No matter what Quinncannon would have done he already lost the battle once he killed the 1st guy in that bunker. He was playing vs 8 players and didn't even know it . 4 were capping or about to be ready to cap the Bunker once it went hot , while the other manned 4 players were running around town capping CPs. The only reason why the real players had to storm the AB is cause their 2nd accounts all got killed.
  13. I hear ya, but even area capture will benefit the OP side , cause the underpop will just not be able to muster enough together to retake an area on a consistent basis. You and I both agree ( I think) that the FMS all over and around town actually hurts the game play more then it draws benifits
  14. Maybe have OP control the City CP before ABs even come into play. In other words the City ain't capped the AB will never go hot . That would give the underpop the chance to control at least the AB and would not have to spend resources on defending an AB till the City CP is lost. Also once City CP is lost a 20 min timer goes live before the AB goes hot , giving the UP side enough time to concentrate to get that CP back. Of course I have no clue how that would be controlled once the pentlum swings in mid battle , and the Attack side goes underpop, if that could even be coded into game , so that all of a sudden the AB does come into play without having to cap the city CP 1st. I guess would had to be a system message that AB is now in play cause the Attacking side is UP . I'm looking for ways to get that City CP involved into game play somehow , cause as of now it's a useless CP , that is either and after thought or the 1st one being capped cause no one ever defends it. At least in the idea I have outlined it would become a rather important CP.
  15. Well maybe food for thought and CRS needs to come up with something that all CRS have the ability to either have access to system message , or get on the Forum and have a bulletin message , something . We lost enough players to the silly CRS is bias to this or that side . And trust me I fall into that trap once in a while too, and I should know better . But at least I'm honest enough to admit it to myself.