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  1. This has been brought up before. Even I as a Vet of this game hate this spawn in at FRU 1st action. There should be a option before u spawn in. Spawn in at Depot Spawn in at FRU / FMS with a option of remember this setting. In combat especially when u are needed and someone already has a mission up u are more then likely to choose the existing mission instead of making a new one. And cause you know someone is capping a CP ( came over Chat) you want to spawn in ASAP . But it's easy to overlook that stupid [censored] checkmark ,you hit spawn just to curse cause you end up in the field at the FMS . You despawn there goes another 10 seconds , click , click check mark, click spawn then wait and u in game . By then it could be to late already.
  2. @odonovan1. Last entry on that forum was 2009 ,sad to say so. But ,well long story most big German speaking squads went the way of the Dodo bird. A few 130PLD are still around . Hallo , einige sind noch vorhanden. PLD ist deine beste anlaufsstelle. Falls mich antriffst im Spiel , helfe auch wenn Du fragen hast oder mit jemandem spielen willst der Deutsch spricht. Bin aber meist in der Ami primetime anzufinden, da ich im Amiland wohn. Viel Spass beim Spiel.
  3. Communication communication communication. U see the chat ,use it when someone *pm* U and even tells you how to * pm* him back make use of it. There is a reason why he is trying to communicate with you ( he is a Vet you are new we see it on your name tag. * it has a different color* . Also as Infantry make use of the Q and E key it let's your Inf persona look left and right you don't get it in any other game and it can be a Life saver or you can actually get the drop on someone cause he just ran right past you not making use of that feature. Did I mention Communication. ...
  4. But then the Germans really did not have a Shotgun in service. So yesterday I ran across this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M30_Luftwaffe_drilling It was issued to pilots incase they were shot down. So my thought was ( bend the rules a bit it's not like CRS has not done that already) And issue shotgun only to Paratrooper units . Aka make a Paratrooper Shotgun persona. It kinda keeps the German shotgun semi correct , at least it has to do with the Luftwaffe , but not implement that into game till the Allies get the American paratrooper , and along with that give them also a Shotgun paratrooper persona. Ofcourse 1st CRS have to bring the American Paratrooper into game for all that to happen ,but it could be a nice addition to the game.
  5. Another soul lost . There have been many we know about , but how many have left us that did love this game and we are left to wonder .
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1941_Johnson_machine_gun What you guys think? It wasn't as accurate as the FG42 but it would give the Allies the direct counterpart to the FG42. Not sure if the grease gun right now is filling that spot or not. But it could replace the grease gun and actually open it up in the tier it should. I'm not entirely sure what the Rats thought process is in all that and I really did not pay that much attention to it. Please discuss.
  7. Limited Armor spawn from CPS , after all they got them big [censored] openings for a reason. It be nearly impossible to spawn camp every CP in town . So there would be that chance that one Tank could break a spawn camp on an AB. Just an idea.
  8. Lol I'm still waiting for my free account activation email ,used gmail. My super old 2001 yahoo.com still works cause everytime it renews the subscription, I get the *welcome you are a supreme subscription validation email.*
  9. Lol u must think I'm a noob in the Stug3b. B1 sneak is funny , it won't even get close enough , the Laffy might make it if u use the stealth engine off and roll forever feature u have. But as soon it's in Audio range it's as good as dead by a well placed HE round.
  10. Warming up Stug3b, load HE rounds , range AB ,make sure Squad mate parks ammo crate next to me, let death rain down onto them.
  11. Been there and introduced it . Merlin what could happen is that a Para unit and only a Para unit could take a rear town ( no deeper then one or two towns from the front line it could bring a strategy aspect to the game depending on the map situation ). To recap it ,also Paras are needed. So in other words there would be a special capture mechanism for the Para unit after all they were a special unit. Only the ML can set a PFMS , spawnable would be light AAA and a fraction of the Para spawn pool. Once that fraction is gone you would have to fly more in . This would be the case for both sides. The PFMS would be a tent with camo netting where both AAA and the Para soldiers spawn out of. It would take the fight away from only Frontline cities , it would give fighter planes something to do (protect the Paratroopers) . All this could be expanded for Coastal cities and Bridges that are vital. The Paratrooper in this game and it's potential is so grossly untapped it's criminal.
  12. I always hope that CRS opens up Breskens and Vlissingen to Fairmile boats only . Vlissingen would be open to Stuka only and Allies would get Knokke with the Blenheim bomber and Torpedo plane. And then let the fun begin. For the Infantry players that would rather ground pound. We open up Remagen one side Allies other Axis with one type of Inf only and Trucks , one time it could be only Rifle vs Rifle , or SMG vs SMG and so on. And on the other side of the map Tanks only 2 towns ( Axis ,Allies) with a mix of Woods and wide open area . One intermission Axis , 4G , 3g and Tigers , Allies both Shermans and M10. Another intermission maybe only 3f vs A13 but keep the inf away from it pure Tank battles only. Our map is big enough that this could be pulled off without the one interfere with the others. I think it would be fun besides the let's open the spawn pool and go at it what we get now.
  13. I used to like you Flong139 :)D
  14. A fix would be nice it would eliminate the. Why the *F does no one mark that Tank out there and so on and on.*