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  1. Yup they did and that was the cause. I updated my drivers and that did fix it.
  2. Yup nVidia card , could not tell ya right off hand which one I'm on my phone and can't look up specs. I know it's one of the GeForce 400 series one.
  3. Yes windows 10 , sorry should have said that. If u need more info I'll get it to u as soon as I can.
  4. So before the last intermission my game ran just fine, I did not log in during intermission. So new map starts I'm ready to log in. I get to the pw screen log in choose campaign hit launch , game stops and tells me my Open GL needs updating . I Uninstalled reinstall the game still same issue, updated my graphics card next it got me back into the game , I only tried once cause once I was in game I didn't want to log out again and see what or if the issue is still there so I will update you in it next time I have a chance. I figured I would post it cause it's just odd that all of of a sudden in a 4 day period the game would not work anymore and there was no patch .
  5. Fidd that's all great it still doesn't explain how a ATG still gets 4 rounds of when you pump 2 belts of MG and one load out each of AP and HE into the gun shield and the gunners head . Even by your calculations the gun would have gone silent after the 1st belt of MG , not to mention the AP rounds would made the ATG look like swiss cheese and the HE rounds well a hung of metal would have been left that might resemble the hint on an ATG . And if it is the death trigger phenomenon. Well it should work with the Hull MG or any other gun that is belt fed or has a clip where continious fire would be able but definetly not with guns that need to be reloaded after every round that is spent. This issue has been around since 2001 , you can't tell me that CRS is not capable of coding a simple explosion onto the ATG simulating you have destroyed it ,hence you are free to look at new targets?
  6. U are forgetting one thing , Crews did also hightail and abandon their weapons and not reload the gun when they were being fired upon. We can argue all day about what and when. Just like its silly that 1 rifle takes out an 88 when an 88 crew was like 10 guys and would not even have the chance to do so . But in game we have to just roll with it. So a simple middle ground . We accept that we only have 2 crew per ATG in game and there needs to be an indication on that equipment that it is destroyed .
  7. Oh I too worked in the restaurant business, I'm actually a chef ( apprenticeship in a very well known local restaurant in Germany and so on and on) My point was more or less most of the time you get one chance and you are done. ( new players looking and playing the game) Fact is more bars and restaurants close within that 1 year period. I also said that WWIIONLINE is not in the restaurant business it has been here for 16 years . But again my point goes back to the 1 chance standpoint. My friend said he has no desire to play it, and that's about it. I actually like what CRS is doing it could go a bit quicker and somethings that should be in game are still not real basic stuff, but since Xoom and company took over I'm very optimistic . There is a reason why I have been with the game since October 2001. It's just plain fun to me. And sometimes frustrating too. P.s autocorrect is off it just likes to plug in words I use more then others for some strange reason. You should see me try to write German on my phone that's a pure nightmare. Yes I speak read and write in German too.
  8. It may be so but bouncing of rounds of a Helmet and shooting a 232 are two different items here. Like I said , there might be something going on with the 232 but I sit in them and when my gunner gets hit , I don't shoot anymore cause I can't he is dead , I can expect the same when I blow the ATG gunners head of with everything that my 232 has available and not expect him to reload time after time and keep shooting . In that time a sapper can easily make it around me and sap me all just because I can't swing my gun away from the ATG cause how do I know he is actually dead , I don't . And I'm not saying this here hey CRS fix this for Axis ,NO this needs to be looked at period . There needs to be an obvious sign that the ATG is out of commission. I bet ( I know I lost a few Panzer ) many players have shot at ATGs and thought yup he should be dead and ohhh s#!+ there is another ET coming let's get turned and get into pos just to have exactly that ATG open up fire again ( don't want to know how many rage quit cause of it ) Not asking for much here. A simple explosion (rounds cook off) on the ATG would do, indicating the gunner died. The gunner is the threat after all don't you agree?
  9. The ML has the option of deleting a FMS he does not have to close the mission. Now if no more AO and he leaves the mission. The mission usually gets passed to the next ranking player. Maybe this needs to be looked at that once a ML closes his mission that it Does NOT get handed down. Cause once the mission is in a Greentags hand he won't know what to do and if more and more spawn it stays active and on top of the battle tab with no end in sight. Till they log cause no one knows what's going on ,they saw no action , are unhappy with the game well you know the rest of the story.
  10. Well fidd the 232 has a lot of open space ,not that I'm saying there is nothing amiss but when I aim at the head of the gunner and the gunshield with all said above, that gun should go silent. U can only bounce off so many rounds of the guys noggin before u say WTF does it take here.
  11. After pumping MG and AP and HE from my 232 into a light ATG and he kept firing ( I got pic was less then 10 meters ) I specifically targeted the gunner after him firing his 4th round my gunner died. I unfortunately did a .report on a player that killed me that I thought manned the ATG. Cause it made no sense how a ATG was still able to fire after 1 clip of 20mm HE 1 clip of AP and 2 belts of MG fire. This needs to be looked at soon in my opinion way over due.
  12. It would give the Paratroopers a purpose. Set up defence , cough cough I say it again small FMS for Paratroopers with a 1/4 spawn list of said Brigade with the option of spawning light ATG and AAA to secure said Bridge or guard it from being repaired or destoyed by the other side. There could actually be behind the line battles raging between Paratroopers without Tanks just Troopers and light AAA and ATG. Maybe once the Paratroopers have taken a Bridge after 5 or 10 min there could be a Parachute icon by the Bridge to indicate there is something going on so the other side can respond. Also maybe have an active capture point like a guard house . The Paratrooper could enhance the game by so many aspects besides being sheep led to slaughter over an AO.
  13. LOCK THE DAMN CHATBAR ALREADY. And make a PM so that they can't miss it. If it's a Language barrier so be it. But even the densest player will realize that he is spoken too when he sees his in game tag. Then he can respond either in broken English ( and a huge population knows at least some basic English ) or they respond in their own language and you know u need to direct them either somewhere else that might speak that language if u know a player. If not then the is Google translate ,have ur phone next to ur PC. It's not like we don't have options . Oh and BTW , I eat at a bad restaurant I don't go back . And usually within a year they Close their doors. But that is the restaurant business and not WWIIONLINE. But I can't get a former player to come back either that I used to work with. He just has no desire to play it anymore. So the future is either bright or dim or we keep the status quo and the Vets keep it alive cause we enjoy the game. Side note so sick of my phone changing what I actually say to what it thinks it should be.
  14. Well if language is the issue then in game voice won't fix that either. At least when one gets a PM they can still respond even if it is in a different language at least then you know.
  15. And here it is , either flank me or bomb me. please point out one Axis Tank you guys need to Flank to take it out? Especially in the early tier there are none. The 2 pounder goes throu everything and the French ATG spawnable from an FMS will take all but the 3b out from the front. And the 3b is not a camping tank. So Allies have a lot easier time to break a camp then Axis do. All you need to do is spawn in numbers , one ATG will be able to set up and get a shot off or a Sapper will make it past and then the Panzer has to retreat while a ATG spawns and takes him out. U guys watch pak after pak spawn laugh take out the inf that spawns and while they try to set up u kill them along with the Inf that spawns , and if one does set up it won't do crap to ya from the front.