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  1. I will take a guess , 0. @kareca rerereading your post , now I see that you ment in game stats , at 1st it didn't read like that.
  2. Ahhhh, OK , I thought u ment real life. Well I reckon it be going down like this the Airboys are gonna be overhead like a swarm of angry hornets and take a good part of the Armored forces out before they see another Tank. A few will fall to the ATG that has a tow account. The 2 that fall victim to the 2 descriped above will say F this I thought this is supposed to be a Armor battle , and either log or go back to regular programming. A few others will fall victim to the random Sapper/Zook/Shrek type. In the end there be a few that will clash with other Armor .
  3. He ment in real life not game . But sure you knew that.
  4. I always liked the Truck MSP , kinda more along the line of troops jumping off it and getting into battle , Instead of popping up out of a dirt hill ( even there one could say it's a underground bunker ) but the box one I have to say I was never a fan of it .
  5. Should do weenie tanks only Pnz3f , A13 and H39s. Every tank can kill the other.
  6. We have the light FMS , the box type. We have the regular FMS for light AAA and light ATG and INF. Now the Heavy FMS would be a bigger version of the regular FMS with the chance of spawning the bigger AAA and ATG but no INF . Why no INF well if you want it protected then you need to put a FMS close by . No the Trucks only get 1 choice of said FMS so it be up to us which way one would like to go , and one would need another player to set a regular FMS for protection. Just an idea.
  7. I didn't say you called me an idiot, but that's how it feels. I know what worked and what does not work anymore which used to work. To your number 2 , well then it should not matter if I place the satchel on the left side or on top of the engine , both should get me results but that is just not the case nor true . Check out Parasites sapper guide and explain to me why I place the satchel on top of the spare roller on the r35 or h39 that it has mounted on the rear to kill it? Wouldn't that mean it needs to burn through more steel then it really had to but put it next to that spare roller and you get no result. Kilemall so I have dropped packets everytime I tried the S35 that did work and now it doesn't ? Sorry don't buy it one second.
  8. Well its settled CRS has spoken , Sap spots( aka an Area that worked and then all of a sudden doesnt anymore) have never changed . I only sapped 100s if not 1000s of Tanks. One day it works then patch or no patch comes out and one gets a different result or no result at all. And the person tries these AREAS a few more times without getting the result that one got before. ( I hope that is enough clarification ) Only been sapping since the sapper has been in game. But what the hell does the player base know . Am I glad I'm an idiot and don't pay attention when I play this game and glady fork over a premium subscription to boot. This is getting better and better.
  9. Yes, yes they have over the years , best one I can remember is the S35 a Heat between the 2 humps I believe right side would flame S35 , now u get white smoke . That change happened a while back , but it changed without a read me. I know the char Sap spots have changed over the years too without ever being in a read me. Nily made that comment yesterday that ETs have now time to despawn before the Satchel goes off.
  10. Funny , that you make this post ,a Squad mate made the same comment today. Shouldn't that be in the read me ? But of course there are never changes in game without notification.
  11. Send Brutus my info for HC on the 31st or 30th , see forum . I'm still waiting for any response . So how is one to join when one does not get feed back or info. I have said it countless time implement a system where one of us High Ranking Vets can make AO decisions. Pull Set new Get rid of having to AO bridges all together that would go a long way too one task that is gone then. So all a high ranking player then needs to do is decide to pull an AO and re-issue a new AO on a Town
  12. U kinda missed the point , not saying I need a complete DMG model for every ATG nor AAA gun . But something that gives us players a visual indication that that unit is destroyed aka Gunner dead. Could care less if the commander is still alive he can't fire back . And we the players still have nothing of that sort in game . All the added new items over the years are great and appreciated. But why can't CRS come up with something simple as a place holder ? Secondary explosion like we get with AI, Black smoke rise from the gun platforms. Multiple little explosions like ammo cook off . Something simple as that , that can be seen from a farther distance too . I know the gun wobble is in game but that's not a sure fire indicater die to the terrain and a unit un and redeploying. I have been waiting since the game came out for a visual indicater and not one attempt has ever been made .
  13. Like the idea , but once again dmg model for ATG and AAA being over looked. I think we lost more players to a missing DMG model to these 2 units then not having trenches in game. Don't take my post as a negative, all development in game is a positive , but overlooking a dmg model for 2 units in game since 2001 is a major negative. And I get it you might not have the model designer in the ranks right now but over the years , myself have come up with the idea to maybe add a 2ndery explosion ( like AI ) to indicate that the unit is dead. Something little that will show the unit is dead. We lost to many players that play Armor for various reason , and I know we lost some due to the fact that one can never tell if that unit is dead or not. Especially when one empties 2 MG clips and a few AP rounds and 1 or 2 HE rounds , just to divert attention to a new target and that same ATG starts shooting again.
  14. I also send a ticket, cause now it tells me my account is inactive , last billing cycle happened Dec 16th
  15. Well Huston we have a problem. Now it says my account is not active last billing cycle was Dec 16th. Today is January the 2nd that leaves me 14 days till next billing cycle, I signed up as a monthly subscriber at 17.99 a month. Ironic that this happens now . Right after I posted , I just wanted to log in and play. Ticket will be send in the next 5 min. Hope it be fixed fast. IT'S FIXED , THANK YOU