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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1941_Johnson_machine_gun What you guys think? It wasn't as accurate as the FG42 but it would give the Allies the direct counterpart to the FG42. Not sure if the grease gun right now is filling that spot or not. But it could replace the grease gun and actually open it up in the tier it should. I'm not entirely sure what the Rats thought process is in all that and I really did not pay that much attention to it. Please discuss.
  2. Limited Armor spawn from CPS , after all they got them big [censored] openings for a reason. It be nearly impossible to spawn camp every CP in town . So there would be that chance that one Tank could break a spawn camp on an AB. Just an idea.
  3. Lol I'm still waiting for my free account activation email ,used gmail. My super old 2001 yahoo.com still works cause everytime it renews the subscription, I get the *welcome you are a supreme subscription validation email.*
  4. Lol u must think I'm a noob in the Stug3b. B1 sneak is funny , it won't even get close enough , the Laffy might make it if u use the stealth engine off and roll forever feature u have. But as soon it's in Audio range it's as good as dead by a well placed HE round.
  5. Warming up Stug3b, load HE rounds , range AB ,make sure Squad mate parks ammo crate next to me, let death rain down onto them.
  6. Been there and introduced it . Merlin what could happen is that a Para unit and only a Para unit could take a rear town ( no deeper then one or two towns from the front line it could bring a strategy aspect to the game depending on the map situation ). To recap it ,also Paras are needed. So in other words there would be a special capture mechanism for the Para unit after all they were a special unit. Only the ML can set a PFMS , spawnable would be light AAA and a fraction of the Para spawn pool. Once that fraction is gone you would have to fly more in . This would be the case for both sides. The PFMS would be a tent with camo netting where both AAA and the Para soldiers spawn out of. It would take the fight away from only Frontline cities , it would give fighter planes something to do (protect the Paratroopers) . All this could be expanded for Coastal cities and Bridges that are vital. The Paratrooper in this game and it's potential is so grossly untapped it's criminal.
  7. I always hope that CRS opens up Breskens and Vlissingen to Fairmile boats only . Vlissingen would be open to Stuka only and Allies would get Knokke with the Blenheim bomber and Torpedo plane. And then let the fun begin. For the Infantry players that would rather ground pound. We open up Remagen one side Allies other Axis with one type of Inf only and Trucks , one time it could be only Rifle vs Rifle , or SMG vs SMG and so on. And on the other side of the map Tanks only 2 towns ( Axis ,Allies) with a mix of Woods and wide open area . One intermission Axis , 4G , 3g and Tigers , Allies both Shermans and M10. Another intermission maybe only 3f vs A13 but keep the inf away from it pure Tank battles only. Our map is big enough that this could be pulled off without the one interfere with the others. I think it would be fun besides the let's open the spawn pool and go at it what we get now.
  8. I used to like you Flong139 :)D
  9. A fix would be nice it would eliminate the. Why the *F does no one mark that Tank out there and so on and on.*
  10. Yes yes and yes , Stankyus I like that. So tired of intermission and full spawn list. I say A13, H39 ,3fs ,only rifles and basic ATG and AAA and tier0 planes. All in towns that are seperated by a Bridge or a real short drive how much fun would that be. And 2 port cities close to each other and FMBS only. I can dream can't I?
  11. Well I have been with the gsme since 2001 never been HC and to be all honest most guys that were HC for a long time or CINC retired from game to never set foot into it again. So why would someone want to join HC if it will make you hate the game and quit. I would not be opposed to make map moves once in awhile if called up on ,or set an AO but to join HC ,I just have to much fun playing the game that I can't devote ( or better said not willing to devote my time in game ) to constantly do HC stuff. But if the call would come that something needs to be done and I would be one of the 3 or 5 highest-ranking players ( no HC online) I would take that time out of my game time. And most times there are tons of max rank players online that being called up would always fall onto other players and not just you. So in other words maybe out of 10 decisions you will get called on 3 times cause it would spread out over the high ranking players. I'm just trying to find a solution here. Not saying that my idea is the end all solution. But if you ever owned the original box of the game it even mentions that it will promote players within game. Well besides rank it only means I can spawn everything ,it means nothing, unless I fill out an application.
  12. Well that's why there are the 3 players hard to do so when u have 3 players making the decisions. CRS would have to put a fail save into it. And I highly doubt that 3 players going from one side to the other would be chosen. But then it's WWIIOL weird stuff happens. I bet there is a remedy to it . Maybe crossrefrence with how many log ins on each side so a player that only spawns in once on the other side doesn't get chosen. Maybe bump the number to 5 players 3 win the majority. I know there is a solution to this then just to rely on players going into HC.
  13. I think CRS dropped the ball long time ago in this subject. There are enough long time players with enough rank that could make decisions. No HC is on system picks out 3 high ranking players and these 3 players have a simple chat menu that they will be put in to * set ,pull an AO or maybe move a few Brigades as needed. Why 3 players cause 2 will override the one. In my eyes it's silly that you have to join some higher mechanism to make decisions on the map when we have plenty long time players that understand what needs to get done at certain times. A simple menu for these players that get pulled in when no HC is on to make decisions should do the Trick. If one player does not want to make said decision then he just declines and it will be passed onto the next. Someone will make the decision necessary. If you want to go as far as staying anonymous then let'sdo that to so these players don't get butcher at like some HC have to endure now. My 2 cents to that subject.
  14. It's not real life it's a game, a game that needs money to get updated ,to get more equipment in game for players. 1 month would not kill the game . It might decide a map maybe but really reset the [censored] and call it good. Yes they will have to earn rank . But hoping that the new players will just be gun fodder for us long time players will not advance the game at all ,if they can play any other WWII shooter and get their hands on better equipment and actually compete vs players that been at a game for awhile. In 2001 players played free for a long time till CRS had their stuff sorted out. I gained rank by driving HT and towing 88 and Opel towing troops and ATG and AAA. But CRS took that way of gaining rank away . It was one of the best ways to gain rank and learn what was happening on the battlefield before you stepped into a Tank or picked up a Rifle. I gained 1st 3 ranks that way. Mainly support till I actually started to get into the Tank and Infantry game.
  15. Really guys one campaign , OMG he will waste equipment. Do you want the game to grow or you want to keep playing with the same map same equipment for the next few years and have CRS do another fundraising event cause the player base stays small. 1 month is not the end of the world and so what every player has to learn . Oh he will waste a Tiger or a Matilda argument so lame but let him spawn [censored] equipment so I can kill him with one shot cause that will retain the player. I understand it might be a aggravating to see a guy spawn in at a camped area but that's what us Vets are for to teach and tell them. But I can already tell some will rather have a rage fit and yell at the new players then help them. Let them spawn [censored] equipment with virtually no chance of survival against us seasoned Vets and let's see how many players we will retain. We want to hook them , 1 month unlimited access after that they will have to rank up. But give them a fighting chance ,let them earn point in that month so they got something to build on. Like I said [censored] will catch flies , day flies, one day in game then gone forever . Cause all they did was die to an unseen enemy. Give them honey ,give them a chance and we might just might retain enough players to make a difference.