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  1. Same to you, and the rest of the fine folks that make up my squad mates and fellow soldiers on both sides.
  2. What's the difference between a FMS and a CP that has tanks all around ? Answer : Your life expectancy is about 10 seconds longer. FMS is compromised don't spawn there anymore , inform ML to pull it if he does not take ML and pull it yourself. A Cp is camped your options are the other CPs and if it's the last spawnable CP then it falls into the FMS category you just can't pull it , but have to refrain yourself from spawning. A camped FMS sucks I agree . But over the last few months a few players have discussed the FMS dilemma and how to get more FMS onto an AO and how to prevent spawn camping or being spawn camped. Unless CRS gives us more option via setting FMS ( multiple with one Truck) or separate the FMS via , INF and Equipment only FMS we will have to endure what is given to us. Remember a covered FMS for INF will make it considerable harder for the ATG and AAA to get out and set up. Always a pro and Con to think about.
  3. My opinion only, but without the flags map seems empty , not inviting = dead Game world . Again that's just how I feel .
  4. I think we went over that at nauseum what needs to be done where a HC INF only FRU would not be needed, where a truck placed FMS's would be able to sustain an attack AO . All it needs is CRS to implement all the ideas that players have come up with.
  5. NVM Goreb I miss read your post in a complete different way then you ment it , I apologize.
  6. 2nd Tiger ? 3h is mini Tiger , Stug3g is 2nd Tiger if I understand you right. I was hull down Schilde yesterday when the same Church 3 came rolling out of a bush (could not see him before so you guys have the camo edge too) that killed me before . I had him ranged well every shot hit him just shy of a 1000 Meters , yes it was from the front so I aimed at the gun and gunmantel in the hopes for a penetrating shot or at least a disable shot , he missed all but one shot that one shot killed gunner instantly. We don't even get that with the Tiger cause 60% of the time our gun breaks and now CRS gave you guys the Firefly too that can kill the Tiger from the front at distance. Our 4G can't do that to a Church 3 just shy of 1000 meters.
  7. U got my support, wasn't thrilled when they announced them . But they can still mole a Town with a regular FMS . Just can't ninja walk them in and hide them as well.
  8. I hear ya there, and that's just fine by me ( very bias here cause Stug is my platform to play) Would love to see the MG on the STUG ASAP to be all honest, you don't want to know how often I come across situations where I need one and the INF is oblivious to my presence or there is a EFMS at the exact spot where I want to be. Have become very efficient with it to take out INF , even forced a few EFMS take down that way . So much so that Agave is usually not pleased when my Stug ends up with more INF takedowns then his Sniper rifle , good thing is he is a Squadmate. But when one sees a church 3 take out pretty much the whole 4G spawn list by itself then there are major issues with it. And if a 4G can't take out the Church3 then the Stug won't be able to do so either but at least it can disengage out of the fight and try again , while the 4G is already lost due to the fact the gunner dies way to quick .
  9. Not only new, the old system was maybe not great but for sure easier then now. If you would ask me now how to make one I could not even tell you, I think the few I mama fed so far where by accident where I by luck clicked the right button. Glad to hear they are working on a fix, or improved version. One thing I don't understand is why does everything all of a sudden get changed and not in baby steps? One can't tell me that we could not have kept the brigades and Flags but have them as we have now a set Brigade /Garrison in town ,with the Attrition factor in game and only have the HQ Brigades in the rear as a movable unit for rear supply . Eliminating the Brigade bouncing around .
  10. I'm not digging the new how to make a mission . To be all honest if I would be a new player I would have already given up. I have been with this game for a long time and this is actually the 1st time where I get frustrated trying to figure out how to make one. It needs to be refined ( my opinion) once you click onto join Garrison another drop down window should appear that say make mission then choose facility CP , AB or FB . Once you click onto CPs it should highlight them , then one can choose , same goes with AB ( especially if there are multiple ABs in a town and then the same with FBs that are connected with said town ) To make it a simple process as possible. As I said this is the 1st time ever where the game in the HUD set up frustrates me so much so that it actually is taking the fun away for me to play . Again as stated my opinion. But I have heard other say they are either having a bit of a challenge with it themselves or are in the same boat as myself.
  11. Axis need more Stug3g , the 4G ain't holding up as our main piece of Armor vs the Allied tanks. The 1st hit usually does the gunner in. Not only that Stugs were the most produced Armor in the Axis Wehrmacht. If you go by Armor VS Armor numbers Axis will loose the attrition war hands down . The few Stugs that we have to spawn can't deal with the numbers Allied forces can throw at a town Armor vice, not to mention the ATG that will take those 9 4Gs out in a hurry.
  12. Might have been a mistake, kinda like the Allied town that has 500 rifles and 100 smg in the Spawn list, Delems was saying something about town in chat yesterday not to AO a certain town .
  13. I would love to see a 3f that took that many hits, I reckon that player must have had severe packet loss . In all my time in this game , and that's 2001 till now have I ever sat in a 3f and taken more then a few ( less then 5 ) before I had either lost my gunner ( which usually goes 1st ) or I have the Panzer 3f explode or catch fire and that's vs Matty, A13 or Char or S35. Cause for that reason I have specialized in the Stug3b . The only time I spawn a 3f now in tier 0 is to use it as a surpression tank vs INF or vs EA cause of its dual turret MG which can be very effective. Sorry to hear that u lost a squad mate due to that , i think we can both agree that a player lost on either side hurts the game.
  14. So in your words , you didn't play Panzer as an Axis player but only became a Tanker as an Allied player (is that about the right take away here) but then claim that *hey look I killed a Matilda after 10 shots what is your problem* , why do you guys complain against the Matilda so much . But then again say you don't have that much experience or are comfortable with the gun system. I wouldn't say I'm an expert as an Axis Tanker ( I'll let you make that call) I sure enjoy our run ins and always curse a little when I see your name being killed by , and I have a smile on my face when I see you on my who I took out list . But I can tell you that in tier 0 it's rare to take out a Matilda with a Axis Tank , best we get is a detrack or a gun kill which still is a mystery to me cause I can pound that gun mantel with all 3 load outs when I encounter a Matilda from the front and it usually ends up with me loosing my gunner , no matter how close how I am. Also one needs to be extreme close to take out a Matilda from the side , and one can only achieve that when he has tunnel vision or is all alone with out anyone warning him. And that comes from someone that exclusively plays Panzers on the Axis side .
  15. Woah Woah Woah stop the press. What is it now you got no clue as an Axis Tanker or may I quote you here. * and I don't know what I'm doing in an AXIS Tank* Or is it ! Krazy can't go by Stats cause according to you Flash 99 has plenty of missions as an Axis player. I took the liberty to copy it so one can't delete it , here is what you wrote. *Krazydog , you shouldn't fall into the trap of believing what the stats say about 1 persona, I've certainly played axis at least as long as I have played allied. Flash99 has plenty of axis sorties.* So please enlighten us ,what is it now?