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  1. Ahhhhh I see the what if applies to one side but not to the other? What if the Axis rolled out the pak38 right away after all it was developed in 1938 just not rolled out till the western campaign was already over. In other words it would be nice to see that gun in numerous amounts to combat the tier 0 onslaught of Matildas. After all there are enough counter measures in game vs the Tiger . And even at range Allied tanks might have a tougher time but the likelihood of the Tiger throwing a track or getting degunned are 95% higher then getting the same done on Matilda in tier0.
  2. You assume I dabble in excel which I do not.
  3. And how many Matildas were present in the French Campaign ? Matildas were plentyfull in North Africa , Not in Belgium not the Netherlands nor in France. But in game they are like a dime a dozen and with Allies being able to have both flags in towns represented no matter what part of the map it is rather obvious. Also with HC FMLS that can pop up anywhere makes the towed 88 pretty much useless. Not to mention that the 3h still needs to hit the sapper spot from fairly close range to kill a Matilda .
  4. Alphabetical would be nice.
  5. From the looks Stankyus and I run into each other a lot , have a slight edge 126 to 121 .
  6. Just a few days ago I ran into a player that spoke no English ( he was a Chinese player) After a few tries of communicating with him with no result I figured it's all up to me to take down an EFMS , was him and I at that FB. He had a LMG at the EFMS and it should have been an easy take down but it wasn't . I actually has a 232 at the same EFMS when I tried to get him to spawn a Opel and set a FMS to blow said EFMS . He managed at least to tell me he spoke no English and that he was Chinese . With that I called for help from a Squad mate that just logged in and about 10 min later the EFMS was finally down . Besides the no option of turning chat bar off for new players and may make a PM stand more out then the typewriter sound . I don't know what can be done.
  7. Nick I'm sure the driving force was CRS via a ban , not sure if it was the old or the newer CRS. But I can tell you what lost you the majority of the German speaking players , yes most played Axis but there was a very dedicated group that went Allied. And I think that number totaled in the hundreds or close to it. If you want to know shoot me a message and I'll try to explain as much detail as I know.
  8. I was online, when I saw what you wrote , pretty much as you have said here . Lots of weird stuff going on last night.
  9. They only get camped when the ML is at sleep at the wheel, camp call goes out, FMS should be pulled. But that's not the case and so it gets camped and eventually sapped. While the same players come in here then and [censored] and moan that no Attack ever stands a chance . I give up. I'll just go play the game . .
  10. Plain and simple risk vs reward. Should it take more then 1 Engineer to take down a FMS , my idea is 6 charges in other words a Engineer and a Sapper or obviously 2 Engineers, I doubt one would get 6 Rifle all in 1 swoop to go to a FMS to take one down. The idea is to keep an attack going , toany complaints , that Defenders have it to easy and getting or sustaining an attack is to hard. One reason for the sustainability is the before mentioned easy of only needing 1 Engineer. Please respond with your thoughts.
  11. The attacking side is already saying it's to hard to attack ,that defenders have it to easy. After all they spawn in town and have multiple CPs to do so. Do we want to encourage attacks or not? Ohh wait I know what we will do , let's just expand the HC FLMS even further, that should do the trick to get attacks going . Are you seriously telling me upping the charge by 1 or 2 will make defenders go WHAT the F CRS now we can't blow a FMS anymore ? It's no different then getting killed once and having to try again except now it takes 2 right away instead of just 1 Engineer . Why don't you guys take the all mighty poll question once again ,it worked so great for the HC FMS . Well if that is your standpoint , I would like to get the ability back that my STUG can take down a FMS again .
  12. @XOOM Nobody is saying make a FMS 12 satchel strong, but maybe 6 or an extreme case 9 , just something that takes the 1 Engineer out of the equation. We want team work so it be logical that we just bump up the FMS threshold just a tadbit.
  13. For the love of god just model visual dmg on the Guns , that be a great start for all of us. And if that's not possible as of now add a secondary explosion or flames or smoke or a bit of both to the equipment so the none ATG or AAA player base knows it has been destoyed.
  14. Hill it's easy. A Truck sets 3 FMS or up to , it's after all up to the player, on his mission each FMS is marked on the map as FMS 1 , 2 ,3 . You choose that players mission now you get options depending on how many were set . If only 1 well its routine like normal , now if he set 2 or 3 you can see the FMS on map and choose your spawn point. If one is camped and you keep spawning at that one it's your own fault if you have 2 more options. Your concern is if 2 are camped and one is not , how is it different now, you choose mission and spawn in blind now too. One can always assume ML if the ML is not doing his job, there is a certain responsibility as ML. You have seen me ( I believe ) announce over mission chat that I'm deleting all mark older then 4 min and they need to be remarked especially when it comes to EI icons , FMS icons I usually renew myself if that is still active and so on I think you get the picture. Like I said being are setting a Mission comes with responsibility. Also with a multiple FMS option one can dislodge a camper faster then with only 1 FMS . Yes he might camp it but he won't know if that us the only one , so he can be sapped rather quickly or ATGed from the other FMS. That is the concept of separating INF and AAA and ATG combo. Yes you might camp the INF spawn but u have no clue where that ATG spawn lurkes or vice versa. Does that make it a bit better to understand?
  15. But but, I just recruited a new player, yes he is a F2P guy right now but he is eyeing the new subscription and he might be soon a paying customer, for him it's actually good he can play F2P to try it out cause he is color blind ( I can't even imagine to play this game being color blind) And in turn he recruited one of his friends to join the game yes also a F2P player . Sure being Rifle only he said kinda stinks but he gained already a few kills and being able to talk to him face to face and actually giving him a few pointers before he ever logged in helped. He is looking forward to the next few day when CRS unlocks all the classes and with a little luck he will become a paying customer once he gets a taste of the other weapons.