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  1. Wonder if the side that set it , had a visual reference or if it was invisible for them too.
  2. I managed to push a pak36 within 1 meter on a Matilda rear and shot it point blank in the [censored], got it to smoke after countless hits , then he moved into reverse and I just pushed away from him , he did look around but I played keep away as he turned his turret to find what's hitting him. As soon as he concentrated on the CP again I pushed behind him again and kept shooting . I can't recall if he finally caught fire or just despawned cause I killed his crew . But he despawned all that counted , can't say how many shots it took either but it was 20+ Then I got killed by an ei. End of story.
  3. I said Panzer , not Pak and we get limited numbers to boot. So it maybe kills one or 2 before it gets killed depending on the action or where he is hiding. Now what they did with the PAK 36 I can't tell you. It sure does kill Tanks now that it shouldn't, according to historical accounts , and then maybe we just suck at distance est in game and its all legit , Scotsman did the audit so it should all be good.
  4. 1 thru 5 all Allied , Raydr I think plays Axis , 7 thru 11 no clue never seen those guys in game .
  5. Really , funny you even posted in that thread. But its 1st time you heard or read about it.
  6. You got a point they have done great things , but that comment was a slap in the face cause I have heard it before from the old team .
  7. So which Axis Panzer closes the distance to the Matilda in Tier 0 or 1 ? STUG and 4d need to get within 20meters and use AP round and that's not a given and the 3h needs to get silly close too. There lies my complaint. You have 1 tier before you get another Armor that can kill the Tiger , not to mention most Axis Tankers loose our guns at ranges of 1000 +meters so in other words Allied tanks can still destroy Tigers at range , only difference is the crew doesn't die but the Tank still became useless. I have pounded Matildas from close range with Heat, AP and HE targeted that gun and mantel but you think that gun ever went broke nope . Impact was dead on the gun too.
  8. Lol , u been talking to former CRS members , I have heard that line before. Axis Tanks have and keep having to Flank , not sure how often you ever have played Axis Panzer, I for sure never seen you on the Axis side but ran into you bunch of times I played Allied. Hell one time you even told me not to kill Laffies at an FB , I wonder to this day if it was really you guys trying to catch a cheater or just wanted to get finally a Laffy to town , cause shortly after that I had to battle you and Xoom at that FB . But sure nothing to see here. You might not remember but I do . @madrebel. No side bias here , I actually dabble on the Allied side once in awhile , but it's stunning to me that CRS is still has the same MO. Once was asked if Axis get the PNZjgr 1 and the reply from a former rat was it be to easy to kill by Allied INF but shortly after that the Laffy 15 came into play and the open turret M10 , kinda odd ain't it. Now HEAT for baby Sherman I point to Bmbm post that should be more for you guys not us , cause we have been doing the Flanking , Team play thingy since 2001. You are just pissed cause I can point exactly to the contra and can give you examples.
  9. Didn't CRS fix the the INF spawn numbers ? And brought the Allied SMG/LMG numbers to virtually dead even with the AXIS numbers. I'm sure CRS did that, now just have to find that post. Found it : , So if anyone should /is loosing players it's probably the Axis side that like to play Panzers , especially in tier 0 to 1 . Cause really what's the point when a [censored]load of Matildas can roll in and can kill any Panzer that even make an attempt to roll out. And now what I read the Baby Sherman is supposed to get a Heat round to battle the Tiger. Might be OK if CRS will fix the glass gun and the silly detracking of a Track that was one of the widest ones on the Battlefield . But to add a HEAT round along to the above mentioned might drive the last Axis Panzer Player away. Heaven for bid the other Side should have to work a bit for 1 lousy tier to deal with a Tank . While Axis have to deal with that headache for 2 tiers.
  10. U didn't read did ya, I said report came in INF killed. It pays to read everything and not just have a knee jerk reaction to what was said and what you wanted to read and plain and simple over look. @Capco not once have I set up a D and waited for the Attackers to come , which in real was the case the Defenders were well dug in and had pretty much the approaches covered. In this game the Attack is the catalyst and the Defenders are the reaction to said Attack. Like I pointed out upside for defenders is that they don't have to travel as far. But we can change the game if you want to, and have the Allies attack but the Defenders get 30 min to set up prior cause remember the defenders were always dug in and had a perimeter set. I doubt the Allies would like that one bit cause the kill with the 88s would skyrocket. And it would be no different for Axis Armor cause Allies would have every available Matilda in every strategic spot . This will be my last post , I gave other ideas and in my eyes better alternatives then to expanding the FRU . CRS can take it which ever way they want , but if they think expanding it is the way to go then my sub will run out sooner or later . Towns are being taken as 159 campaign showed and that was with FMS and Rifle only Frus. I don't think anymore needs to be pointed out then that fact.
  11. U wish.
  12. 6. The baby Sherman HEAT round.. I know it's been done via Scotsman... but do we have an eta before it's in the game? Especially since we have to contend with tigers in t2 with baby shermans. I'm pretty sure that HEAT round will be dangerous to the tiger but I could be mistaken, but not the StugGs. SO in other words is , the advantage we have or woild have in that tier gets taken away while we still really have no Armor that can kill Matildas. And why do Allies complain? And then you guys have a Tank that can kill a Tiger at 2800 meters as you say . Really , I wasn't to far off when I said you guys really don't want to ever learn how to flank but only be able to point click shoot and get the kill. I'm speechless.
  13. 1st off the defensive player in this game is always at a disadvantage why you ask cause these players have to watch either A- the map or B - wait for the xxx town called for Defense. Only advantage they don't have to travel and it goes both ways for both sides playing defense. Now put a River in between the FB and town that is already destroyed and the 1st reports come in of its being repaired. Now some players want to battle these attackers with ATG cause heck the Bridge is down and no ETS are on our side yet and INF can't be either unless one has set a FMS but no one has reported any Truck sound . So there you push try to stay hidden and you make it into a great spot where u can see across river well hidden ready to take out ETS just to get killed by an EI and after that you get report killed the EI that killed you well FMS scenario he swam what are the odds there are more pretty slim. Now with FRU you try to push out again different direction get killed. Another try ,get killed again by some other guy . Try again same result . Player goes [censored] it why even try , Bridge is down we contol our side , enemy is still trying to get Bridge up but we are holding . But I can't get an ATG or AAA to fight the hoards of planes all because of a sneaky lonely INF that set a FRU . Yup that's fun for the ATG or AAA players that enjoy that game play . Ruined because it's to hard to get an Attack going when the Defenders themselves really never know will there be an AO or not or am I just chasing one or 2 guys that set off EWS. This what I wrote here is the other side of the coin . Just saying.
  14. Have brought that up already too, all in the idea section of Para play, I have had a few ideas for Paras cause in my eyes not used enough, and for the function we have them in game it's almost not worth it , who wants to assemble on an AF forever just to get killed right away being dropped on an Active AO . One of my ideas was soft caps and defend only possible via Paratroopers nothing else . One could cap town behind lines and the other side would have to retake it , it would make for great AIR battles as each one is trying to get more troopers in to hold or recap the town.
  15. I give my responses to this thread on my phone and once in a great while the paste function pops up and it pastes whatever it has stored , I can delete all but the tagged names , why would I need to tag myself ? And so those 3 names remain , trust me I tried to get rid of it but no luck. So I leave it at the bottom and make a remark next to i