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  1. I'm talking the AP round , HE round and 2 belts of MG and he still deploys or keeps shooting scenario. That's the point how do u know he is dead? You don't u make an assumption and hope for the best. Commander is dead there should be no deploy either . But I have seen it way to many times even on AAA gunners . Last time I was the dreaded Uber Lazer scoped heat seeking around the corner finding LMG and saw a Camle AAA opened up on him while he was pushing saw the bullets impact all over that gun , he deploys swings my way and let's shells fly , 2 more 50 round belts finally silenced him , was it the hold the trigger and keep firing bug maybe , but how the hell do both survive 50 rounds of LMG from 100 meters.
  2. Never seen the gun smoke , seen the wobble but never smoke . Right now it's pound till despawn which is silly my opinion. There has to be something . Like dropbear said a small explosion and maybe the gun drop onto ground . Of course the small explosion might be not noticeable if you nail it with HE round , so incorporate heavy smoke ,gun drop and an explosionand u got a winning formula that will not frustrate players so much.. Crew gets killed via INF then only do heavy smoke and gun drop. AP or HE round , heavy smoke ,explosion and gun drop. That should not take to much DEV time or ? HELL I'd be willing to wait for the StugH just so they can get that implemented into game. Way to many times have I cursed at ATG and AAA after I thought they were dead just for them to open up on me again. So much so that my Wife gets upset with me.
  3. Been saying that for years. U got a like on that comment.
  4. Like on the video. Watching it is like torture cause I rather be in game then watching footage.
  5. I die very easy when I'm in the opel. Most times from behind the guys manage to shoot through the wooded truckbed, window and kill me. Yes an AP or an HE to the engine compartment should do the trick on any truck in game , also hitting the axle or Tires should leave no questions asked. Most times the truck going in circles is a good indicate that you got the driver and no more ammo wasting is needed.
  6. Never been HC but maybe have Navy HC only command the north and the regular Heer HC can only control none navy and none coastal towns. Of course if one side does not have Navy HC on and the others do then that would be creating conflict too. But there has to be something that could be done , just have to think and figure something out.
  7. U might be better of to be all honest. My stepdad has the same thing happening, the update won't install same thing partial install then it stops after he seen what it did to my PC he is happy it won't install.
  8. Trust me if it would have been me I would have died. Here is a good example I stop by a wall 4 friendlies run past me ( cause I know there is an AI tower ) all 4 make it to the CP I go hell , so I take off rattataata I'm dead ,WTF . And what is Slickie1 doing in my beloved STUG ? Now I'm gong to have to clean it to get that Allied smell out of it .
  9. Yeah easiest fix for us and these dope heads take it out. My PC knowledge is intermediate at best especially when it goes into the meat and potatoes aspect of it. If all else fails it off to geek squad or Milwaukee PC to get it fixed.
  10. No safe mode , I got no keyboard nor mouse function . Yes it's windows 10. I found this which I might have to try . Get a 16 GB thumb drive, and plug it into another working PC. Download and run the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool fromhttp://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install. Choose "Create installation media for another PC", choose thumb drive, and create your recovery media. Then plug that into your afflicted PC, make sure it is set to boot from USB, and reinstall Windows. Should work, I just recovered my Surface 3 using that procedure.
  11. Their newest update gave me Blue screen of death ( inaccessible boot device) it also corrupted my mouse and keyboard driver so that I got nothing to even click onto to get any of the solutions going, that I find on the web. Talked to Microsoft they want me to go to a physical store in Illinois to get it fixed , I stated your updated [censored]ed up my PC and u want me to spend money, he put me on hold and supposedly someone is going to call me today . We will see. With that I won't be in game for an unforeseeable future.
  12. I contacted CRS about a welcome back squad invite but it did go far but we will check into it. I still have somewhat contact to former SG , if CRS would open a free Welcome Squad event instead of a Welcome back Soldier event it might go a bit further. Who would not like to play with former Squad mates ,rekindle friendships and maybe see if they would stay.
  13. M5 M3 Does it matter?
  14. I blame the russians. If the many people are leaving I would say right there is the issue. Why are they leaving? I don't leave the game cause the side I'm on is loosing , so what the side I'm on is loosing, but I'm having fun so many targets . Sure there are times where I log cause I'm tired of dying but thats cause I either play like an idiot, or the town is under enemy fire control that no matter what I try I'll die in a flash. You just have to set up for the next town early enough and you might be able to halt an attack. Unfortunately moral in this game plays a big role just like everything in life. Good thing I'm stubborn I guess and don't like to give up to easily.