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  1. I adjust sound while I'm in game , I don't have to tab out and in, my keyboard has 2 keys one for volume up the other down works great.
  2. Make that a ditto for the Axis ATG too. Pak36 comes to mind.
  3. Collider bug, when you stop a Tank on a berm and it shakes like it's scared that a bigger tank is coming. The teeter toter bug, loosing both tracks and after taking a shot the damn thing is rocking like it wants to put a baby to sleep. The I drive around the corner and get stuck aka clip the corner of a building and my Tank goes into a spin move or just blows up cause it felt like bug.
  4. Let be honest how often have you wished you could have 2 or 3 sides or even 4 sides enclosed around your AAA or ATG without having to rely on an Engineer. It would be great, if we would get the option of building our own PPO around our AAA or ATG. The way I figure , you use the commander and look into the direction you would like to build , then hit D or Z and it gives you the 1st option of PPO, I think interlocking treestumps, sandbags, or dirtmounds depending on terrain you can choose to blend in , cause we have different size AAA and ATG these options vary in size , with backspace you would change your option and then build it to your situation and liking . If you want to stay mobile you would obviously keep it to a minimum to none existing, to when u want to dig in and establish a killing zone then you would protect 2 or 3 sides maybe even all 4 just so u can shoot over it or leave an opening to have a escape route. You would be able to take it down if you wanted to move but it would take a bit of time if u wanted to move .
  5. We used to have individual stats not only over 1 campaign but over the whole campaigns , on how many this tank destroyed this tank or certain units did over other units ( was a good indicater how effective or ineffective you were with certain units and where u needed to switch ur game style) , now we get these stats only for the current campaign then it starts over at 0 again .
  6. I thought about that just now too. After I logged in last night the darn Windows task bar would not go away once I was in game like it usually did, so I tinkered around with the settings and whatnot but now the ingame graphics seem off . So I will most likely Uninstall the game once more and do a clean reinstall and just start over again . In 2 weeks I logged in once that is so unlike me , I bet a few wonder why they haven't encountered my Stug yet.
  7. Thank you , nah lost everything , good thing is I keep my rig to a bare minimum. But this is the 2nd time now ,once cause Windows did an update and I lost my boot sector, 2nd time no clue as I have been sparingly on my PC , last week my kid was on it more then I have been , but once in awhile ( I think my graphics card acts up) I turn on the PC and my monitor gets no signal from the PC , usually switching between the 2 graphic card ports fixes the issue , but this time I think something went amiss. Maybe a good reason to buy myself a new rig and use the old PC for my tow account, NOW shush don't say buy a new graphics card cause that would kill my tow account I could have.
  8. So PC went down had to reinstall Windows 10 and with that the game. Now how come the Keymapper does not stay in the set condition you had it once you log in again? Why does one have to re-keymap everything over again? Should that not be tied to your Login persona and in turn be remembered ? Also which function do I have to turn off to stop these little (for me annoying informative text cause I know the game) every time I click onto a window. Thanks for any Info. Dre21
  9. I love FMS and FB battles, almost more then town battles. I usually try to blow an FB but if it's defended then I really try to rally the Squad to join if they or we are not already together due to the FB being the target. It's always a real fun fight.
  10. Well tie the RR stations to it, make them repairable and destroyable. I know we can destroy the buildings now but it serves no purpose. It be a great target for Bombers all over the map with towns that have small , medium and big RR stations.
  11. Well that's usually the time I sit in an M10 and go Tiger hunting , instead of the other way around , but real life is keeping me busy that in the last 7 days I was able to spawn into game once for a few hrs.
  12. I use the sapper guide too , but I like to keep them updated . Nothing pisses me off more then putting a charge on a Tank and either nothing happens or the effect is all of a sudden not what it used to be ( I give you S35 and between the humps) used to be a flame now it just produces white smoke) Lol , just saw that it said CRD ,instead of CRS , who put that *D next to the *S on the keyboard anyways
  13. I proposed the idea with some armor being able to spawn from CPs awhile back . It sure would make it harder to camp a AB or a Town for that matter . Zeebees idea is not a bad one , should be tested if that is possible .
  14. I guess lady luck is not on my side then .