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  1. Trust me my city CP capping is usually only a tactic when I know none others are being capped ( a map check does wonders there) I rather help cap a spawnable or more important CP when there is help.
  2. 1st CP I go for , hardly ever guarded and it gets the bunker time clock rolling , while the chap that was defending a more valuable CP now runs to the city CP to uncontested the town I'm now in one of the more valuable CPs.
  3. Heck even a you *are leaving the main battle sector message * might do wonders . What I mean by that, is that green tags have a certain radius when spawning in a town that once they leave that area they get a message, you are leaving the main battle area yes you can advance but the likelihood of running into action drops and is only advised if you have played this game for a longer period of time. That might cut down of players running aimlessly into the tundra just to despawn loose the unit in the spawn pool and the player logging off going this game blows no action . There should be something like that also when they spawn into a FRU or a FB . Another thing that should be hard coded is that they get a message as soon as they spawn in that is flashed on their screen that says do pay attention to chat bar it's vital for you and your survival ( and NO toggle off) for green tags till they gain a certain rank .
  4. U know English is not my 1st language ? So if you speak 2 languages without ever making a mistake then that's awesome.
  5. it's worth a try , for a few campaigns . Ain't hooking anyone on powder sugar but real nose candy seems to be a money maker. In other words we need to hook them then slowly introduce them to a lower dose and then go back to the tier system so that the player log in everyday and play just itching for the toys to come in.
  6. Ahhh, OK
  7. So is the left colum the appreviations we are gonna see in game when we look for our units? If that's the case , I sure don't like it.
  8. Have you ? Truly moved on ? I don't think so , deep down you want to play but something is stopping you . Otherwise why would you post , if I truly would moved on I would not even be here in the forum . You might be different but that's how I look at it. Sure hope you reconsider and do play again , we need former players to come back , we really do.
  9. At least I would be in game till CRS got their new billing thing going. After all I have read now with people being charged twice , or only get 2 weeks of game time before being asked again to pay , cause of the billing cycle , just to have Pete reimburse then a double charge ( I think his time is more needed getting the new system up and running then running and checking after double charges) Also I think CRS would /should know what cost them players. Let's look at it quick . The introduction of Garrisons , see how many players let their subscription laps. The LMG fix see howany players you lost there. The taking outhe of the branches like Delems beloved KM , apparently his Squad pretty much said ADIOS , just because there us no more KM as a unit on the map . Taking out the Allied Brit Grenadier is another one , just give them a few but cut back on Sappers cause as most can recall these Britgrenadier are deadly to Axis tanks also give them a advantage of hiding in buildings and take panzers out without them having to expose themselves. Just a few that come to my mind , I bet there are more.
  10. Well 1st thing CRS should or would have to do is get the new players to respond to text chat as we don't have VP in game and only have discord , which myself don't use I find it clunky . We had that exact discussion right after the Steam launch , that we got tons of green tags but us VETS came here to the forum frustrated that hardly anyone would respond. What was done about it . NOTHING sorry to say so. Players can still toggle the chat bar away. PM messages are still just the typewriter sound. It was proposed ( I actually did that ) that green tags , would have the chat bar locked, that if they get a PM it actually flashes on screen and not just typewriter sound. That if they are from another country and not speak English there be a menu that they could choose from and reply , like sorry I don't speak English but in their tongue but once they send it, it would come back to the receiver as a English sentence that one maybe be able to send that player into the right direction. Myself tried many times during the steam launch to contact player , just to either run into the language barrier, and I speak 2 English and German fluently, or get no response at all . If I did get a respond I would actually stop playing and explain things the best I could and give them basic knowledge. Like not to run out of town , how to look for action, how to read the map, what the objectives are. The short abbreviation that we use and what they ment. If they did listen they were always happy. But unfortunately it was a rather rare occasion and in the end a frustrating endeavor trying to get new players to respond. But to this day we got nothing that makes it easier for us VETS to help and to retain new players.
  11. I say reduce the sub cost. Here is why. I look at it this way if I go to a football game I rather go thirsty for 3 hrs then buy a over priced 12 dollar beer. Now if it be 4 or 5 bucks I would drink one or maybe 2 . At least they made 5 bucks then no money and they still made profit. The Value and return in my eyes are worth it , but not at 12 bucks a beer. What harm can it be have 3 more player in the game world and CRS makes 15 a month then no player and make 0. I do like the idea of CP cap and then one side has a certain amount of time to recap if not achieved a new CP opens up to be capped and the other is locked for recap. Also the none destroyable FB . I think it should be still destroyable but not by Sappers anymore , but by Bombers only and it would need an insane amount of Bombs , or if one still wants the Sappers , it would need an even higher amount then what we have now. Like KG said I don't think to many people want to just stand around at an FB with the hopes that a truck will come in. Why Bombers well now we need a combined effort by Fighters and Bombers to achieve it cause the other side will have fighters or heavy AAA around. Now who of the guys that already pay premium would stay premium if the sub cost would be reduced ? And not flock to the lower cost that is the question. There should be an incentive for the players that stay premium . And I'm not talking access to better weapons (cause that would lead to pay to win) but maybe skins for Armor , Uniforms , Nose art,minor stuff but that would kind of make the premium player stand out to the regular grunt . Stuff that might entice the regular paying customer , to go hey I would really like have this color scheme on my Panzer or Tank , or that nose art, or you know this Camo on that INF is really cool looking i'll pony up more so I can blend in better too and not die so much.
  12. So how hard would it be to let a Truck set 3 FMS ? It can set one now or reset it. Should not be that hard to make them able to set 3 in one run. The tough part would be once you spawn in there needs to be then an option of mission Alpha Beta Gamma . So the player could choose which one he wants to spawn in. We are trying to achieve an ongoing attack and it's known one FMS doesn't cut it especially when it's found and camped right away. Imagine 2 trucks could set 6 FMS the action would not dry up as quick me thinks.
  13. For poops and giggles I went onto steam and read some of the reviews, and I think the most common one was the no Cap as a free player. I get it one want people to subscribe, but with no players this game is dull for both sides. Now here is my idea bring back the F2P , let them cap give them Rifles and the 2nd smg option for free. It will fill the game arena , and already subscribed player or players that just quit due to no action will come back. Yes will some of them choose the free option , I'm sure of it. All other INF Avatar throw them a bone and give 1 free each month , so in total they get 3 but the * so called premium anything but basic smg and rifle * be limited. I would even pony up 20 a month , I play mainly Armor anyways and INF and Air when my heart desires or the need as the battle unfolds . Also the game needs a new Advertising Video , the other one is old. Make Armor and AIR subscription based ( just alone due to the fact these are limited) I think CRS can easily tweek the SMG and Rifle numbers upwards. Then make like others have said the price 5 bucks and see what happens . Even maybe have a 10 dollar subscription with more stuff available. And maybe keep the premium stuff for the ones that pony up the full amount . It's not like the premium stuff is unkillable so even the 5 and 10 ones will have their fun. Something needs to be tried. And we need players.
  14. I can post it here again. But I do feel like a broken record. @ZEBBEEE Let trucks build up to 3 FMS . Let Trucks build 2 separate FMS , one all INF the other ATG and AAA , that way one can cover the other and it also makes it harder to camp if one decides to set them closer . Rebuild/ design the FMS so camping is harder . That's 3 I have of the top of my hat.
  15. Well if you do some searches I have outlined a whole bunch of them , might help a bit.