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  1. How about bringing back Squad missions , if you want numbers to bump up in the Squad department. Nothing ruins it then a green tag spawning in and well. you know. Or some overzealous player that has rank goes onto the mission you created takes lead and just deletes the FRU you just created , ( has happened to me ) If you think that's not the answer then let Squads at least make one Squad mission per Squad that way you do promote Squads and the rest of the Squad if they are ML and open a mission it will be community missions. It's that simple in my eyes. But doing a 90min event in live campaign is not the answer , it's not like the squads in game are not trying to get stuff going but if you read the 1st paragraph over again there lies your problem .
  2. Now I have spawn in as a Allied plane just to go see it, cause no matter which route I would take as a Axis some Allied pilot would be coming home from a visit from the Alps and find me .
  3. Rat soon (tm)
  4. That's a noble gesture, but it should not come to that period , it's down right silly<---- would like to use something different , that one needs to join a elite club to do certain things in game, been with the game since 2001 but the allure of sitting on the map and play map general never spoke to me , now step in and move a brigade in a pinch hell sure I would do that to plug a hole . In other words been playing a hell of a long time this specific game, but unless I join HC I'm just a greentag just with more experience and deadlier skill in game
  5. That's why big and even small town RR stations and Navy Ports big snd small should be targets and count into the supply ticker, or even be capturable via only Paratroopers (expand their role in game ) even behind lines ( which paratroopers did capture vital bridge heads and So on ) it would improve the game immensely and would call Covert Ops into the game play and the other side would have to allocate resources to recap.
  6. There are enough high ranking players in game that have played this game long enough ( let's say 8 years+) that should get asked my system player xxx would u be willing to move Brigades , Y or N , if Y the player gets the tool to do so . If No the system would move on down the list till one is found.
  7. @OHM. How about an intermission with only A13 ,P3f ,H39 R35 Rifles and SMG only and small ATG and AAA and tier 0 fighter planes , bare minimum. And Breskens is Allied and Knokke too and only FMB can spawn in Breskens, and Vlissingen is Axis and can only spawn FMB and Luftwaffe, reason why Allies would have Knokke. In other words no heavy stuff just basic stuff, I think it would be a lot of fun seeing an all out FMB fight between Breskens and Vliss with both Airforces overhead.
  8. This Axis LMG argument is BS , last time Allied runs away , I stop * stand still * open fire with LMG and guess what not one Damn round hit the guy, he turns I let another Salvo go , he shoots I'm dead all that while I'm standing still no Rambo running around firing off the hip BS that you guys claim . All I did stood still did a small sweep back and forth in the hopes I get him . And this scenario plays out over and over when I'm LMG . I rather find a spot deploy and shoot cause then I actually know my LMG is accurate .
  9. I'm not so sure parked the StugH on an Allied AF and shot at Planes taking off and out of a few planes hit got one kill which is to explain cause I had a squad mate with LMG on the AF too , but the HE hitting the Plane and it staying in one piece was rather disappointing some of them even be able to take off. Now I take the few AP rounds and Heat rounds that the StugH has at 800 meters didn't do much to a S76 either , turret hit and upper plate hits from the front didn't seem to face him one bit . Which is OK if that is all kosher. But seeing Planes stay intact after a 10.5 cm HE round hit was very dissapointing to say the least.
  10. After flying now I do have to say the HE behaves wonky, I had a HE round hit my cockpit I was looking out window as it hit with no effect on my pilot and he should have been dead.
  11. Now because of OK the quotes should be switched around. But instead of having visual supply ( which we would all love ) why not baby steps and make Harbors and RR stations viable targets for bombers , each port and RR station adds a certain % to the supply line coupled with what towns they connect with . Big Harbors bigger part of the pie just like major RR station hubs, the small RR stations in towns would account for a smaller percentage . It also would be cool if these installations would be capturable by Paratroopers only to disrupt the supply line and to re-astablish the line it would need to be recapped . It would open all sorts of new game play.
  12. @stankyus Makes sense now, I was going by the mark on the map too, cause prior you took out my 3f that was keeping the EFMS in bay for our soldiers to get close to blow it. Except in my case I had no vis what so ever , you did take my driver and gunner out rather quickly ,but because my commander was still alive I figured I sit here and try to see if I can find you . In the end me staying there kept you busy and thinking enough for Tormented to get into position. I hate when u find a good spot but then get 2 engine sounds in a pincer movement , with the M10 u can actually just sit still and rotate turret even if it's super slow , Stug it's a judgment call and you have to move when both of your targets are moving too , then make a decision which target you want 1st or who is the bigger threat. Thanks for the feedback , appreciate it . See ya on the Battlefield
  13. @stankyus. I'm still trying to figure out how u saw my Stug in St.Nick , having 4 trees between u and I and a bunch of bushes where u were. Cause my gunner nor Commander could see ur tank but you must have had no issue seeing me and we were on even level ground. To the HE question , yes vs INF it's borked and I hope they fix it fast. On the other hand that Spaa I got the kill on in the above post was one of those , I saw him ,he rolled behind trees and bushes and I let HE fly, 3 rounds to be exact I had the aprox range and HE did it's job.
  14. Andenne attack by the Allies. I roll out a Stug3g and see a M4 on the NW hill sitting sideways at 800 meters exposing his side ( easy pickings ) 1st shot goes sapper spot ,2nd goes side turret and this time he turns his turret my direction and shoots, 3rd shot of mine goes under turret , 4 th turret ring and 2 more into sapper spot and one just below sapper spot and he is still fine and fighting . At that time I get killed by another tank.. BTW all my Sapper spot shots showed this phenomenon see added Forum post from the motor pool . It's usually a insta flame . Now I roll out another Stug3g take out a Spaa and take fire from another Sherman , this time it's a S76 sitting on hill only turret front exposed , at 1300 meters ( ranged him ) after my 3rd shot and 2 hits on turret front gun mantel he despawns . After I despawn I got kill credit . Now how can it be that I can kill a S76 at 1300 meters with only his turret exposed but not a M4 at 800 meters ( yes someone might had the kill credit on the M4 cause they killed the driver which is not really the point here.) But all the shot placement on the M4 I took should have either blown the M4 up or killed the gunner and it did none of that.
  15. You are aware that the US European campaign came to an end just shy of 14 months with not committing any troops to take Berlin . I checked I found something like shy of 900 tankers lost ( I did a short search ), that's about an average of 60 a month , that's 12 whole sherman tank crews each month. I would not call that a small amount. Yes to a total of 10000 armored vehicles destroyed ( not sure if that number is correct again short search result) it's a drop in a bucket. But I'm not here to argue , and I wasn't there nor were you so we go by what people write , have seen and how we interpret things. With that will see you in game .