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  1. I read the book Lady Death , and there it was mentioned that a Russian ship was sunk by a 111 torpedo bomber . Now why not get that into game , that way the Blen Torpedo Bomber can become a stable in game too and not just for intermission . Lady Death is the memoir of Ludmila Pavlichenko , female Russian sniper so not a fiction book. Just thought I throw it out there.
  2. I myself would like to see the water level to rise by a few feet. Sometimes or most times the ATG on the boat is pretty useless unless a Tank decides to sit right by the river or on the rr tracks. A few feet of higher water level would do wonders all around . My opinion .
  3. Unfortunately Human nature. When they made the movie Enemy At the Gates , the actors on the Russian side would not talk nor socialize with the guys that had the Wehrmacht uniforms on , they actually despised each other on set and all they did was make a movie. Last time I was over on the Allied side I made a few friends ( I at least think so ) . And it was fun playing along players that I usually see on my kill or killed by list. I do admit sometimes one looses sight of the bigger picture which is we all play a game and without each other there would be no game to play like this. I think the reason why we are so passionate about it is , any other game you get put on a server and hardly fight the same guy twice , here we run into the same guys on a daily basis and depending on the day he gets the better of you or vice versa , and sometime that kinda generates resentment, which it shouldn't cause it's a game . But that stupid human nature , competitive spirit kicks in and with that what I said above.
  4. OK you talking the Box MS. Yeah its smaller , I just never liked the look of a soldier spawning out of a box so to speak. Sure spawning by a Bunker is not the best look either but at least one could say they come out of a bunker then spawn by a bunch of boxes . I guess it's a way one looks at things.
  5. So you are talking where the Truck stays as a Spawn point if I understood that right? I would call it TMS , calling it Fru is confusing , instant soldier out of a box is in my mind when I hear FRU. If CRS would give the engineer another PPO option of camo netting one could park in those little woods around towns and really camo it up. Now if you are talking TMS (like I think you are ) what is the threshold of killing one? In my eyes once a TMS is set the driver itself should disappear and a satchel of blowing up the truck is needed. Yes the amount that is needed to kill it is lower but because it's Truck based I thing the Spawn point should be instantly available, once it's decided not to build a FMS . So FMS still build timer, Truck set (TMS)= instant spawnpoint simulation of a large group of soldiers dismounting of truck. I like that idea if that is how u intent your idea. Just trying to make sure like I said this FRU talk is a bit confusing after having so many different MS already know game and each has a short appreviation.
  6. I would like you see INF being able to toss the HE charge in front of tanks when they drive and drive over it. The underbelly is the least armored on any Tank . And kill Tanks that way. It would also give the INF the chance to stay in a building and not have to expose themselves .
  7. That's all I have been saying , I by all means don't try to belittle you guys , it might come off that way at times being text and not spoken word. I'm well aware without you guys we don't have a game . And I might at times use to wide of a brush to paint a delicate picture that I think we all can agree all this goes deeper then we can solve on a forum . And with that I would like to apologize. Cause when I play Allied again for a Campaign I rather be on speaking terms with you guys , then being on the ignore list.
  8. Well all LMG players just have to remember to equip the pistol 1st before running . At least one won't be defenceless
  9. LOL sure i am . We can have a match of 20 vs 20 and 15 of you guys will sit in Armor while 20 on the other side play INF and you guys still would wonder why you lost the town. Sorry let me fix that 10 will be in Tanks 5 in the Air and the rest play INF . There i think that sums it up. I hope you are willing to understand those facts too. There be a day again where I'll come over again . You can play along with me as a Team mate or not it be up to you . I bet your response will be please don't . But as far as I'm concerned you do whatever you want . Numbers sure mean things, but how these numbers are being applied also means alot .
  10. Where was I whining about Allied advantage? I said maybe you guys should get out of your tanks and play more INF and recap stuff . But nope they rather sit in them then come into the Forum cry about LMG Uber this and this Uber that CRS fix it or we will unsub. While Axis don't sit in their Armor till later tier cause we don't see it a lot of fun getting blown up after the 1st or 2nd hit . We might as well play INF same result as sitting in Axis Armor 1 or 2 hits one is dead. You guys are to blind and rather fight between each other and when one comes here and actually gives you an observation ( I have played Allied just so you know) then you attack him too. I could care less if the Allied side wins another Map to be all honest . I don't care who wins in general that's not why I play this game. But when am Axis player comes over and gets handed officer in charge of an attack while there are a [censored]load of Allied players on that are on the same Attack objective you ask yourself questions. You want to know why I got handed OIC cause I used communication via chat and the Allied HC must have liked it before he logged he asked if I would be willing and I did . That was campaign158 for your INFO. So attack me all you want along with the other 2. Maybe one day you guys will get it that INF caps towns and not Tanks or Planes. Yes there are more Axis players online at certain times other times it's the other way around and even there CRS came up with a fix of shorter cap timers for the underpop side. But if one decides not to play the right Avatar , it's not the other side fault if you guys keep loosing towns. No matter how you dice and slice it
  11. You made a good point there transparency in that aspect would have been a good start, both sides would have had a good idea what was coming and would not have to vent frustration in the forum and that from both sides. Inf players saying F it on Allied side , Tankers saying F it on Axis side. Both sides could have just came in here and said hey CRS this needs a tweaking here and there we don't have enough of that or there us to many of this to level things out and have both sides happy.
  12. And that's the Axis player base fault? Cause you guys could not get along and play as a Team ? So instead of fixing the problem within the Allied player base the call is to limit this and limit that and make this behave like that and the other like that on Axis side. I never once started a post about cut this, limit that . I even came up with a way the LMG maybe should be implemented in game instead of going just NO you touch it I'll unsub, just like I gave options instead of being a resounding NO to the FRU idea. If you reread my post I'm not saying limit your Tanks but say maybe try something different to maybe achieve another result. But even there it's pulling nails with you guys. Looking at everybody who could be or what could be at fault. Instead of really fixing what needs to be fixed. My opinion , you can take it for whatever you want .
  13. You know why that came about ? Cause one side complaint to much and again threatened with unsubbing cause the Brits only had a few Matildas ( sorry there is that word again ) and a [censored]load load of A13 but the A13 dies to fast so the complaints started cause Axis started to target the northern towns 1st . You wanna know why cause the Axis tanker could actually play as a Tanker cause one could actually have fun doing so with some success . But the whine fest started and CRS fixed it and let French and Brit brigades mingle once again . I am confused, do you want to be called mam? If you want to wear lipstick that is purely your business. I don't judge. Not getting it are ya ? Sir = pig Lipstick = full of [censored] or whatever you would rather call me . Just because you addressed me as SIR means [censored] by what followed , in other words the SIR is also the lipstick part , you tried to dress something up but failed. Cause no matter how much lipstick you smear on a pig ,a pig is a pig . So next time just call me what you want get it over with get your warning from a Rat and Man up.
  14. Choad u know what's really funny Blakeh just admited you guys would be willing to give up the , well read it for yourself I don't want to sound like a broken record. But for some odd reason you guys can't cause the magical beast lures you right into it. And with that another player can't cap or recap a CP . So you come here and tell me Axis side is OP most times and that very well maybe the case , just more reason to play INF with the players you have and not sit in steal beasts that can't do nothing but kill. You claim my EGO gets bruised in tier 0 or 1 , I'm not the one sitting in a Tank most of the time in that tier , I'm actually running around as a Squishy and cap CPs away . Once the my 3G makes the game then yes you will find me in a Panzer 90% of the time if available.
  15. You addressing me as sir and then calling me full of [censored], is like smearing lipstick on a pig , just come out and call me what you really want to call me. Just recently can't remember the town , Allied capped the Spawn next to AB . Not once, not twice ,a solid 3 times there were multiple at one time Matildas and Stuarts right next to that CP and imagine that the CP was right next an AB . The ETS were 3 deep at times , Tiger004 was one of the players , I remember him cause I ended up getting him twice , the last was with a sapper as he was the last Tank left after a real hard battle . You want new material stop crying about the same [censored] over and over again. You want different results in game but the Allied OP has since I play this game not changed in all these years roll in the heavies lock down or try to lock down the AB . Then come with INF. 80% of the time EWS goes of with ET 1st and then maybe the INF will follow. You say it's not the norm , it has been the norm since this game launched . And now with CRS upping the Matilda numbers it has been right back to when this game started. I can make and will make the same claim about you guys crying about the LMG , I don't see what you see that one LMG runs in and wipes out a whole platoon of INF in a CP . [censored] was in Ham yesterday as a LMG watching stairs deployed I might add no Rambo [censored] here another player SMG behind me when Stankyus runs in shoots kills me then run upstairs and kills the SMG did I mention he was a Rifle . Fen SHOCKING. Ain't it.
  16. Really , maybe just maybe then don't spawn them in droves when a spawn CP is capped and rather play INF, for every player that sits in a Tank is one less that can recap. But I don't understand , you keep telling yourself that. You ever wonder why Axis most of the time push the map west in tier 0 and tier 1 . It's because our Armor sucks and die most of the time after the 1st hit no matter where they get hit. So most go INF and stay INF till a higher tier might roll around . Taking the heavy Tanks away from the Allies might do wonders cause one would actually have to change their game play. Right now it's the same rinse and repeat and one hopes for a different result but wonders why it ain't happening.
  17. I absolutely hate the Matilda zerk in tier0 as an Axis tanker. I [censored] more during that time then any other , seeing them parked in front of AB gates and kill everything that spawns is frustrating as hell . But I don't unsubscribe just because of that. And Allies take full advantage of that, hell CRS even accommodated the Allie playebase there and let's Brit and French Brigades mix in towns . And not have it separated anymore with the South just being French snd the North being Brits. But now the Axis have/had (cause after all the SMG numbers were corrected fairly quickly ) an advantage in the SMG field and once again one side unsubbed or threatened with unsubbing . Next target is the LMG of the Axis , I die more from long range kills from Allied SMG then I ever have killed hip firing or running with an Axis LMG if I want to be accurate I need to go prone and deploy and shoot. Even short range I don't stop the shots go all over and more then I want to count I loose a dual vs Rifle and other units. And that's just my experience with the LMG , but the way you guys make it sound it's a super duper heat seeking 100% Killing machine if just pointed into the direction of an EI.
  18. It's in the works per CRS.
  19. Wonder if the side that set it , had a visual reference or if it was invisible for them too.
  20. I managed to push a pak36 within 1 meter on a Matilda rear and shot it point blank in the [censored], got it to smoke after countless hits , then he moved into reverse and I just pushed away from him , he did look around but I played keep away as he turned his turret to find what's hitting him. As soon as he concentrated on the CP again I pushed behind him again and kept shooting . I can't recall if he finally caught fire or just despawned cause I killed his crew . But he despawned all that counted , can't say how many shots it took either but it was 20+ Then I got killed by an ei. End of story.
  21. I said Panzer , not Pak and we get limited numbers to boot. So it maybe kills one or 2 before it gets killed depending on the action or where he is hiding. Now what they did with the PAK 36 I can't tell you. It sure does kill Tanks now that it shouldn't, according to historical accounts , and then maybe we just suck at distance est in game and its all legit , Scotsman did the audit so it should all be good.
  22. 1 thru 5 all Allied , Raydr I think plays Axis , 7 thru 11 no clue never seen those guys in game .
  23. Really , funny you even posted in that thread. But its 1st time you heard or read about it.
  24. You got a point they have done great things , but that comment was a slap in the face cause I have heard it before from the old team .
  25. So which Axis Panzer closes the distance to the Matilda in Tier 0 or 1 ? STUG and 4d need to get within 20meters and use AP round and that's not a given and the 3h needs to get silly close too. There lies my complaint. You have 1 tier before you get another Armor that can kill the Tiger , not to mention most Axis Tankers loose our guns at ranges of 1000 +meters so in other words Allied tanks can still destroy Tigers at range , only difference is the crew doesn't die but the Tank still became useless. I have pounded Matildas from close range with Heat, AP and HE targeted that gun and mantel but you think that gun ever went broke nope . Impact was dead on the gun too.