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  1. nvm dlt post
  2. Same here
  3. The opel and laffy part... lol:D
  4. Val S dock, tiger park there N side river. Spawn M10 and flank to S side river. So, i came closer to river and the tiger waited for me, he turn to my dir. I drive my M10 slowly forward, got comander vis then gunner vis. Sherman in town start shotin on tiger, he didnt turn hes gun on him, we both waited, me for the sherman to force the tiger to turn hes gun, tiger for me maybe i want to move so he can have better aim on me. Sherman run outa ammo lol, so i drive back 1m a saw the tiger gun only and start shotin, all hits where i want, tiger start shotin, all hits over me. After 6 hits 500m range tiger boom dead kaput. just love meh M10, i kiled nother Tiger cuz i was happy hehe.
  5. What? There Vikers in list??? Tiger can kill Vikers? you must have flank shot, no way man.
  6. Link broken
  7. Great storie. Never hade more then 17 kills with cruseder.
  8. Same here m8, lookin for allies squad euro tz. Witin for replay from ANZAC and BKB, was told those are big squad's that need more ppl in euro tz.
  9. S! im a green pilot here lookin for good squad:) i need someone e-mail to contact.