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  1. Gentlemen, This is not your average squadron. We are not accepting pilots that have ranked themselves over rank 3 for anything other than trainer positions. Are you a new or fairly new pilot to the game world? Fed up with getting blown out of the sky by Ace German pilots? Ready to buckle down and learn how to defend and attack back at those aces? Then the 74th Aerial Training Squadron is what you have been looking for. We have experienced training officers willing to spend both in game and out of game time with you to teach you the basics and advanced skills required to survive in the game world. With basics such as landing, take off, gunnery, to more advanced things such as offensive and defensive maneuvering. All training is done on the live server so that you will gain rank as you fight, be it bombing, dog fighting, or strafing targets, you will gain rank AND experience from live fire training. Once you have finished your training and have passed the tests, you will then be placed in one of the many allied squadrons on a full time basis, and will receive a warm welcome. So if you need to learn something as simple as navigating the user interface, teamspeak, or other game items, and want to become a skilled pilot, than head over to our website, , and fill out an application. S! and Good luck. PM me directly if you are looking for a trainer position.