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  1. Im getting one considering there are suppose to be the bees knees and i got the cash! My CPU is AMD 64 4000+ think it will work ok?
  2. WOW! i live in Bristol so i will have to pop down to see that! MINT!
  3. if i put in a cheap but decent sound card do you think it would work then?
  4. ok im getting a AMD 64 4000+ and adding it to a Asus AV8 deluxe mobo! Anyone know are these great together?
  5. This is the post for me looking at a new mobo which is A8v Deluxe socket 939 mobo with 8x AGP I want this one due to i dont want a mobo with PCI-Express on it as this is AGP im happy with it. Next question is should i get a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+??? Or a normal AMD athlon 64??? what is more best suited for the game?
  6. didnt you mum ever tell you never it eat your breakfast infront of your computer?
  7. Im looking for a Upgrade to a Socket 939 NON-PCI express Mobo Which will work sweetly with this game! Currectly have a Abit(i think) N7 mobo Looking to the future of my Dual core AMD Chip Thanks
  8. Player Name: Capthog FPS: 20-42 near or in grass, trees, buildings 1-5 Where it occurs: ground Config File Settings, Video Driver Settings, System Specs: are posted
  9. hmm i found out that on the throttle if you press the button with I on it blinks but that it. just do the usual unistall drivers, reinstall and stuff it should work some way!
  10. it will be absolutly fine! it might even make it into dual channel tho!
  11. Nvidia FX5500 peak version wit 256MB i lag like a person skiing up hill when looking at those trees! I would much perfer seeing the slider controls again which could help out very well! Then again i wish there was a option to use either 3D trees or 2D trees with 3d effect!(if you understand) Its great that a member of CRS is looking at this post!
  12. hehe im suprised i actually know what im on about this time! Well done!