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  1. ok now im getting cthl's after 1-2 min of playing man this is frustrating :/
  2. this is what im getting since the patch, cant stay longer in game then 10 min and cthl inb any hints how to fix it ?
  3. yeah it was fun ,... tom77 was there too with his 38t providing fire cover (S!) . Was a lot of fun but saddly i didnt scored any kill only dmg ;/
  4. any new ideas to this potic? AMD 3200 XP (Barton) Asus a7nx8 E- Deluxe 2x512 Twinmos (400) dual CH RAM Asus Geforce 5600 FX 128 Mb
  5. up the top again bump!
  6. i also have a 3200 XP barton and 2x 512 dual (400) ram , 5600XT 128 and i have 3-9 fps when im inside woods or looking on trees ...
  7. the 2nd one is me i suppouse i have Gf FX 5600XT running , i was thinking of change it asus 6800GT, but as i see it will not help a lot, so i gave up the idea. As it seems its a waste of $ atm. btw there was a topic about that bad fps rate 5-6 days ago but its gone due to forum clean i think. Hope that this fps will get fixed soon! S!
  8. hey guest come one post your dxdiag maybe we can help each other and at least compare... i will post mine too. heh
  9. thanks bud. my spec are : CPU : AMD 3200 XP (barton) Mobo: Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe RAM : 2 x 512 (3200) Kingston (Dual) ddr 400 2.5cl gphc: Geforce FX 5600XT (Asus V9560XT) 128 mb sound : onboard (useing 2D allways) service pack 2 80gb Sata & 200gb IDE is this so poor for this game to get at least 25 fps constant? Im going now to buy a asus gf 6800 GT 128 mb on e-bay i dont know if it will be enough but i strongly hope so. There is also a 6800 Ultra but not sure if i will have enough $ atm to spend on it. I wonder how big would be the in game fps difference between those 2 gfc?
  10. Here are the required system requirements for the PC version of Battleground Europe; WWII Online: Required System Specifications (PC) * Windows XP * 1.2 GHz CPU (2 GHz Recommended) * 512 MB of RAM (1GB Recommended) * 128 MB 3d Video Card (OpenGL v1.2 compliant) * DirectSound-compatibile Audio Card * 32X CD-ROM (installation only) * 56K Modem or with Internet connection (broadband internet connection recommended) * 1GB free hard disc space * DirectX 9.0 or higher (USB joystick recommended) this is what i found for required system spec., KRIEGER wrote this. ROFL :D its a good and very funny one!! but can we get now an update of this info KRIEGER? i wonder how many RATS are wroking/playing this game on these spec we see above?
  11. Thanks for shareing the info sonof71!! it helped me a bit ..but trees killing my fps still. When im looking or im inside of any trees/woods, especially useing my binos or main gunner when im in a panzer, fps are going down to 4-7 so its still impossible to play with fun! Any one know if for this game is better to get a ATI or NVIDIA gfc ?? is there any difference/script that one of them is supporting and the other doesnt?
  12. well then.. case clear for me, i will give them time to chrismas to patch and improve fps rate. I going to buy a new graphic crad and im going to get asus 6800 GT (or even ultra) this month, and im hopeing that it would solve the problem for me. If its still lagging im off , dont see any reason to spent $ further with that horrible fps. i also know things aswell about Dxdiag and all that hardware and software stuff but i thought that someone has a simmilar system here, with maybe a different gfc or more ram and its working fine for him so he couls share his knowlage. I would know then were to look for and if its worth to spend $ on a new gfc or ram. Other parts on my PC should be more that enough for any game out there to beeing able to play it with average fps all the time. PS it would be nice if anyone of you tech mods would share your opinion about that FPS problem and if or what are you going to do with it. Thank you.